Vision Pro 2 Put on Hold; Apple to Prioritize Cheaper Headset: Report

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In Short
  • According to a new report by The Information, Apple might have suspended development on the Vision Pro 2.
  • Apple plans to work on a cheaper Vision product with fewer features, which is expected to arrive sometime next year.
  • The idea of Apple Vision Pro 2 is suspended and not called off completely, so Apple might resume the development sometime in the future.

Apple Vision Pro might not be getting an upgrade, at least not the one with similar high-end features and a massive price tag to match. According to The Information, Apple has suspended work on the second-generation Vision Pro. This information comes from supply chain vendors familiar with Vision Pro assembly. Well, it’s the latest sign of the weaker-than-expected demand for Apple’s Spatial Computer half a year after its launch.

Now, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any new Vision Pro releases. The report states that Apple plans to work on a cheaper Vision product with fewer features, which is expected to arrive sometime next year. This would be a cheaper alternative for people who don’t want to spend $3499 on a headset, no matter how feature-rich it is.


Apple was believed to have two products in its Vision Pro line, one with the “Pro” tag and powerful capabilities, supposedly the Vision Pro 2, and a low-cost standard model. While the former seems to be on hold, the latter is still in development. The giant is said to have been deprioritizing the development of the next Vision Pro headset over the past year.

Apple started working on a cheaper mixed-reality headset in 2022 with the codename “N109.” The giant aimed to sell the model for around the same price as a maxed-out flagship iPhone, which costs $1,599. At that time, Apple wanted to release it at the end of 2024, but we’re already in mid-2024, and it does not have a firm prototype.

The prime issue with making the Vision Pro cheaper is Apple isn’t sure which corners to cut without sacrificing too many features. It first considered reducing the cost of the Vision Pro components and developing an upgraded display for the next-gen model. Now, Apple has apparently told at least one of its suppliers that it has suspended work on the Vision Pro 2. The more affordable “Vision” is still under development albeit with fewer features. That said, the final release might still be delayed beyond its revised release date of the end of 2025.

It seems Apple wants to retain the Vision Pro’s flagship display which is one of the most expensive components, in the cheaper model. It’s anticipated that the low-cost variant might feature the same premium displays as the Vision Pro but with a simpler headband, fewer cameras, and smaller speakers. Additionally, Apple wants to make its affordable headset at least one-third lighter than the current Vision Pro.

It’s worth knowing that a supplier making key parts for the Vision Pro cut production by 50% in May because Apple predicted lower-than-expected demand. Apple has made no more than 500,000 Vision Pro units this year and doesn’t plan to make more until after August.

Apple Vision Pro is a marvel of technology that brings together some bind-blowing features we haven’t seen before. However, it also costs a fortune. Priced at $3499, Vision Pro is certainly beyond the reach of most people. Given the weak adoption, Vision Pro is now considered a rare flop in Apple’s roaster. With an affordable version, Apple plans to turn around things and win in its Vision Pro-line.

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