5 Google Doodle Sports Games You Should Play

To mark important occasions, Google usually makes special doodles on Google Search‘s home page. While most of these are artworks, the software giant occasionally adds interactive games to them. We’ve picked five of the best Google Doodle sports games you can play in 2021.

Google Doodle Sports Games You Should Play (2021)

Since these games are web-based, you don’t have to spend additional data to download them. You can fire up one of these games right from your web browser. With that out of the way, let’s get started with the list.

1. Cricket

If you are missing the cricket season and are longing to play cricket without necessarily downloading one of the best cricket games, Google Doodle’s cricket game has got you covered. Google originally created the game to celebrate ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and you play as a cricket in it. The game controls include tapping/clicking the bat button to score runs.

Play Cricket

2. Soccer

Soccer is another Google Doodle sports game you can play when you’re bored. Although you can’t score goals in this game, you’re a goalkeeper whose responsibility is to stop the incoming goal attempts. You can use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move the goalkeeper and hit the Space key to block the goal.

Play Soccer

3. Basketball

If Basketball is what interests you rather than cricket and soccer, this is the game you should play. Google introduced this interactive doodle game to celebrate the 2012 Summer Games. As you would expect, you should throw the ball through the hoop. Press the Space bar or mouse button to set the appropriate pressure required to make a precise goal. The time limit of the game is 24 seconds and you should score as many goals as possible within this duration.

Play Basketball

4. Hurdles

As the name suggests, Hurdles is a game where you should run & jump over obstacles and make it to the finish line. You can run faster if you keep pressing the left and right keyboard arrows alternatively. Whenever there’s an obstacle in front of you, press the Spacebar to jump over it. It is worth keeping in mind that you won’t completely lose if you accidentally trip on a hurdle. You can still continue playing and complete the game.

Play Hurdles

5. Slalom Canoe

Another game worth checking out is Slalom Canoe. In this game, you should row a canoe through a watercourse. You can use left and right arrow keys to control the canoe. Pressing the left key moves the canoe towards the left and the canoe moves to the right when you press/press and hold the right arrow. To row faster, alternatively hit left and right keys. Pass through the gates and avoid obstacles along the way.

Play Slalom Canoe

Play Google Doodle Sports Games When You’re Bored

These are the best Google Doodle sports game you can play right now. If you’re interested to play more such games, take a look at our articles on the popular Google doodle games where we have added a wide variety of games and hidden Google games that include Google Search games, Google Assistant games, Google Chrome games, and Google Maps games.

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