Ground Pokemon: Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • Ground Pokemon are extremely effective against Rock, Fire, Electric, Poison, and Steel-type Pokemon.
  • Their weaknesses include Water, Grass, and Ice-type Pokemon.
  • However, they are resistant to Poison, Rock, and Electric-type creatures.

Just like Normal Pokemon, Ground is one of the many Pokemon elements in the games. Like any other element type, ground Pokemon come with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re a new player hopping into Pokemon and have some Ground Pokemon in your team, this one’s for you. So with that, let’s begin talking about Ground Pokemon and their weaknesses, strengths, and resistance.

Ground Pokemon Strengths

Ground Pokemon Strengths over weakness and resistance

One of the best things about using a Ground Pokemon over other elements is how much variety it covers when they have to be strong. If you have yourself a pretty good ground type, like Onyx, then you are in luck. The Onyx will perform exceptionally well against fellow Rock, Fire, Electric, Poison, and Steel-type Pokemon.

If a Pokemon with a mix of two mentioned elements tries fighting your Rock Pokemon, it will deal more damage. Hence, always try to call in your Pokemon whenever you see monsters belonging to the above elements coming to fight with you.

Similarly, your Onyx won’t fare well regarding attacks when fighting against a Paras or any monster with a mix of Bug and Grass. While they will be able to attack and even take out the Pokemon with these properties, they won’t be able to deal impressive damage through their specials. Hence, avoid using your Onyx against such Pokemon.

Ground Pokemon Weakness

Ground Pokemon Weakness over strengths and resistance

Like strengths, your Ground Pokemon will have certain weaknesses in a few elements. Ground Pokemon are weak against Water, Grass, and Ice Pokemon. So, if you are facing a Pokemon from that particular element type, switch to a more switchable one that counters them.

You are in for a worse experience if the Pokemon you encounter is a dual-type, with a mix between the three elements above. That will result in additional damage, draining your Pokemon’s health quickly.

Ground Pokemon Resistance

In particular, Ground Pokemon can resist three elements. They are Poison, Rock, and Electric element types. While it can resist Poison and Rock to a certain degree, it completely resists Electric attacks. As such, you have nothing to fear if you are fighting a Pikachu.

That is everything you should know about Ground Pokemon. Remember, these properties carry over to every single game, regardless of whether you play Pokemon GO or any other games.

So which ground Pokemon do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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