Rock Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • Rock Pokemon are strong against flying, bug, fire, and ice-type Pokemon.
  • However, they cannot fight well against fighting ground, steel, water, and grass-type Pokemon as of Generation Two and onwards.
  • They are highly resistant to normal, flying, Poison, and Fire-type Pokemon

If you’ve been with us long enough, you must have already read about all the important element types in Pokemon. After going through Normal, Grass, and Poison, let’s shift our focus to Rock Pokemon. One of the common element types, rock Pokemon, come with their own strengths and weaknesses. However, a first-timer might not know about it and fumble hard against a stronger foe. To help you with that, let’s talk about Rock Pokemon in our dedicated guide below!

Rock Pokemon Strengths

Rock Pokemon Strengths

Suppose you own an Onyx, a hefty Pokemon made out of rock. And in front of you stands either a Pidgeot or a Charizard. Fortunately, you are in luck. As a Rock Pokemon, your Pal is extremely strong against many elements. Rock Pokemon’s strengths include flying, grass, fire, and ice-type Pokemon.

The damage doubles if the monster comes with two or more mixes of the above-mentioned elements. So, a Charizard will certainly have a rough time fighting an Onyx over other Pokemon. Charizard will also take double the damage because they are a dual element-type of fire and flying.

Rock Pokemon Weaknesses

Rock Pokemon Weaknesses

On the flip side, if your Onyx fights against a power Snivy, they will fare worse compared to fighting a Charizard. Rock Pokemon have had two changes done to their weaknesses. During the first generation, they couldn’t fight well against fighting, water, grass, and ground-type Pokemon.

However, from the second generation onwards, the number increased to five weaknesses, including Steel Pokemon. As such, Rock Pokemon are weak against water, grass, fighting, ground and steel Pokemon.

Rock Pokemon Resistance

But what about resisting attacks? Surely, an Onyx will come packed with those capabilities, right? And fortunately, they do like any other Pokemon out there. Just like strengths, rock Pokemon resistance has largely remained unchanged.

If a Charizard deals fire damage to your Onyx, they should stay unfazed. Rock Pokemon are adept at repelling Normal, Flying, Poison, and Fire-type elements. So, send out your Onyx to fight any monsters belonging to that archetype.

I hope you now know about rock Pokemon and their exact strengths, weaknesses, and resistance. Let us know if it helped you out in the comments below. Got more questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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