Ice Pokemon Strength, Weakness and Resistance

In Short
  • Ice Pokemon are strong against Dragon, Ground, Grass, and Flying-type Pokemon.
  • Their weaknesses include Rock, Fire, Steel, and Fighting-type Pokemon.
  • However, they have the lowest element resistance, only resisting ice out of every element.

Ice Pokemon is one of the niche categories of monsters in the long-running turn-based RPG. These Pokemon have their strength and weaknesses that allow them to be pretty proficient on the battlefield, but not by a lot. If you are reading this, it likely means you have a strong ice type you want to utilize in the encounters. So, without further ado, let’s arm you with the knowledge you need by talking about ice Pokemon’s strengths, weaknesses, and resistance right here!

Ice Pokemon Strengths

Ice Pokemon Strength

Like many Pokemon across the generation, Ice Pokemon never had any changes done to their strengths. So, if you plan on playing the older Pokemon games, you don’t have to remember the different changes.

If trainers want to have a team with these monsters, then you should know that ice Pokemon strengths include being strong against Dragon, Ground, Grass, and Flying types. So if you have a Laplus and Articuno in your team, you’d best use them against Pokemon, which belong to these four elements.

Additionally, a monster with a mix of two of the four elements mentioned will take double the damage. So a Dragonite will find it harder to fight an Ice-type, as they belong to the Dragon and Flying-type.

Ice Pokemon Weaknesses

Ice Pokemon Weakness

Unlike ice Pokemon strengths, these monsters have had two variations of weakness across generations.

When the monsters belonging to ice-type launched in the first generation, they struggled to keep up against Rock, Fire, and Fighting-type monsters. It also made sense, as Fire melts ice, and so forth. However, from the second generation onward, steel also got added to the list of weaknesses.

Hence, when we consider the final list, ice Pokemon weaknesses include Rock, Fire, Fighting, and Steel-type Pokemon.

Ice Pokemon Resistance

Ice-type monsters are incredibly unique when it comes to their resistance. There is not much to work with, which is similar to a Normal-type Pokemon. Ice Pokemon are only resistant to Ice-type attacks. Yes, that’s literally it. So, while these cold monsters can combat the cold, they are pretty much useless in defence.

We hope that you’re now fully prepared and know about all the Ice Pokemon’s strengths, weaknesses, and resistance. Since the same rules apply across generations, you can use the intel above in Pokemon GO, too!

Do you have an ice type in your team? Let us know in the comments below!

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