You Can Already Play Palworld in VR, and It Is Amazing!

In Short
  • Palworld has crossed 8 million downloads on Steam within a week, and fans are already making many different mods.
  • One of the mods for Palworld allows you to play the game in VR mode (in first-person view, of course).
  • You can install the UEVR injector tool and download a Palworld VR profile to run the game in VR mode.

With a surge of over 8 million copies sold on Steam, Palworld has already found a place in the most popular games list. However, one thing players have been excited about is the future of mods for the game. And while the likes of the Pokemon mod were interesting, the VR mod for Palworld takes it to a whole new level.

This interesting mod comes from YouTuber @Paradise Decay, who showcases what Palworld will look like in VR. To use the VR mode in Palworld, you have to use the UEVR injector tool, which will help you inject the VR mode into the game.

Originally tested on the Meta Quest 3, the VR mode’s performance looks flawless. The VR mod will also allow you to play Palworld in first-person mode, as per the video below.

You can use any controller to control the game. This means you can either use the PS5 DualSense or the Xbox controller. Another great feature of this VR mod is that you can map controls on your VR controller itself. While we haven’t tried it out ourselves, Palworld in VR looks amazing. I love how when the creator turns his head, the game almost fully adjusts it to the view.

How to Set Up Palworld in VR

You can easily set up the VR mod to enjoy Palworld closer than ever. Before you learn how to set it up, ensure you have .NET 6.0 runtime installed on your PC. Also, download the UEVR Profile for Palworld here (Win64 for Steam and WinGDK for Game Pass). Follow the steps below to learn how to play Palworld in VR mode:

  • First, download the UEVR mod and extract it to a dedicated “UEVR” folder.
  • Once done, launch the UEVRInjector.exe as administrator from the “UEVR” folder.
  • Now, Connect your VR headset to your PC and launch Palworld.
  • From the process list, Select Palworld and select OpenXR runtime.
  • On the UEVR app, select “Import Config” and select the .zip file for Palworld, then press Inject.

The creator of the UEVR mod says that UEVR comes with many features that emulate a “semi-native VR experience.” While the UEVR mod can help you get a lot of other games in VR easily, it is amazing to witness Palworld coming to VR within a week of its existence.

Luckily, Palworld developer Pocketpair appreciates the modding culture and has not said anything regarding this matter. This means if you have a strong enough PC, then you should experience this Pokemon with Guns experience in VR. However, we’re not sure of the longevity of the game as The Pokemon Company is investigating possible infringement issues in Palworld.

While you are trying to set up the mod, tell us your opinions on this. Are you excited about the VR version of Palworld? Let us know in the comments below!

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