What is Gemini Advanced and How to Get Subscription

In Short
  • Google has launched a paid subscription plan called Gemini Advanced that is powered by the Ultra 1.0 model.
  • The Ultra 1.0 model is suitable for highly complex tasks like logical reasoning, coding, understanding nuances, and more.
  • Gemini Advanced costs $20 per month, but you get two months of free trial. You also get 2TB of storage and other Google One benefits.

Besides rebranding Bard to Gemini, Google launched its most capable Ultra 1.0 model via Gemini Advanced. Gemini Ultra made headlines in December last year when the Google DeepMind team claimed that it beats OpenAI’s GPT-4 model in 30 out of 32 benchmark tests. Now, you can access the Ultra model through Gemini Advanced, which is a paid version of Gemini (formerly Bard). So, here is everything you need to know about Gemini Advanced.

What is Gemini Advanced: Explained

Much like OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus subscription, Google has today launched a paid plan for Gemini (formerly Bard) which is Gemini Advanced similar to ChatGPT Plus and Copilot Pro. The premium plan lets you access the powerful Ultra 1.0 model. It costs $19.99 per month (Rs. 1950 in India), however, Google is offering two months of free trial, which is awesome.

Along with Ultra 1.0 access in Gemini Advanced, you get 2TB of Drive storage and other benefits bundled with Google One. In addition, Gemini Advanced users will get AI access in Gmail, Docs, and other apps in the near future.

gemini advanced web UI

The highlight of the Gemini Advanced plan is that you get access to the Ultra model, which is touted to be a truly multimodal model, even superior to GPT-4 in image analysis and various other tasks. I plan to put this to the test this week, so stay tuned for my comparison. For highly complex tasks like logical reasoning, coding, understanding textual nuances, and more, Gemini Ultra is the model you should use.

In my brief testing, I asked some questions and uploaded a few images on Gemini Advanced, and the Ultra 1.0 model did quite an impressive job. It is much better than the free version of Gemini (formerly Bard) and feels close to GPT-4. We will be comparing Gemini Ultra 1.0 and GPT-4 in detail pretty soon so stay tuned with us.

How to Subscribe to Gemini Advanced

  • Head to gemini.google.com/advanced (visit) and click the “Try for 2 months, at no charge” button.
  • This will take you to the Google One storefront, where you need to get the “Google One AI Premium plan.”
  • Here, click the “Start trial” button, add your card details, and complete the signup process.
  • Now, launch the gemini.google.com website (visit) and choose “Gemini Advanced” from the top-left corner.
  • You can now chat with Gemini Advanced which is powered by the Ultra 1.0 model.
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So this is all about Gemini Advanced and how you can subscribe to the paid plan. Are you excited to try Google’s Ultra 1.0 model and will you switch from ChatGPT Plus to Gemini Advanced? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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