15 Best Electric Pokemon Ranked

As you would expect, the world of Pokemon is chock full of different types of monsters. One such type is Electric Pokemon and their various generations in the popular RPG. Chances are you want to add some to your party, but cannot decide on one. For all those times and more, we are here to help. So with that, let’s begin ranking down the best electric Pokemon right here!

15. Pikachu

Pikachu Electric Pokemon
  • HP: 35
  • ATK: 55
  • DEF: 40

I’ll start the list with one of the fan favorites, and my preferred electric Pokemon, Pikachu. We’ve seen the Pokemon across the animes, and it has also become one of the mascots of the franchise. While Pikachu’s popularity is touching the sky, its performance amidst other electrics is on the weaker side.

Pikachu is extremely agile when it comes to speed. However, their base damage is on the lower side, not making them a Pokemon you’d keep in your party. Furthermore, Pikachu also has a relatively limited move pool, making them restrictive in fights. Still, this is a solid electric Pokemon to keep in your party for those early-game moments, deserving a position in the best Pokemon list.

14. Rotom

Rotom Electric Pokemon
  • HP: 50
  • ATK: 50
  • DEF: 77

Rotom is this weird Ghost/Electric Pokemon that takes various robotic forms. It can become a car, a Fan, a literal microwave oven, and a few other forms. The best part about these form switching is that each form belongs to a particular mixed Pokemon element.

So, your fan Rotom will become a Flying/Electric hybrid. Similarly, refrigerator Rotom will become an Ice/Electric hybrid, and so on. This gives you a situation where you can evolve Rotom into a desired form and keep different variations. However, that will be a tedious process to follow.

13. Thundurus

Thundurus Electric Pokemon
  • HP: 79
  • ATK: 115
  • DEF: 70

Thundurus is a Flying/Electric-type Pokemon that looks like a god riding a cloud. They are the members of the Forces of Nature from Pokemon Black and White. Thundurus has exceptional speed, which I guess comes from its cloud, and the combination of that and attacks will ensure it dominates the battlefield.

However, if your opponent uses an Ice-type against your Thundurus, you are in for a rude awakening. This Pokemon takes 4x the damage from ice attacks, leaving it open to serious damage from special attacks. Furthermore, regardless of the high-base attack, their defenses are meager. Nonetheless, it comes under the lower side of the best electric Pokemon out there.

12. Lanturn

Lanturn Electric Pokemon
  • HP: 125
  • ATK: 58
  • DEF: 58

A cute fish-like Pokemon, Lanturn first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver. It has a light at its forehead, like an Angler fish, but doesn’t possess the grotesque looks of an angler. Lanturn is a dual-type Electric/Water Pokemon, which means it has double the strength against Ground, Fire, and Rock.

It can also withstand normal Water and Electric move. Furthermore, it has an absurdly high base HP, allowing it to withstand attacks. unfortunately, while they have some great health, they have relatively bad offensive stats, with a painful base attack. Their defenses are relatively low, leaving them open to stronger special attacks.

11. Ampharos

  • HP: 90
  • ATK: 75
  • DEF: 85

Ampharos is a fan-favorite Pokemon from the second generation of Pokemon video games, having flippers for hands, and looking like a Dinosaur from certain angles. However, while I could’ve ranked Ampharos a little higher than the others, the current games have made him weaker than the previous entries.

But, we cannot deny that this Pokemon is still a great choice. Ampharos shines in-game due to its high Special Attack and Bulk and also has a moderate base HP, letting it show its prowess in fights. Pre-generation seven Ampharos also had a Mega Evolution form, making them more versatile.

On the flip side, Ampharos doesn’t have exceptional defenses, even though it does have some good base defense. Furthermore, its speed stat is relatively low compared to other Electric types in Pokemon. So, a faster Pokemon will overwhelm and outpace Ampharos.

10. Toxtricity

  • HP: 75
  • ATK: 98
  • DEF: 70

One of the newer Pokemon, the Toxcel in Pokemon Sword and Shield can evolve into Toxtricity. Depending on its nature, it can evolve into a low-key Toxtricity or an amped Toxtricity. However, Toxtricitiy comes with some great advantages over other Pokemon.

Toxtricity excels in-game due to its Electric/Poison typing, granting it diverse offensive coverage. With a high base Speed and respectable Special Attack, Toxtricity can outspeed and knockout many opponents, making it a formidable choice for offense and utility.

However, Toxtricity’s defenses are weak, which can result in a quicker knockout by strong physical or special attacks. Additionally, because Toxtricity is a dual-type Pokemon, he’ll take super-effective damage against ground attacks. So, if you are willing to take those chances, try out the Pokemon.

9. Electivire

Electivire Electric Pokemon
  • HP: 75
  • ATK: 123
  • DEF: 67

The evolved form of Electabuzz, Electivire is a standard electric Pokemon among the many others out there. While you’ll find other solid Pokemon that do a better job over Electivire, you’d want to keep this Pokemon thanks to its great coverage through their special attacks.

Outside of that, Electivire has a modest base health, but a poor base defense. However, they have a solid base attack, possibly one of the highest from its generation. That alone will ensure that your opponent’s Pokemon gets decimated in fights. So, get yourself an Electabuzz and evolve it. If you look past its looks, you’ll have a great Pokemon to put in your party.

8. Luxray

  • HP: 80
  • ATK: 120
  • DEF: 79

Do you want to use a Pokemon that while belonging to the electric-type, ventures towards raw fighting prowess? Do you also love yourself monsters that look like a cute, yet ferocious dog? Well, Luxray should fancy you.

While Luxray has a modest base health stat of 80 and defense of 70, they are exceptionally good at fighting thanks to their base attack. Because of their 120-base attack, you can hope to see your opponents getting defeated. So, if you want a hard-hitting Pokemon, try catching yourself a Luxray.

7. Xurkitree

  • HP: 83
  • ATK: 89
  • DEF: 71

Xurkitree is one of the only electric Pokemon Ultra Beasts from Pokemon Sun and Moon. And, as such, it comes with the standard electric Pokemon stats you’d expect from one. It has an impressive special attack stat, allowing it to damage with typical electric-type moves. Additionally, its unique electric-type moves cover ground, making this Pokemon versatile. Even their base stats are pretty modest compared to other Pokemon within their pool.

However, Xurkitree has average speed stats, making them slower than other Pokemon, and allowing it to take damage in that process. Furthermore, while it has a modest base defense, that can still be lower, resulting in taking damage from stronger attacks. Xurkitree might not be the best for an ultra beast, but it is still impressive.

6. Jolteon

Jolteon Electric Pokemon
  • HP: 65
  • ATK: 65
  • DEF: 60

Eevee is one of those rare Pokemon with multiple evolution forms, and its electric evolution form Jolteon happens to be one of the best electric Pokemon in-game. For starters, Jolteon is perfect for a Glass Canon team. This means you don’t care about any strategy, and brute-force through fights.

And that is reflected in its base stats, which are in the 60s. It isn’t bad, but it will damage Jolteon when they are up against a Pokemon tapping into the weakness of the electric type. You’ll get the most out of this Pokemon by using its moveset, and not worrying about anything.

5. Raichu

  • HP: 60
  • ATK: 90
  • DEF: 55

While Pikachu took most of the spotlight for being in the series, and essentially becoming a mascot, people overlooked its evolved form – Raichu. Another great electric Pokemon, Raichu comes with some standard stats you’d expect from an evolved Pikachu. It has good base damage of 90 ensuring it shocks the opponent to the ground.

However, while the base attack is good, its base health and defense are something Raichu lacks. With only a meager 60 base health and 55 base defense, Raichu will find it tough to put up against monsters they directly don’t counter. However, this is one of those few Pokemon with good base damage, so it is always good to keep one in your party and pull them out to counter a Flying or a Water Pokemon.

4. Zapdos

Zapdos Electric Pokemon
  • HP: 90
  • ATK: 90
  • DEF: 85

Ah yes, Zapdos. Possibly one of the popular legendaries from the Kanto region and the first legendary. I think most kids even know this Pokemon through the random Tazzos we’d get as a child. But that is a story for another day. Let’s first look at why you should bring Zapdos.

For starters, Zapdos is a first-generation legendary. And while they don’t have great stats you’d expect from a legendary electric Pokemon, they still hit hard. Coming with some solid base status, Zapdos is a go-to Pokemon for high-level plays in-game, as you can build the Pokemon for offense and defense.

3. Tapu-Koko

  • HP: 70
  • ATK: 115
  • DEF: 85

While I don’t like the design of Tapu-Koko, this Pokemon is possibly one of the best monsters with solid base stats. While the health of a Tapu-Koko is low, what you can bet on is its high base damage of 115. This will ensure your Pokemon can fight well against most other monsters out there.

Furthermore, Tapu-Koko has a great base defense of 85, ensuring they can protect themselves from incoming attacks. Overall, if you want to grab a Guardian Pokemon, and one that is pretty well-rounded, go the extra mile of adding Tapu-Koko to your team.

2. Raikou

Raikou Electric Pokemon
  • HP: 90
  • ATK: 85
  • DEF: 75

Johto region has tons of memorable Pokemon, and Raikou is one of those. This electric legendary Pokemon has relatively good base stats with good health and attack. So, you’ll have a good time fighting against other Pokemon if you put some time and effort into catching Raikou.

Where Raikou does suffer is in defense as it is lower than the standard legendary one. Hence, Raikou will suffer when fighting against element weaknesses, including specials. However, if you want a great Pokemon that has some great speed stats and special attacks, then pick Raikou as one of the best electric Pokemon.

1. Zekrom

  • HP: 100
  • ATK: 150
  • DEF: 120

Topping our list as the best electric Pokemon is Zekrom. It is a Dragon/Electric-type Pokemon from the fifth generation and probably one of the strongest from that era. Zekrom is a legendary Pokemon, and they come with possibly some of the best base attacks.

We are discussing over 100 points in health, attack, and defense. And using Zekrom in any encounter will prove beneficial. Of course, this monster does come with the standard electric Pokemon weaknesses. So, do keep that in mind when using it. Nonetheless, there’s no real disadvantage to using Zekrom.

Regardless of how you view these monsters, these are the best electric Pokemon you should know about. Of course, this is based on my opinion, and choices can differ. Do you have a favorite I haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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