Steel Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • A Steel Pokemon can fight well against a rock, ice, and fairy-type Pokemon as of generation five and onwards.
  • Similarly, a steel Pokemon is a weak fighting, fire, and ground-type Pokemon.
  • Finally, steel Pokemon has the highest number of resistances, resisting normal, flying, rock, bug, steel, grass, psychic, ice, dragon, and fairy-type.

Now that I’ve extensively covered most of the Pokemon elements let’s keep the ball rolling and talk about Steel Pokemon and their strengths and weaknesses. This is another archetype you’ll frequently see in any of the games, and it has some of the popular monsters that belong to this element. If you somehow find yourself running a team containing these buddies, keep reading as we break them down (not literally) below!

Steel Pokemon Strengths

Steel Pokemon strengths as of generation 5 and onwards

Steel Pokemon are some of the most impressive monsters out there. This includes the likes of Dialga and Aegislash. These monsters had two changes across the various generations of games. When first introduced in the second generation, they were strong against a rock or ice-type.

However, when the fifth generation rolled in, the list of strengths for a Steel Pokemon included a Fairy element type. Their strengths now rely on fighting rock, ice, and fairy-type Pokemon.

Steel Pokemon Weaknesses

Steel Pokemon weaknesses as of generation 2 and onwards
Steel Pokemon weaknesses as of generation 2 and onwards

Now, like most Pokemon, steel types do come with their own set of weaknesses. Surprisingly enough, these elements cover one of the more frequent elements in any of the main-line Pokemon games. As such, steel Pokemon are weak against fighting, fire, and Ground-types. It makes sense, as steel absorbs heat better than anything out there.

So, your Dialga will fare badly against a Charizard or a Dugtrio on the battlefield. Diagla’s attacks might not have the full effect on these two Pokemon, and instead, their attacks will harm Diagla more than needed.

Steel Pokemon Resistance

Out of any Pokemon out there, Steel types have some of the most numbers of resistance to elements out there. When introduced to the second generation, they effortlessly resisted normal, flying, rock, bug, ghost, steel, grass, psychic, ice, dragon, and dark-type elements. They are also immune to Poison. Hence, a Diagla can fight against any Pokemon from the mentioned elements and resist most attacks.

When the fifth generation rolled out, this list was shortened to exclude Ghost and Dary-type as a resistance. However, Fairy-type Pokemon were added as a resistance to compensate for the omission.

So now the final list for Steel Pokemon resistance includes Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type. Fortunately, they still were immune to Poison, and this list has been unchanged for any games launching after fifth-generation.

As you can see yourself, steel buddies in Pokemon have their fair share of strengths, weaknesses, and resistance to get through. How are you finding your experience to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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