10 Best Instagram Reels Video Editors for Android and iOS (Free and Paid)

After TikTok got banned in India and the company went through some legal hurdles in the US, people flocked to Instagram Reels en masse. Now Instagram has more than 100 million daily active users, and users are spending more and more time scrolling through Reels. So if you are one of the budding Reels creators, we have compiled a list of the best Instagram Reels video editors for Android and iPhone. We have included Instagram Reels video editors that don’t leave a watermark and are mostly free. So on that note, let’s go through the list and check out the best video editor for Instagram Reels in 2023.

Instagram Reels Video Editors for Android & iOS in 2023 (Free and Paid)

Here, you can find the best Reels editing apps for both Android and iOS. In case you are looking for the best Instagram video editors for Stories and posts, then go through our linked article. In this article, you can expand the table below and jump straight to a Reels video editor of your choice.

1. VN Video Editor: Best Reels Video Editor App

VN Video Editor is hands-down one of the best Instagram Reels video editors on Android and iOS. It is much more advanced than InShot and offers all its features for free. Yes, you guessed it right. This Reels video editor app does not put a watermark as well. What’s more, there are no video or banner ads while editing or exporting the video. It’s like the cherry on top of the cake and some more by the sides.

Instagram Reels Video Editor for Android and iPhone (Free and Paid)

Other than that, VN Video Editor offers Reels-specific tools such as portrait video editing, multiple aspect ratios to select from, background selection, multi-frame video making, and much more. What I like is that it has advanced editing tools like multi-track editing, curve shifting, FX for video effects, BG for background enhancement, freeze, filters, etc.

Not to mention, you have all the standard video editing tools such as trim, split, speed, etc. Those who want a music library of various sound effects would love VN Video Editor because it features a large collection of sounds. Simply put, VN Video Editor is a perfect video editor for Instagram Reels without a watermark, and you must give it a shot.

Download VN Editor for Android and iOS (Free)

2. InShot

InShot is among the most popular Reels video editors for Android and iPhone. It offers several aspect ratios to fit the whole screen in portrait orientation. It even supports custom aspect ratios, and you can easily create vertical Reels videos based on your screen size. Other than that, you can add text like the native Instagram Reels video editor, change fonts, add a color effect, import music locally or from iTunes, and more.

Instagram Reels Video Editor for Android and iPhone (Free and Paid)

Additionally, you also have a long list of video-editing features, including trimming, splitting, cropping, zooming, flipping videos, creating slow-mo videos or time-lapses. That’s not all, though. The app even lets you add animated stickers and emojis, memes, and custom images. All in all, InShot is a great Instagram Reels video editor for Android and iPhone, and you should give it a shot.

Bear in mind, after a few initial videos, InShot starts putting a watermark on videos. If you want to remove the watermark, you will need to get the paid version of the app. Otherwise, you can also opt for other free apps mentioned on this list below.

Download InShot for Android and iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

3. Clips by Apple

If you are an iOS user, then Clips is perhaps the only tool you will need to create unique Instagram Reels videos. Apple has improved the app by leaps and bounds, and it now lets you add Animojis to your videos, Memojis, and several animated characters. There is also support for texts, fonts, stickers, filters, etc. So yeah, it’s a good replacement for the native Reels editor on Instagram.

3. Clips by Apple

Other than that, what is unique about Clips is that it allows you to add captions to your videos in real-time. As you speak, Clips can show the caption in different positions and styles, making your video stand out from the rest of the crowd. So if you want to make fun and short videos on your iPhone, Clips is a suitable video editing app for you.

Download Clips for iOS (Free)

4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another excellent video editor for creating Instagram Reels videos on Android and iOS. Like other video editors, it supports various aspect ratios in portrait orientation and has some cool editing features for Reels creators. It includes some great video effects that I have not found on other apps, the text tool is pretty good, and I like the filters as well.

Instagram Reels Video Editor for Android and iPhone (Free and Paid)

Also, from video trimming to voice-over and from cropping to overlays, FilmoraGo has almost every feature you would want in a professional video editor. It means you can make your Instagram Reels videos look more professional. With that said, keep in mind, FilmoraGo has a slightly steep learning curve. You need to spend time on the app before you can jump in and create Reels videos.

Download FilmoreaGo for Android and iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

5. Funimate

Funimate is essentially made for creating videos for Instagram Reels, Shorts, and other short video apps like Tiktok. It has a vast collection of effects and filters that you won’t find on Instagram Reels. You can crop your videos to remove unwanted parts, add still images, audio tracks, apply cool transitions and do much more.

Instagram Reels Video Editor for Android and iPhone (Free and Paid)

Keep in mind, besides the video-editing tools, Funimate also runs a social media platform where you can share your Funimate videos and join a million-plus community. Nevertheless, if you love creating short and fun videos with custom animations and text effects, Funimate could be the perfect pick for you.

Download Funimate for Android and iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

6. YouCut

If you are looking for a free Instagram Reels video editor that does not add a watermark, YouCut is the app for you. It’s available on Android as well as iOS and brings a long list of features like InShot. Further, the app does not show ads which is a bonus.

Video Editor for Android and iPhone (Free and Paid)

As for the features and functionality, the app has all the standard and advanced video editing features you desire. You can choose your specific aspect ratio, change the background of videos, adjust colors, trim clips, crop, and join multiple videos. The text tool works quite well, and you have got support for many fonts and text effects as well.

Not to mention, there is a massive library of royalty-free music within the app, so that’s awesome. Overall, YouCut is an excellent Instagram Reels editor for Android and iOS that adds no watermark to edited videos.

Download YouCut for Android and iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

7. iMovie

iMovie is a professional-grade video editor for iOS and macOS. If you are looking for advanced video-editing tools on your iPhone, iMovie might be what you need. Are you wondering whether you can edit vertical Instagram Reels videos on iMovie? The good news is that you can do so after a recent update.

imovie - best free instagram reels video editor on iOS

All you need to do is add a vertical video to the timeline and then zoom out the clip before you start editing. Now, you can go ahead and apply powerful editing tools with iMovie. The UI is highly intuitive, as you have come to expect from apps developed by Apple. You can add videos and images, crop and trim them, add new transitions, apply sound effects from its library, and much more.

There is also support for filters, themes, text overlays, and video effects. To sum up, if you are an iPhone user, iMovie is an amazing tool to create Instagram Reels videos.

Download iMovie for iOS (Free)

8. GoPro Quik

In case you are unaware, Quik has been developed by the popular action-camera company GoPro. It supports vertical video editing and offers a bunch of professional and social-media ready presets for your videos. You can tweak the video effects, change the background music, add text, customize the palette, highlight a portion of the video, trim clips, and more.


So yeah, you have all the standard video editing tools at your disposal. Having said all of that, the best part about Quik is that it brings a ton of video and transition effects that can take your videos to just another level. Not to mention, it leaves no watermark on the exported videos. To sum up, if you are looking for a free Instagram Reels video editor for iOS and Android, Quik is a worthy choice.

Install Quik for Android and iOS (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

9. Splice

Splice is a popular name when it comes to Instagram reel editing apps. It brings an intuitive user interface with a powerful set of features for video editing. Splice is one of the better-looking editors on this list. All the features and tools are well labeled and you get features like real-time captions, overlays, and animated photos in addition to standard video editing features like crop, trim, speed adjustment, exposure, contrast, filters, and split. The video editing also offers more than 6,000 royalty-free audios from Artlist and Shutterstock libraries. Alternatively, you can also add custom music from iTunes or from the Files app on your iPhone/Android device.

Splice reel editing app

You can export videos at 4K quality but it requires a Pro subscription and you can share the edited videos directly to social media platforms. For social media influencers, the app comes with presets for TikTok, Instagram reels, Instagram stories, Instagram posts, and YouTube Shorts. In the free version, videos are exported with a watermark but you can remove the watermark by purchasing Splice Pro which costs $4.99/week or $9.99/month.

Install Splice for Android and iOS (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

10. Unfold: Reels & Story Editor

This app is a game changer for Instagram reel creators. Tailored especially for social media enthusiasts, Unfold is a fantastic video reel editing app with professional-grade tools. The app offers reel templates and you can also get trending templates like year rewind, countdown, memories, and more. As you explore the app, you will find it tailor-made for creators with features like collage, font & text editor, filters & effects, and background and stickers.

Unfold reel editing app

But what makes Unfold one of the best apps on this list is the feed planner feature. With it, you can connect your Instagram account to the app and upload the reel to make sure that it matches your feed’s aesthetic before you post it. You can also schedule posts and prepare a calendar for planning posts in advance.

Install Unfold for Android and iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

Pick a Video Editor and Create Instagram Reels on Your Smartphone

So these are some of the best Instagram Reels editors for Android and iOS in 2023. We have put together a list of both free and paid apps, some are iOS-only but most of them are available on both platforms. We have also mentioned a few video editors that don’t put a watermark on videos for free. So go ahead and pick one of these apps to get started with Reels video creation. You can also learn how to use Instagram Reels and Remix Reels via our linked in-depth guides. Anyway, that is all from us. If we have missed out on any other amazing video editing apps, then comment down below and let us know.

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