How to Breed Anubis in Palworld

In Short
  • To breed an Anubis, you need to have a combination of a suitable male and female Pal in your team.
  • Once you have the two Pals, cook a cake in the cooking pot and assign it to the breeding farm along with the pals.
  • The pal combination will then drop an egg, which you can take to the egg incubator and hatch to get an Anubis.

In our previous guide, we took a look at the steps to catch Anubis, who is not only hard to find but is one of the most powerful pals in Palworld. So, it’s natural that you are searching for alternate ways to acquire and add Anubis to your team of pals. Well, the good thing is that you are not restricted to the one Anubis that spawns in Palworld. You can use the breeding system in-game to get your own Anubis easily. So, let’s not waste time and unleash this pal’s power by learning how to breed Anubis in Palworld.

First, Set up a Breeding Farm to Get Anubis

Breeding Farm to Breed Anubis in Palworld

To breed an Anubis, you will first need to know the fundamentals of breeding Pals in Palworld. For starters, you can only start breeding pals after you reach level 19. At this point, the section of the technology tree that lets you unlock the breeding farm opens up. When it does, you have to unlock the Breeding Farm with 2 Technology Points.

This structure allows you to assign two compatible Pals, who can, you know, do (secret) Pal stuff and make a brand-new Pal. One of the Pals has to be male and the other female for the breeding system in Palworld to work. To create a breeding farm, you need these materials below:

  • 100 wood
  • 20 stone
  • 50 fiber

You will also need an egg incubator to incubate the egg. To create an egg incubator, you first need to defeat the first “Rayne Syndicate” boss to obtain ancient civilization parts. Then, you can unlock the technology once you reach level 7, and gather the following items:

  • 2 Ancient civilization parts
  • 30 stones
  • 5 cloth

Once you’ve obtained the materials for both builds, you can build both items, preferably, in an open space as the Pal pathfinding starts getting wonky in tighter spaces.

How to Breed and Get an Anubis in Palworld

Now that you’ve built yourself a breeding farm, it is time to breed an Anubis. In Palworld, you have multiple pal combinations for getting Anubis. The breeding guide by Kimpton includes various breeding combinations. The rule of thumb for getting Anubis is to breed a standard Pal with a high-level Pal. As such, try capturing the following Pals as these are easier to find and tame:

  • Rushoar (130, -167) and Blazemut (-468, -361)
  • Mozzarina (-62, 421) and Beakon (654, 819)
  • Celaray (225, -369) and Relaxaurus (-228, -368)
  • Mossanda (282, 19) and Katress (232, -331)
  • Caprity (64, -394) and Beakon (654, 819)
  • Eikthyrdeer (-141, 40) and Beakon (654, 819)
  • Lovander (-131, 90) and Beakon (654, 819)
  • Penking (116, -355) and Bushi (-499, -744)
  • Ragnahawk (-513, -681) and Tombat (21, -375)

Once you have any of these pal combinations in your possession, follow the steps below:

  • Head to your base and cook a cake. You will need five flour, eight red berries, seven milk, eight eggs, and two honey.

You can get flour by processing wheat. You can get eggs from Chikipis and milk from the Mozzarina. Finally, Cinnamoth, Beegardes, and Elizabee can give you honey. Additionally, you can make cake in a Cooking Pot.

Bushi cooking a cake in Palworld
  • Once you have cake, assign two of the Pals mentioned in the list above to the breeding farm. It has to be a male and a female Pal. Go through our guide to learn how to assign jobs to pals.
Penking and Bushi assigned to the breeding farm to breed Anubis in Palworld
  • Then, place some cake in the breeding farm. This is essential, as your pals won’t breed if you don’t place cake here. However, you only need one egg to start breeding.
Put the cake in the breeding farm to start the process
Here, you put the cake in the breeding farm box.
  • Leave the Pals alone for a while. Later, you will see that they’ve dropped an egg. Take this egg to the egg incubator and let it incubate. It can take some time (up to 1 hour) for it to hatch.

If everything goes according to plan, you should have an Anubis on your team. If you have captured the Anubis field boss, making future Anubis becomes easier as two Anubis at the breeding farm will always drop an Anubis egg.

We hope this helps you make an Anubis army and annihilate all the obstructions in your path. Let us know your Anubis breeding experiences in the comments below. Do you know another Anubis breeding combination we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments.

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