10 Cool Vision Pro Apps You Need to Try Right Now

In Short
  • Apple announced more than 600 new apps built exclusively for Vision Pro.
  • You can find several entertainment, gaming, and productivity apps for Vision Pro.
  • Jigspace, Sky Guide, and Juno are the top 3 Vision Pro apps that should be on your radar.

Apple Vision Pro is here, and so is the solid collection of visionOS apps. While Apple’s Spatial Computer can run over a million iOS and iPadOS apps, the native visionOS apps take the immersive experience to a whole new level. So, when you’ve got such a high-end mixed-reality headset, you should try the native apps that are custom-tailored for the platform. In this article, we’ve listed the 10 best Vision Pro apps that will blow your mind. Right from the best entertainment to the best productivity apps, and everything in between, we’ve covered them all. So, without any ado, let’s get started!

1. Jigspace

Jigspace is one of the first apps used by Apple to demonstrate what’s possible with its high-end mixed reality headset. It combines 3D content, video, audio, and text in an interactive, step-by-step spatial presentation. This free visionOS app lets you create unforgettable 3D product demonstrations. You can transplant objects in front of you and then take them apart, place them in a room with you, and interact with them in various ways. You can move, resize, rotate, and manipulate your spatial content, just like you would do in the real world.

Jigspace app for visionOS

Jigspace is one of the best 3D modeling apps for Vision Pro that clearly showcases that Apple’s mixed reality headset isn’t just for entertainment and games. Rather, it’s a fantastic innovation for education and business where users can create 3D models and enhance their skills, which isn’t possible otherwise. Know the best part? This Vision Pro app is completely free to download and use, with no in-app purchases.

2. Sky Guide

Sky Guide is one of the most popular apps to experience the night sky. The app intelligently overlays planets, satellites, constellations, and more onto your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch so you can identify celestial objects. With the Sky Guide app for Vision Pro, the app is all set to elevate that experience to a whole new level. Imagine having stars and galaxies right on your entire room ceilings. You can experience an interactive map of the heavens and fascinating illustrations everywhere you look.

Sky Guide Vision Pro app

You can choose from ocean, city, or mountain views as your backdrop and pick your favorite time of day (now, dusk, night) to enjoy the view. Whether you’re a stargazer or not, it’s hard to think of any other Vision Pro app that makes such an impressive use of Apple’s immersive mixed-reality headset.

3. Juno

We all know that Google refused to create a native YouTube app for Vision Pro and also blocked the use of its iPad app for Apple’s AR/VR headsets. Does it mean that we can’t watch YouTube content on Vision Pro? Well, thanks to the Juno app for Vision Pro, that’s not the case. Juno is an unofficial YouTube app for Vision Pro that allows you to browse the popular YouTube video streaming platform on Apple’s Spatial Computer.

Juno for YouTube

With a powerful video player, native controls, and an incredible visual overhaul, streaming videos on Juno feel right at home on visionOS. You can resize this video player for Vision Pro to enjoy a home theatre experience in your living room, dimming your room around the video, and more. Besides, you can quickly increase or decrease speed, toggle captions, and share videos. Putting it simply, Juno is the best YouTube alternative for Vision Pro users.

4. Super Fruit Ninja

The extremely popular and loved Arcade title, Fruit Ninja is one of the best games for Vision Pro that’s available right now. The classic Fruit Ninja gets a “Super” makeover so you can play it in your living room. Apple Vision Pro will take advantage of its magical eye and hand-tracking mechanisms so you can feel the fruit you slice your way through.

Super fruit Ninja

You use your hands to slice the fruit, and even perform special moves like forming hands in a triangle or pushing bombs to a far wall. While people have been playing Fruit Ninja on their smartphones for years now, Apple Vision Pro will take that experience to a whole new immersive level where chopping fruits was never this fun!

5. Encounter Dinosaurs

Encounter Dinosaurs is a jaw-dropping Apple Vision Pro app that makes it possible for users to interact with monstrous, 3D reptiles as if they are bursting right through their physical surroundings. It’s a completely free Vision Pro app designed by Apple where users can come face-to-face with the prehistoric past life where dinosaurs roamed the earth and Mother Nature reigned supreme.

Encounter Dinosaurs Vision Pro app

As soon as you open this app, a butterfly will fly towards your hand and land right on your real-world finger. Then, dinosaurs will enter the scene, sensing you and following you as you move around the room. In short, this free Vision Pro app will transport you to a whole new space where you closely interact with large Dinos.

6. What the Golf?

Golf might not be for everyone, but What the Golf? certainly is. This physics-based arcade title is one of the best fun games for Vision Pro you can try right now. Specially tuned for visionOS, What the Golf? lets you place a full course anywhere in your surroundings. The aim is to get the ball in the hole using a club, your own body, and several other items. 

What The Golf

You can move around the course and spot the right angle for your shot. To shoot, you have to touch the ball in virtual reality and pull it back like a pinball. Unarguably, this game isn’t simple, but with some practice, you will enjoy this Vision Pro game.

7. Djay

If you love music, you need to try this Apple Vision Pro app. Djay is a music-making app for Vision Pro that delivers a full-on DJ simulator experience. The app puts two hyperrealistic 3D turntables right in the center of your space so you can instantly start mixing music. You can control all the buttons and knobs in front of you, and also create super-cool transitions and effects just by waving your hands.

Djay visionOS app

Djay for Apple Vision Pro is designed to allow users to enjoy the experience of creating tracks and performing, no matter if someone hasn’t ever worked decks in his life.  This certified Vision Pro app lets you either use the built-in library or import your favorite tracks from Apple Music. In short, if you want to impress your music-lover friends, Djay is a must-try app for Vision Pro.

8. Complete HeartX

Complete HeartX is a brilliant Apple Vision Pro app that can serve as an innovative tool in the education and health industry. The app puts interactive, photo-realistic 3D renderings of a human heart in a new reality, allowing you to explore the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the heart. For instance, the app shows a 3D rendering of a human heart with blood-pumping animations right in your space so you can learn how they work.

Complete HeartX

The interactive renderings are accompanied by text descriptions that explain everything. Even better, you can also walk around in 3D space for a better understanding. Unarguably, this is a much better and more practical way to learn about the human heart rather than reading a book or watching a video. All in all, Complete HeartX is a useful Vision Pro app for health professionals and medical students.

9. Bezel

Here comes a super-useful app that brings iPhone mirroring to Apple Vision Pro. You can put a virtual copy of your iPhone right into your spatial environment. This cool Vision Pro app lets you place your iPhone anywhere in your environment for an immersive experience and explore apps and websites with ease. You have to download the free Bezel app on your iPhone, and then you’re all set to mirror what’s exactly on the iPhone screen on a massive, life-size canvas.

Bezel app for Vision pro

This visionOS app lets you share a digital copy of your iPhone in a conference call, get a live preview of a website/app, or access iOS-exclusive apps on a big screen. In short, if you often mirror your iPhone to a Mac or an external display, Bezel is a must-have app for your Vision Pro.

10. Disney+

The high-end display with Spatial Audio support is definitely one of the most exciting features of Apple Vision Pro. Right from the start, it was clear that Vision Pro would offer a full-blown IMax-like entertainment experience. Since Apple’s mixed-reality headset is personalized for your face and eyes, the level of immersion is unmatched to anything you might have experienced before. So, watching shows and movies on a life-size canvas would be one of the major selling points of the Vision Pro.

Disney+ for Vision Pro

The good news is that Disney+ has taken full advantage of Apple’s AR/VR headset and made its Disney+ app natively compatible with visionOS. So, you can watch your favorite shows and movies, and completely transform the space around to feel as if you’re in the same room as the characters. In short, if you love watching movies, Disney+ is a must-have Vision Pro app to enjoy awe-inspiring immersive experiences.

So, these are the 10 best Vision Pro apps that should be on your radar. Right from entertainment to educational apps, we’ve covered the top visionOS apps that are worth trying. Have you got your hands on Vision Pro? Which apps have you tried? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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