Fire Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • Bringing a Fire Pokemon will let you fight better against Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel-type Pokemon.
  • Unfortunately, their weaknesses include Ground, Rock, and Water-type Pokemon.
  • However, as of generation six, Fire Pokemon resist Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Fairy Pokemon.

Fire Pokemon are arguably one of the most popular monsters in-game, with an array of strengths and weaknesses. Nearly every well-loved Pokemon in the community belongs to this element, and there’s a good chance you also own quite a few of them. If that is the case, then I highly suggest you sit down and learn all the Fire Pokemon strengths, weaknesses, and resistance right here. So, with that, let’s begin!

Fire Pokemon Strengths

Fire Pokemon Strengths
Fire Pokemon strengths as of Generation Two

Let’s first begin looking at Fire Pokemon’s strengths. Like most Pokemon out there, these have had two changes to their strengths across generations.

A Fire Pokemon would be highly effective against fighting a Bug, Grass, and Ice-type when first introduced in the first-generation game. It also makes sense since real fire burns grass, melts ice, and kills bugs.

However, Steel was added to the list when the second-generation game launched. So, the final list for Fire Pokemon strengths is Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel Pokemon.

Since steel is a good conductor of heat, it also makes sense to add this element as the strength of a fire Pokemon. So, if you have a Charmander, they’ll fight extremely well against a Scyther, and so on.

Fire Pokemon Weaknesses

Fire Pokemon weaknesses as of generation six

Unlike its strength, Fire Pokemon hasn’t had any changes to its weaknesses. Fire Pokemon weaknesses include Ground, Rock, and Water Pokemon.

Water is a direct counter, as it extinguishes fire quickly. Hence, Pokemon like Squirtle and Onyx will deal more damage against your Charmander or Inceniroar, so avoid using them.

Fire Pokemon Resistance

Now, monsters belonging to this archetype have undergone three changes over the years. This is mostly due to the addition of new elements, such as resistance, allowing someone like Charmander to become scarier and more formidable on the battlefield.

When the first generation of games rolled in, they were resistant to Bug, Fire, and Grass-type. However, they were resistant to Bugs, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Ice-type from generation two to five.

When the final set of changes rolled in, it was confirmed that Fire Pokemon resistances include Bugs, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Fairy Pokemon.

So, how has your experience with Fire Pokemon been? Let us know in the comments below!

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