Strongest Archons in Genshin Impact (Ranked)

Most of Genshin Impact’s gameplay revolves around its rich gameplay, lore, and storyline. The two-time Game of the Year award winner has some of the deepest lores and storylines among most modern games. Now, if you’re familiar with the game, the Archons are the centerpieces of the story. They are gods that rule the seven regions of Tevyat and each Archon represents an element in the game. In this list, we’ve ranked all the Genshin Impact Archons from weakest to strongest. So, without any further ado, let’s find out who is the strongest Archon in Genshin Impact.

Note: This post contains spoilers for the Genshin Impact story quests.

7. Venti

Yep, no one saw this coming. Venti is, by far, the weakest Archon in Genshin Impact. He rules, or rather, used to rule the nation of wind and freedom, Mondstadt, but the words rule and freedom don’t go together, so Mondstandt and its people are now independent of any Archon rule and they get to decide the fate of their own nation. Hence Venti isn’t strong.

Venti Genshin Impact

In fact, he’s so weak that in the story quest, La signora, the 8th Harbinger was easily able to steal his Gnosis and trash him. Although he’s very weak now, it’s said that he was one of the strongest and could open black holes of destruction. We never really got to witness his true power as he barely fights or has any fight left in him. Hence, he’s the weakest Archon in the game.

6. Nahida

Nahida is the second Dendro Archon of the Nation of Wisdom, Sumeru. Now, it was already established at the start of the Sumeru storyline that Nahida isn’t a very strong Archon physically speaking, but one of her strongest areas is the wisdom she possesses. It is said that she’s one of the wisest in Teyvat and has a deep affection for her people.

Nahida Genshin Impact

Do note that, before Nahida, the original Archon of Sumeru was “The Greater Lord Rukkhadevata,” and as we learn from the story quest, Nahida originated from an Irminsul branch, which is where Rukkhadevata’s consciousness is stored alongside the history of Teyvat and its memories. Venti once quoted, “The more people worship archons, the more powerful they’ll be,” and since Rukkhadevata’s demise, the people of Sumeru abandoned Nahida and rejected her as their god. Hence, she’s not a very strong Genshin Impact Archon.

5. Focalors

Focalors rules over the region of Fontaine, the nation of justice and Hydro. Not much is known about her personality but she has an “interesting” personality according to Nahida and likes to be present during the trials held in her nation. Focalors was first mentioned by Nahida during the first story quest where she said, “There’s a chief justice in Fontaine. Generally speaking, the Hydro Archon Focalors won’t preside over individual trials. However, even then, Focalors will make her present at just about every trail.”


We mentioned a few details about Focalors in our Genshin Impact 4.0 article about her design and this unique personality, but not much is known about her at this point. Fontaine is not far and will arrive on August 16. Hence, we’ll have to wait and see how powerful she really is. From what is known, it’s safe to assume that Focalors is the 5th most powerful Archon on this list.

4. Murata

Murata is the Pyro Archon that rules over the nation of Natlan, the Nation of War (?). Not much is known about Murata besides the fact that she’s really hot-blooded. In fact, in the Genshin Impact manga, Venti has a brief history with Murata where he says she can be pretty obnoxious at times.

Murata Genshin Impact

What we do know, however, is the fact that people of Natlan, including the Archon, will have red hair and tough bodies, which Venti described in the manga ‘Songs of the Wind.’ “Back in those days, warriors from every tribe would perform rites of combat and celebrate victories in her name. Come to think of it… She can be pretty obnoxious at times.” Although that doesn’t give us the right measure of her power, given her description and features, we could assume she’s the fourth most powerful Genshin Impact Archon in Teyvat.

3. Ei, the Raiden Shogun

The Raiden Shogun rules over the nation of Inazuma which consists of six islands. Raiden Makoto was Ei’s sister who died during the events of the Archon War, which led to Ei becoming the next Electro Archon. Due to great sorrow, she confined herself in the Plane of Euthymia after creating two puppets to oversee the rule in Inazuma. This was because she believed in eternity and hated progress since it led to the loss of the person who was the most important to her.

Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact

She created Scaramouche which she later let go of because he shed tears right after he was born (in the lore), and then created the Raiden Shogun because she needed something that would defy the heavenly principles, something that didn’t have human emotions.

Also, in the lore, it’s told that when she faced off against the Serpent god Orobashi that hailed from Khaenri’ah, she disseminated the snake with just one slash of Musou no Hitotachi. She also killed La Signora, the 8th harbinger with just one slash, which really highlights how powerful Raiden Ei/Shogun is. This is the reason why we have ranked Raiden Ei as the third strongest Archon in Genshin Impact.

2. Zhongli

Zhongli vs Raiden Shogun has been a raging debate among Genshin fans and we’re here to end it. Being a Raiden Shogun main myself, I think Zhongli’s a tad bit more powerful than Ei/Raiden Shogun, and there are a few reasons for the same which we’ll dwell into later. Zhongli, also known as Morax resides in the mora-rich lands of Liuye and now lives among the mortals because he’s done fighting after the years-long Archon war that struck Teyvat 500 years ago.

Zhongli Genshin Impact

The lore explains that Morax is capable of singlehandedly defeating and has sealed other gods. He created the Yaksha that aided him in the great Archon War. He also created Azhdaha who once fought alongside him but was later sealed as he went bizarre after losing his memories due to erosion.

It’s also said that he used the big rocks in Guyun stone as spears to defeat his opponents during the war. Besides, he’s also THE oldest Archon to exist and it’s said he’s been an Archon for almost 6,000 years! He easily takes and deserves a second place on this list of Genshin Impact strongest Archons.

1. The Tsaritsa – Strongest Genshin Impact Archon

The Tsaritsa aka the Cryo Archon is said to be the strongest Archon in Teyvat and rules over the nation of Snezhnaya. Her followers are Fatui who she commissions to intimidate other nations. She has a group of people called “The harbingers,” which the lore explains “some of whose powers equal to that of gods.”

What makes her the strongest Archon in Teyvat is the fact that she has obtained three gnoses so far (Anemo, Electro, and Geo) and plans to “burn away the old world,” and to “Seize authority from Gods” (Celestia).

Tsaritsa Cryo - Strongest Genshin Impact Archon

Her most powerful followers include 11 harbingers in the Fatui. So far through the lore, we’ve met four of them namely Tartaglia (11th), Scaramouche (6th), La Signora (8th) (RIP), and Dottore (2nd).

We’ll be seeing and probably fighting Arlecchino (10th) in Fontaine, the Nation of Justice. Overall, since the Tsaritsa has such a powerful and huge following, and the gnoses of other gods, she’s easily the most powerful Archon in Genshin Impact.

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  • merci messi bucu says:

    This is late but saying Venti is the 7th is wrong, since the beginning, he never use his power against Signora, he just let she do it and act like he weak, and guest what, they don’t make the 2nd story quest because his lore is to complicated and long.

  • Ari says:

    the harbingers are ranked by strength, so yes 11th is the weakest and 1st is the strongest

  • zhongli says:

    the strongest character in genshin without a doubt is traveler male or female depending which chara you’re playing

  • idk says:

    im just wondering is the 11th harbinger the weakest harbinger or is it the other way around? or are they not ranked really-

  • Daniel says:

    Oh forgot to say Arlecchino is not the 10th is the 4th place.

  • Ena says:

    Why did I just see a bullshit opinion stating zhongli is stronger than Ei and Tsaritsa is the strongest archon Ei is the strongest archon being able to wrap reality and having time manipulation by her side

    • Yamajii says:

      Ei isn’t able to warp reality mate. And if you paid attention sa zhong Li ended the archon war.

      Ei is pretty busted too tho. All her strongest feats were done without a gnosis.

      And Ei was not part of the Archon war to be fair her sister was. So who knows.

      I’m willing to bet that on a 1v1 no gnosis Ei would probably stomp everyone. But right now the cryo archon has all the cards.

    • DejaVu says:

      Late here but lore wise prime zhongli was the strongest…. dudes the only archon that fought in the archon war …lived and is still ruling in present time…unlike the other archons who are new

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