Genshin Impact Character Tier List: Best Characters in 2024 (Version 4.4)

In Short
  • Best characters (SS & S Tiers): Furina, Neuvillette, Nahida, Bennett, Kadehara Kazuha, Yelan, Alhaitham, Raiden Shogun, Xiangling, Hu Tao, Sangonomia Kokomi, Lyney, Ganyu, Ayaka, Yae Miko, Zhongli, Xingqiu, Nilou, Childe, Fischl, Tighnari, Sucrose, Kuki Shinobu, Keqing, Venti.
  • Good characters (A & B Tiers): Navia, Xianyun, Wriothesley, Yoimiya, Wanderer, Shenhe, Cyno, Jean, Xiao, Mona, Kamisato Ayato, Rosaria, Thoma, Barbara, Yaoyao, Baizhu, Arataki Itto, Noelle, Eula, Diona, Albedo, Diluc, Chevreuse, Beidou, Kujou Sara, Faruzan, Lisa, Collei.
  • Weak characters (C, D, & E): Gaming, Qiqi, Gorou, Sayu, Kaeya, Mika, Yun Jin, Kirara, Chongyun, Yanfei, Razor, Heizou, Freminet, Lynette, Kaveh, Ningguang, Layla, Dori, Klee, Candace, Amber, Xinyan, Dehya, Aloy.

The centerpiece of Genshin Impact is undoubtedly its rich collection of characters. Some of them have sad pasts, while others have outgoing personalities. Some are exuberant, while some are gloomy, dull, or lazy. Players like Genshin characters not only because of their skill sets but also because they characteristically resemble people’s personalities, and that’s also what makes some of them incredibly popular among the masses. Generally speaking, there’s no good or bad character in the game as long as you like it. However, if you’re someone who takes the game a bit too seriously, and wants to be the best like no one ever was, here’s a Genshin Impact character tier list as of Genshin Impact 4.4 to help you build the best team compositions.

Note: Characters in this list and sub-groups are not Ranked from best to worst or vice versa. This is not a ranked list, and like most tier lists, its contents are subjective. Play who you like the best.

Genshin Impact Character Tier list 4.4

Genshin Impact SS-Tier Characters

The SS Tier Characters in Genshin Impact are the absolute best characters for their role in the game. These characters are game changers and can help you clear Spiral Abyss wit ease. All of them add insane value and can even be considered as must pulls if you want to breeze through the hardest challenges in Genshin Impact.


The Hydro archon in her human form is Furina and she’s one of the best, if not the best, support character in Genshin Impact. Furina is a Hydro unit that can switch to both Ousia and Pneuma states and heal the party or attack enemies, respectively, making her one of the most versatile units in the game, deserving of the SS Tier status. Furina can increase the team damage output depending on the amount of health lost and restored, leading to insane damage buffs consistently. Her Skill and Ultimate both have amazing uptime. She has literally made every other character better in the game.


The Iudex and Chief Justice of Fontaine is a man of primal judgment, the one who works under the Hydro Archon, Furina. Although he secretly despises her attitude, he loves the people of Fontaine and their ambitions. Neuvillette is a Hydro character, duh, and is the strongest standalone damage dealer in the game, by far. Hydro is often considered one of the best elements in the game because of its role in most of the strong elemental reactions, but Neuvillette doesn’t need elemental reactions to be strong.

Neuvillette is extremely strong as a hyper carry without any elemental reactions. Often times you need to form a team around him that don’t get in his way, instead of teaming characters that make him stronger. He uses a Catalyst and the best build for him is Marechaussee Hunter combined with his signature weapon, Tome of Eternal Flow. Overall, Neuvillette is easily an SS-tier character and one of the stronger DPS in the Genshin Impact.


Nahida aka the Archon of wisdom is an SS-tier Archon. For starters, her skill can bind and inflict Dendro to the enemies and any reaction that occurs to an enemy will also occur to the ones that are bound. Her elemental burst casts a Dendro domain spanning a massive AoE, continuously applying Dendro to enemies and helping you carry out Dendro reactions. She is one of the best Dendro appliers in the game, and as Dendro one of the strongest element in the game, having her in most Bloom teams is a complete game changer.

Besides, she can also read people’s minds and aids in collecting materials in a jiffy in the open world using her elemental skill, which is cool. One of the best ways to build Nahida is to maximize her elemental mastery stats. If you also want to deal a good amount of Dendro damage, try 4PC Deepwood Memories.


If you ask Genshin players about the best support character in the game, Bennett is probably what will come to their minds first. He is a Pyro and sword character that can deal decent damage, apply Pyro to aid vaporize teams, buff your party members, and heal them if they’re low on HP. His healing and damage-dealing abilities scale off of his HP stat.

Running Bennett with Nobless Oblige which scales off HP will both increase the healing capabilities and attack to increase the overall damage output of the team, which makes him a universal character and one of the best characters in the game. Overall, he’s one of the best support characters in this Genshin Impact tier list.

Kadehara Kazuha

During his release, Kazuha didn’t take the Genshin world by storm, but players soon realized his potential later in the game. His elemental skill Chihayaburu helps group enemies, absorbs the element they’re affected by, and swirls the same. Kazuha one of the best crowd control character in Genshin Impact and he buffs Elemental Damage of all allies on top of that.

Every time Kazuha swirls, his passive grants all party members a 0.04% elemental damage bonus per elemental mastery point of the element he swirled for eight seconds; Hence, you will have to build Kazuha with great amounts of EM to get the most out of him. His other passive decreases the stamina cost while sprinting, making his one of the best support characters in this Genshin Impact tier list.


Yelan is the best Hydro applier in Genshin Impact and easily one of the top picks for the SS tier. She is a bow user with Hydro vision, and using and understanding her and her abilities is quite simple. First up, her elemental skill allows her to run fast and bind the enemies with a blue thread, which then deals Hydro damage once her skill ends. As for her burst, it works much like Xingqiu’s, except it’s like a projectile and hits the enemies no matter what.

Yelan is a great support or sub-DPS character that can do a decent amount of damage while applying hydro to aid in elemental reactions. She’s best used with Hu Tao as you can create some massive damage with Vaporise reactions. Not to mention, Yelan’s also very unique-looking.


Alhaitham, formerly known as the “Dendro Keqing” is one of the coolest male characters in Genshin Impact. He uses a sword and is a Dendro character that has a unique playstyle, deals loads of damage with his signature and a few free-to-play weapons and is overall quite easy to build. He can produce tons of damage given you use his mirrors correctly.

Besides, he also doesn’t need heavy investment but in talents, and you’d be fine with his C0 as it still deals plenty of damage. He’s also known as a hyper carry, meaning he doesn’t need elemental reactions to be a valuable asset in the team. All in all, he’s one of the strongest DPS character in Genshin Impact and an easy pick for the SS tier.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is one of the best Electro units in Genshin Impact. She can play as a DPS, or sub-DPS, and she excels in both roles. She’s usually referred to as “the battery” because she supplies energy to the team. She’s ideal as a sub-DPS and support.

As for her abilities, her elemental skill deals electro damage every 0.9 seconds and her elemental burst unleashes a powerful slash, dealing bulk damage. Overall, she’s one of the best characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact S-Tier Characters

S-Tier Genshin Impact characters are those that are some of the best characters in the game and would help you level up and clear the top floors of the Abyss. They add an insane amount of value to the team when combined with other characters, or are usually well off on their own. Here are all the S-Tier characters in Genshin Impact.


Xiangling was one of the first characters in the game and was known for her high damage. The same still stands true now, except some Pyro characters have replaced her. Xiangling does continuous and pretty significant Pyro damage; hence, she’s great as an off-field character or a sub-DPS. She’s great with vaporize reactions hence using her with Childe or Ayato will help you get the best out of her.

She’s flexible with artifacts, has some of the best-scaled constellations in the game, and is also one of the best damage dealers used in the Abyss. Overall, she is a flexible Pyro Sub-DPS unit that both low and high AR players can use in Genshin Impact.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is the best Pyro unit in the game for two reasons — she deals insane damage with vaporized reactions and her C1 constellation makes her charged attack consume no stamina. Her elemental skill imbues Pyro and her normal attacks deal Pyro damage by sacrificing a part of her HP. She works best with units such as Xingqiu or Yelan who deal and apply continuous and constant Hydro damage.

Building Hu Tao is simple — you prioritize crit rate and crit damage on your weapons and artifacts as much as possible. The best artifact set for Hu Tao is the Crimson Witch of Flames and the best weapon is, hands down, the Staff of Homa. Some of the free-to-play alternatives are Deathmatch and Blackcliff Pole.

Sangonomia Kokomi

Kokomi is a Hydro character and a catalyst user. Her main ability is to heal party members and apply Hydro to the enemies. Her elemental skill doesn’t disappear when you switch characters and she continues to heal party members. This makes her a great character to be used in freeze comps with Ganyu and Ayaka. But besides healing and coming in useful in freeze comps, she doesn’t have much use, making her a “good enough” character in this Genshin impact tier list, but not extraordinary by any means.


Lyney is a Pyro Bow Main DPS character in Genshin Impact and one of the first Pyro characters from the nation of Fontaine. He and his sister Lynette have a magic show in Fontaine which is loved by many Fontanians. Lyney is known for his high damage output and his ability to deal damage without relying on elemental reactions. This allows you to play him in mono Pyro and hyper-carry teams. Besides, he’s good for underwater exploration and finding Fontaine materials which, among his other talents, makes him an S-tier character. He’s best built with Marechaussee Hunter artifact set and his signature weapon, The First Great Magic.


Ganyu is a DPS/sub-DPS unit in Genshin Impact. Her utility lies in her charged attack skill “Frostflake Arrow” where she deals AOE damage once it hits an enemy. Her elemental skill is great for buying time by changing the focus of enemies, and her elemental burst “Celestial Shower” starts an ice shard shower, dealing continuous cryo damage. It also boosts cryo damage by 20% if you’re inside the burst’s range.

This makes her a great character to use in parties with another Cryo character such as Ayaka. Ganyu’s constellations can also bump her output and support significantly. Pair her with the Blizzard Strayer artifact set and no enemy stands a chance, making her one of the best female characters in Genshin Impact and this tier list.


Ayaka is one of the best Cryo units in the game. She’s a DPS and can deal crazy amounts of damage when used with the right weapons, artifacts, and team compositions. She’s great in freeze teams. The easiest way to build her would be by using Blizzard Strayer. Although, if you already have a good crit rate on her, we’d recommend going for 2pc Noblesse Oblige and 2pc Blizzard Strayer.

As for her skills, being a DPS character, her main damage comes from Elemental Burst “Kamisato Art: Soumetsu” where Ayaka unleashes swirls of cryo that deal continuous cryo damage to the enemies. You can go through our dedicated Ayaka Guide for the best builds, weapons, and more.

Yae Miko

Miko is the Fox envoy in Genshin Impact, an electro character that uses a catalyst. She’s mostly a support character but some people do use her as a DPS. Her elemental skill summons three turrets that deal with continuous electro damage, and finally, her elemental burst showers a lightning glow that can offer hefty damage. Overall, she’s a great unit deserving of the S tier in our Genshin Impact character tier list.


Zhongli needs no introduction. If you’re a beginner and Zhongli’s banner has just appeared, get him as he can provide good value to the team. His shielding abilities are the strongest in the game and very tanky. This shield can also come in handy when using characters that sacrifice their HP for increased damage such as Xiao and Hu Tao.

The best part about Zhongli is he can also be used as a sub-DPS. His elemental skill lays a pillar and a shield, whereas his burst unleashes a meteor on the face of enemies, absolutely annihilating them. Overall, he is hands down one of the best characters in this Genshin Impact tier list.


At C6, Xingqiu is a better overall Hydro applicator and is better in terms of overall damage than Yelan, so don’t feel bad about losing your 50-50 when pulling for Yelan. Xingqiu can carry your account if you have characters such as Hu Tao and want to build a good vape team to either fight powerful enemies or clear the Abyss. However, one of the cons of him is his abysmally high energy costs due to which he takes time to charge his elemental burst. He’s deserving of the S-Tier in this Genshin Impact tier list.


The reception for Nilou wasn’t that great until people started using her and realizing the potential in Bloom and Hyperbloom. And it’s not just her kit, players seem to really like her design and character in general. Nilou is built to be used for Bloom reactions as her passive also increases the same. The current weapons rooster isn’t very diverse for Nilou but granted you give her good artifacts that scale off HP%, Crit, and Elemental Mastery, she’s going to come in handy in the Abyss. Just make sure she scales off well with HP because Bloom itself is not a good reaction as it inflicts damage to your team.


Childe is a bow-Hydro character and a very strong DPS unit in Genshin Impact. He is the 11th Fatui Harbingers and an easy pick for the Genshin S Tier character list for his high and easy damage output. Childe is unique because he can use both Hydro slashes like two daggers and a bow, which have their two unique elemental burst animations. Childe leads one of the strongest teams in the game, Childe National, and can act as a DPS or a support unit. Although he doesn’t shine in most other team compositions, but his damage numbers, especially in Spiral Abyss, is enough to put him on the S tier.


Fischl is, again, a great support and off-field DPS character in Genshin. She is one of the best electro applier in Genshin, close to Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko. Fischl is also a 4-star character, so getting her is much easier. Fischl does a great job applying continuous Electro damage when built right. She’s best used for overloaded, superconduct, Hyperbloom, and Aggravate comps. She is easily one of the best 4-star characters in the game.


Tighnari is a Dendro, bow, and a DPS character. Although he’s not one of the strongest DPS in the game, he is one of the best Dendro appliers. For starters, his elemental burst can redirect enemy fire, and his elemental skill scales off of his elemental mastery stats, maximizing his damage. Dendro reactions are the strongest elemental reactions in the game and Tighnari can do insane damage when built correctly. He is also in the Standard banner, so getting him is comparatively easier than other Dendro DPS characters, like Alhaitham.


Sucrose is another Anemo catalyst user and one of the best crowd control unit in Genshin Impact. She also boosts the damage output of other characters thus boosting their elemental masteries. At C6, she is a very strong Support unit with really good crowd control and can be considered a good replacement for Kazuha. All in all, she’s a great support character, but Kazuha is a better pick in our Genshin tier list.

Kuki Shinobu

Kuki Shinobu is also an Electro, sword Genshin character whose main selling point is to heal and apply Electro to the enemies. Before Sumeru, she didn’t really fit the meta, but now she’s pretty handy for mainly burgeon and hyperbloom reactions; although, we also see her being used in Aggravate and Quicken reactions. Kuki is a very strong off-field Hyper-bloom driver and she is also a decent healer. All in all, Kuki Shinobu is a very strong versatile 4-star character.


Keqing is an electro and sword character in Genshin Impact that can deal pretty significant damage. Her elemental skill allows her to unleash an anchor that deals damage and teleport to the same and does slash damage. The star of the show is her elemental burst which unleashes a series of slashes with loads of damage. She’s best used with Superconduct, Hyperbloom, and Aggravate comps. All in all, Keqing is a very strong Electro character with insane damage numbers if built correctly.


Venti is the Anemo archon, a bow user who creates an Anemo vortex that pulls enemies in and inflicts continuous swirl damage. His passive allows him to generate energy particles for the team, acting as a battery. He’s a very good unit for crowd control and a close second to Kazuha. He’s also very good for exploration as his elemental skill can make him fly.

Genshin Impact A-Tier Characters

A-Tier characters are those that are great with certain team compositions but aren’t that great all by themselves. Most Genshin Impact A-Tier characters are support characters. Here are the best A-Tier characters in Genshin Impact.


Xianyun is the latest addition to the Genshin Impact 5-star roster and she enables plunging attacks for all characters in her team. She is a 5-star anemo support unit and pairs really well with Claymore DPS characters who deal the most plunge damage. Xiao also gets a massive buff from Xianyun and Xiao mains would love to have her on the team. Other than that, Xianyun is really fun to play and overall a solid 5-star unit.

Navia is a 5-star Geo character with a Claymore and is best suited for DPS. She is also the first Geo character in 2 years. Geo DPS units are known to be good in niche teams only due to the lack of damage elemental reactions, however, Navia is a very strong DPS unit without any elemental reactions. She hits hard with her Geo enhanced basic attacks and her Skill damage increases based on the number of Crystallized shards she or her team allies have on them. This allows her to deal high damage output without any other elemental reactions.


The Duke of Fortress of Meropide is Wriothesley, an extremely intimidating character who usually does the talking with his wrists and punches. Wriothesley wields a Cryo vision and a Catalyst, scales mostly off of Attack, and can shell out pretty amazing damage when built right. Pair him with support characters such as Shenhe and Ganyu, and you’ll have a Cryo character that hits like a truck. The best way to build Wriothesley is by using Marechaussee Hunter artifacts on him coupled with his signature weapon Cashflow Supervision.


Yoimiya is a DPS character that’s quite easy to build and use. However, not many use her because there are better Pyro characters in the game than her. Take Hu Tao for example, her overall damage output is far greater than Yoimiya’s, mainly because they deal splash damage, whereas Yoimiya’s attack locks on a single target.


Wanderer is an Anemo and Catalyst user and one of the only few characters in Genshin Impact that can fly using their ability. His elemental skill allows him to freely glide and attack Anemo slashes mid-air but has its own stamina bar. Wanderer’s elemental burst is a kick that unleashes a series of Anemo damage.

He also infuses elements and grants swirl buffs accordingly; hence, pairing him with the right type of characters can bring huge improvements to your team. He’s also great for exploration and is a viable DPS character. Sadly, anemo DPS characters require very specific teams to deal significant damage, which is why we have placed him in the A-tier.


Shenhe is a five-star Cryo Polearm user who’s mainly used as a support in Genshin. She can decrease the enemy’s Cryo and physical resistance while doing decent damage by herself, making her a pretty niche character. We say niche because other than a team full of cryo characters such as Ganyu and Ayaka or even Eula, she won’t fit anywhere else. This makes her an A-tier character in Genshin.


Cyno, the General Mahamatra of Sumeru received quite a good reception when he was first announced. The problem with Cyno is he’s not very F2P-friendly and is quite hard to build. He’s an Electro Polearm character and a DPS unit. Although, if you do think you could afford to build him, he can shell out some insane number when built right by keeping elemental mastery in mind, which increases his critical damage bonus. Overall, Cyno is a good damage dealer but hard to build.


Jean is an Anemo sword character and she’s kind of a confusing one to use. For starters, her elemental skill can do some pretty good damage and can heal all the party members but the skill also has a knock back which will make it difficult to kill hordes of enemies. Holding the skill to collect enemies will take time and is not very efficient. Although, Jean’s elemental burst deals continuous swirl damage and heals in bulk, making her a great overall support character than a DPS.


Xiao is a mixed bag. Some players absolutely love using him (and are going to hate this take), while others despise his gameplay. As for his damage output, it’s not bad; it’s the aftermath that’s bad. His elemental skill is good, but the burst leaves him too vulnerable. When built right he can do crazy amounts of damage with his plunging attacks. However, he instantly becomes a great pick if you can play him with shielders such as Zhongli. Xiao is also an anemo DPS, and they require Faruzan C6 to be near the damage output of some of the other S and SS tier DPS characters in Genshin Impact.


Mona is a Hydro character and a catalyst user who best works as a sub-DPS. You may have seen people use Mona’s burst before doing crazy damage and that’s because her burst bumps the burst damage of other characters in your party. She’s also a great Hydro applicator thanks to her elemental skill. That said, if you’re new to Genshin and just got Mona, and have a good DPS character that can nuke enemies, you’ll level up sooner.

Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Ayato is a Hydro sword character and the elder brother of Ayaka. His elemental skill lets him unleash a series of quick slashes whose animations look great. His elemental burst is much like Ganyu’s but it’s Hydro, and increases his normal attack damage with Hydro. The problem with Ayato is that he’s meant to be a DPS and an on-field character, and you can’t really carry out reactions since he requires more than six seconds of field time.


Rosaria is a Cryo sub-DPS and a polearm character. While her elemental skill isn’t handy, her elemental burst can do some serious initial damage and consistently apply cryo to the enemies in its vicinity. Rosaria is very strong for Reverse Melt teams because her Burst consistently ticks the melt elemental reaction. A powerful unit in the correct team, and she is a 4-star so much easier to attain and get her C6.


Thoma is a Pyro polearm user who uses a shield and applies Pyro continuously to the enemies. He is single-handedly carrying the Burgeon team compositions. Thoma is a not a shielder, but instead is perfect for Burgeon elemental reactions. Thoma is pretty underwhelming for other team comps, but his damage output in a Burgeon team makes him easily an A tier character in Genshin Impact.


Barbara is a free character players receive in early-game and she is an amazing Hydro applier. She’s a good healer but her main importance is her being a hydro catalyst. She is very versatile and can apply hydro off-field, making her perfect for most of the hydro elemental reactions like, Hyper Bloom. One of her downsides is her self hydro application, which can be an issue against Cyro enemies, but other than that, she is one of the strongest 4-star characters in Genshin Impact.


Yaoyao is a Dendro, Polearm character that’s mainly useful for support roles. She can apply continuous Dendro to the enemies, allowing you to switch characters and carry out reactions, and at the same time provides healing via both her burst and skill. She can allow one hundred percent uptime on Dendro application if played correctly and her Burst and Skill massively heals the entire team. However, Yaoyao is hard to master and new players might find other characters easier to play.


Baizhu is a Dendro catalyst user and he’s an excellent healer with decent damage and a pretty underwhelming shield, perhaps a five-star Dendro Noelle with a catalyst? He has really good heals and he can heal off-field and on-field. He does have some issues, especially with his Shield, which is pretty pathetic. Although Yaoyao is easily a better all-round pick over Baizhu, his heals are still significant enough to land him an A tier spot.

Genshin Impact B-Tier Characters

B-tier characters are those that can shell out decent damage but have been mostly outdone by other similar characters and suffered power creeps. Either way, they’re still okay and can act as decent replacements for S and A-tier characters in Genshin.

Arataki Itto

Itto is also a Geo character and wields a claymore. He’s considered to be a very F2P-friendly option and his damage output, when built well, could shell out insane numbers. The problem with Itto is that his elemental burst leaves him quite open, and while he can do good damage, he cannot take much due to his HP.


Another underrated Genshin Geo character. Lots are going to disagree with the take but Noelle is easily B-Tier when built right. She wields a claymore and is usually considered to be a pretty moderate damage dealer. However, knowing how to use her is important to bring the most out of her shielding, healing, and geo-attack abilities. Build her with C6, get a Bennett, use her shield, and wipe out all the enemies. While her shield is not as good as Zhongli’s, it can come in handy. Not to forget, her healing ability is pretty useful and makes her a good character for beginner Genshin players.


Eula is a five-star Cryo Claymore user who mainly depends on physical damage. She’s well suited in a superconduct team with Fischl or Raiden shogun thanks to her elemental skill and burst which grant her faster attack speed. Hence, she also feels a bit faster which makes her fun to use because Claymore users have a slow attack speed, or that’s at least what our eyes perceive. Overall, she’s a decent unit, albeit a pretty niche one, because physical damage is one of the things in the game that’s not liked very much.


Diona is a Cryo Bow user, a shielder, and a supporting character whose main focus is elemental burst and skill. For starters, she can act like a cryo battery, recharging the energy of cryo members in the party. Besides, she also has a decent shield, reduces stamina consumption and increases attack speed, and is overall pretty easy to build. To this day, she’s a great support character to have on your team in Genshin Impact.


Albedo is a strong Geo unit, probably one of the best units after Zhongli. His elemental skill helps him do AoE damage every three seconds. This damage scales off of his defense stats; hence, using a defense-based weapon such as the Cinnabar Spindle is essential for him. His elemental burst is, well, a burst that deals a huge amount of Geo damage.

He can also help recharge the bursts of Geo characters in the team and boost the entire team’s elemental mastery, making him a good support and sub-DPS character if you have other Geo characters in your party.


One of the first characters in Genshin Impact that suffered massive power creep is Diluc. At the start, he was one of the best Pyro DPS characters but Hu Tao soon took the crown. Either way, he could still be a decent damage dealer and can be used for Vaporise or Melt reactions.


Chevreuse is a 4-star Pyro character and she brought back the Overload elemental reactions. She is a versatile character with a strong support kit that can also provide decent single target healing and crowd control with her skill. She is mainly suited for triggering Overload reactions, reducing electro and pyro resistance of enemies when Overload is triggered. Overall, Chevreuse is a strong 4-star character and if you like Overload teams, then she is perfect for you.


Beidou is an Electro and a Claymore user. Beidou’s selling point is her burst as using it decreases or even stops the incoming damage while applying electro to the enemies. Her skill allows her to collect and return all the damage from enemies and apply electro to them, making her a great addition to superconduct teams. While she’s easy to build, she’s still very niche, and not everyone likes her gameplay.

Kujou Sara

It feels like the only reason Sara was added to the game was to boost Raiden Shogun’s burst damage output. Sara is an Electro, bow user who has some decent multipliers on her elemental burst. She can deal decent damage when built right and can also aid in increasing the damage of party members, especially works well with Raiden Shogun (Grants 60% electro crit damage). However, her kit could be confusing at times and might take a bit of head-scratching to build her well.


Faruzan is a great character, albeit a pretty niche one. She’s a bow user and a support/DPS character, can crowd control, and shed the Anemo resistance of enemies. Although she doesn’t scale well in terms of damage output, she’s best used as a support character as she also grants an Anemo bonus for all Anemo characters in your party. Hence, the best use case for her is when used with characters such as Xiao, Heizou, or DPS Jean.


Lisa is one of the first 4-star free characters in Genshin Impact and she is a good Electro applier at C6. She also reduces enemy defense, which is a plus point. However, one of her major cons is her high cost Burst and slow Elemental skill recharge. Her elemental skill, which does the most damage, needs to be held for almost five seconds for her to unleash good damage. Overall, she is decent for starting players and can act as a decent electro applier at C4, allowing her to do Hyper Bloom reactions, until you get someone better.


Collei is an excellent Dendro applier, which means Bloom reactions. Her elemental burst is decent and can help you carry out Dendro reactions with ease. She doesn’t have anything else going for her other than Dendro, but that alone makes her one of the most useful alternative characters in the game.

Genshin Impact C-Tier Characters

C-Tier characters are considered average or below average in this Genshin character tier list. If a character is included in the C-tier, it means there are better alternatives than them in the game. Nonetheless, here’s the tier list of C-tier characters in Genshin Impact.


Gaming is the latest 4-star character added with the Genshin Impact 4.4 version. He is a pyro claymore DPS and he hits hard. Gaming has really big damage numbers and can even reach some of the good 5-star DPS damage numbers at Constellation 6. However, you do need his C6 to get the best out of him, and he really doesn’t have any other role in a team other than being a DPS. He is a good pick for new characters looking for a DPS, but that’s about it.


The Genshin Impact community hates Qiqi, and while a part of the reason could be because she’s always the most common character people get when they lose their 50-50s, the other reason is her kit. One of the reasons or every reason to not use her is because she’s too weak, with the only exception being her elemental skill which provides quite the healing capabilities. Other than that, she’s a pretty mediocre character. Although, you could try building a physical damage Qiqi and she should be decent.


Gorou is a Geo, bow character who’s meant to be used as a support character. He boosts the defense and Geo damage bonus of characters. This means characters like Noelle and Zhongli can make use of both the damage and defense to shell out some amazing damage numbers. Besides that, Gorou is just an average damage dealer, and this makes him a very niche character in this Genshin Impact tier list.


Sayu is an Anemo, a catalyst wielder who’s great for exploration and healing. She also buffs units with Viridescent Venerer but has high elemental burst energy requirements to recharge her burst and provide value to the team, since her burst is one of the most important things for her to perform. Nearly every Anemo character outshines her, which doesn’t make her an appealing Anemo unit in this Genshin Impact tier list.


Kaeya, like most Genshin characters, started out pretty well until Liuye arrived and Ganyu had her first banner. Before that, he was considered to be a decent Cryo character, thanks to his ultimate and continuous Cryo application for good superconduct and freeze comps. Although, not many use him these days thanks to characters such as Ayaka and Ganyu.


Mika is a very recent character and a unique one too. He’s a Cryo character and uses a polearm to do cryo damage. He’s best used as a support character as his elemental skill increases the attack speed and sprint speed of all the party members, and his elemental burst grants all party members pretty good healing.

Yun Jin

Yun Jin is a Geo character, a polearm user, and a decent option for those who want a shielding character that also does a decent amount of Geo damage. Her shielding properties are pretty strong, and when paired with the artifacts Husk of Opulent Dreams, can dish out respectable damage. Her passive further increases the normal attack damage of characters in the party. Overall, she’s a great Genshin character design-wise and also support-wise.


Kirara is a Dendro Shielder/Support character and one of the first Dendro characters from Inazuma. Her shield strength and Elemental Skill damage are based on her maximum HP. Additionally, her Elemental Skill is currently the only one in Genshin Impact that increases climbing speed, which greatly assists players in exploring new areas. Her versatility and exploration potential make her a good character worthy of deserving a place in early game teams.


Chongyun is a Cryo character who wields a claymore. If built well, he can do tons of damage with his burst. He’s a sub-DPS and is used mostly in melt comps. Since he’s a four-star character, he’s easy to build, has tons of potential weapon choices that can work, and is very easy to play. Overall, we see lower AR level accounts maining him, but at some point, you’ll have to let go of him as there are better options such as Ayaka and Ganyu.


Yanfei is also a Pyro character and suffers from the same issue as Yoimiya. Hu Tao is a better Pyro character than her. Although Yanfei isn’t one of the easiest characters to build in the game, requires fewer resources, and she can also shield other characters. She uses a Catalyst, and given how many Catalysts there are in Genshin, there are a few that can pair pretty well with Yanfei.


Razor isn’t a bad character, but currently, there are characters that exceed his damage output. He still does quite well in superconduct and free comps. However, he has dull defensive stats and like many characters, his burst doesn’t stay after you switch. All in all, he’s a decent Genshin character with good damage output, and will help newcomers level up quicker.


Heizou is a catalyst and Anemo user who’s quite different from the rest of Genshin’s characters. He doesn’t use a catalyst when fighting but uses his arms and legs. As for the damage, he shows potential as a bulk damage dealer from both his burst and regular attacks. He’s fun to play and easy to build, and we could see a lot of low-level players using him to get through difficult quests. He also has lots of free-to-play weapon options.

Genshin Impact D-Tier Character

D-Tier characters in this tier list are very weak and do not bring enough value to include in the team. Some of these characters can work in early game or as character replacements in very niche teams, but they should be swapped as soon as possible.


Freminet is a pretty average Cryo character in Genshin Impact. He’s not the best when it comes to the overall damage but can work in some scenarios with reactions such as Shatter and Freeze. He has a very low base attack and hence most of the other Cryo characters tend to do a better job at inflicting Cryo damage. As long as you have characters such as Ayaka, Ganyu, and Eula, you don’t need to invest in Freminet.


Lynette is an Anemo Sword user and Sub-DPS character in Genshin Impact from Fontaine and she was released in Version 4.0 alongside Lyney. She’s Lyney’s assistant in their magical show in Fontaine. She deals AoE Anemo damage and her Elemental Skill can taunt enemies and apply the Anemo element. Her overall damage output isn’t the best but she can help in underwater exploration and to pick up Fontaine’s regional specialties.


Kaveh is a Dendro, a Claymore user, and a DPS character. He deals good amounts of Dendro damage with elemental reactions. This character needs loads of energy to build up his ultimate that can be used to trigger Hyperbloom Dendro cores, but his overall gameplay is a bit underwhelming and average at best.


Ningguang is a Geo catalyst user that most people would place in B-Tier; however, we think she’s still pretty good to date as an overall damage dealer and has potential as a sub-DPS. An ideal usage scenario would be to use her in mono Geo teams, but with her elemental skill and burst, she can slot into most teams. Her skill blocks enemy attacks and projectiles so you can easily take down enemies if you have someone like Ganyu or Yoimiya.


Layla is a four-star Cryo sword character whose main selling point is her shielding abilities and continuous Cryo application. The more you focus on her HP, the more powerful shielding she will provide. Besides, thanks to her Cryo application, you can create Melt, Shatter, or Superconduct comps. Overall, she’s not an extraordinary character but just a good option if you lack Cryo support characters.


Dori isn’t great and is probably one of the weakest characters in Genshin Impact. She’s an Electro user, uses a claymore, and is considered a support character. Fischl is comparatively a better character and support than Dori and makes much more sense.

Genshin Impact E-Tier Character

The E Tier characters in Genshin Impact are the absolute worst characters in the game. They bring very little value, or none at all in some cases, to most teams.


Klee was also one of the victims of the Genshin power creep, although the main issue with her is her slow attack speed being a Pyro catalyst user. She can shell out some insane numbers if built right, but her damage per second is not even close to characters such as Hu Tao, Yanfei, or even Xiangling.


Candace was one of the first Sumeru desert characters introduced to players. She’s, again, average at best due to her underwhelming damage output. Her elemental skill is a shield that you can press and hold to absorb damage to plunge into the enemies. Her elemental burst imbues Hydro to all of the party’s characters and increases the attack percentage. This doesn’t work well with Ayato and hence is very niche, making her a pretty bad character. Although, design-wise, an individual may confuse her for a five-star character since she looks like one.


Amber’s overall damage output isn’t great, and almost every player switches her out as soon as they get new characters. Other Pyro characters like Hu Tao and Lyney are way better damage dealers and options compared to her, making her a D-tier character in this Genshin Impact tier list.


Xinyan is, again, an underwhelming character. Her damage output is bad and doesn’t scale that much. She also shields but the same isn’t that tanky and breaks easily. All in all, she’s a below-average character when it comes to building team comps around her since there are better Pyro characters than her.


Dehya is a Pyro, a claymore user with a unique fighting style. Prior to her release, she showed promising results with great damage and passives, but Hoyoverse decided to nerf her which hit her sales. To top it off, they made her a standard banner character, and no one wanted to pull for her. Dehya can make a decent DPS but suffers from her overall damage output and power creep.


Aloy was a gift from HoYoverse for collaborating with Sony on the official Genshin Impact launch. For those unaware, she’s a character from the Horizon series on PlayStation. She falls incredibly short compared to other Cryo DPS and support characters like Ayaka and Ganyu, and hence players don’t use Aloy much.

So, this was our Genshin Impact character tier list, and we hope that it comes in handy, especially if you are new to the game. Let us know in the comments what you think about this tier list.

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  • Guy says:

    Is this a parody

  • Rotty says:

    Tier lists in general for any game are awful anyway because people base them on personal experience and feeling more than hard fact or player capability.

  • Thrifty Mona says:

    This Teir list seems to run on some outdated principles when judging charicters.
    These days, 95% of a charicters tier is down to there Abyss usage, with exploration or talent skills being the perhaps the last 5%.
    The high placement of a number of Geo characters is also strange given how it’s been considered the weakest element for a long time, meanwhile Dendro and its EM reactions are so OP that a number of Dendro/electro/hydro charicters realy should be moved up far higher.

    Still, its fun to see a different list once in a while.

  • idm says:

    the injustice that is Barbra at the lowest tier, shes a very good healer and she’s free! plus she can heal when enemies aren’t nearby unlike other healers

  • Xingqiu in B says:

    Xingqiu is the second best character in the game…

  • Furry_luver says:

    Bruh itto in A- tier!?!? He’s an S- easily!!! I’ve been able to deal 220k damage with his charged with assistance from gorou, albedo, and zhongli!!! 220K DAMAGE CRITS CONTINUOSLY!!! NOT TO MENTION USHI WHO IVE MANAGED TO MAKE DEAL ALMOST 500K DAMAGE WITH!!!

  • 😾 says:

    Whoever u are don’t play any game.. Just leave

  • A says:

    No one plays Kaeya? You living under a rock?

  • Classified information says:

    You did xiao dirty With saying his playstyle is a mixed bag Yet you could say that For every single character in game that entirely depends on the person playing. Also xiao Being vulnerable is an easy fix with Jean,Barbara, bennett or Any other healer???? And Isn’t wanderer just as vulnerable When he can fly? Also xiao WAS never made for Swirling That doesn’t mean hes A tier Just because he can’t. i also can’t understand how you made the excuse that anemo is Tailored for more supports yet put wanderer in S tier REDO THIS

  • Sasikuttan says:

    Another day, another trashy tier list.

  • Worst Tier List says:

    This has to be comedy. RIGHT??!!

  • This tier list sucks says:

    Tf do you mean nilous bottom of b yet albedos S?

  • deeznu- says:

    mf never played this game

  • Sepuh says:

    Imagine albedo S tier

    • AyakaPlayer says:

      I don’t think you’ve ever played Albedo. He’s deserving of the S Tier status.

  • Your Mom says:

    Don’t make another tier list. You have Xingqiu in B-tier? Yet Noelle and Ningguang are in A-tier? Yanfei even? Gross. No these are not opinions, they are objective facts. Qingqiu for example could arguably go in S-tier from a meta standpoint, same with Xiangling. Clearly you don’t play this game.

    • AyakaPlayer says:

      I think he placed Xingqui nicely. It definitely sucks that he’s in B tier but! His justification for why he put it in B tier is also half good, he needs lots of energy. Still, I think he should’ve been in the A tier. Yelan is better sure but other than that there aren’t many units that apply continuous hydro.

      • til says:

        no…he quite literally has always been S+

  • Genshin Enjoyer says:

    I’m so sorry, do you play the game?

    • Your Mom says:

      I don’t think so

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