10 Best Google Trips Alternatives You Can Use

Google finally killed Google Trips and its users are wallowing in disappointment. It was one of the many Google services that had amassed its niche audience, but Google couldn’t careless. However, if you were one of those loyal Google Trips users, this is no time to lose hope. In this article, we have brought some great Google Trips alternatives which have all the Trips features. From organizing your flight information to finding new attractions, the apps cover everything and without any issues. So with that said, let us go through the list and find a Google Trips replacement app for you.

List of Google Trips Alternatives in 2020

Here, we have included a total of 10 apps which have features and functionality very similar to Google Trips. Some of the apps offer both itinerary management and destination discovery while some offer either of them. So depending on your preference, choose whichever one that fits your bill. Now without any delay, let’s begin the list.

1. TripIt

TripIt is a complete travel app with almost all the Google Trips features you need for planning and organizing your travel. To start with, you can share your hotel bookings, flight details, car bookings with TripIt and it will create a master itinerary putting all the information at one place. If you need any information about your travel, just check the master itinerary and you are good to go.

Besides that, just like Google Trips, it works offline and that’s amazing. You can check your flight confirmation number, PNR, boarding time, terminal and check-in gate without requiring active internet.


Apart from that, you can find things to do at the destination, personalized recommendations for restaurants, local attractions and a lot more. There is also an option to find local transportation where you can buy passes and bus tickets seamlessly within the app. All things said, there are a few features which are unique to TripIt like navigation inside the airport using an interactive map and itinerary sharing with your family members.

Both these features are quite helpful and always puts you ahead of the curve. To sum up, TripIt is not only a great Google Trips alternative but a better one at that. You must use its service for stress-free travel planning.


  • Automatic itinerary management like Google Trips
  • Find flight details, airport terminal, and gate information
  • Discover places of attraction, restaurants, cafes, and more
  • Interactive Map
  • Works Offline
  • Share trips with family and friends


  • A bit expensive

Install: TripIt (Android / iOS, Free, Pro version starts at $49/year)

2. Google Travel, Maps, and Search

While Google Trips was undoubtedly a great standalone app for travel planning, currently the popular Google Trips features are fragmented into various Google apps. For example, you can find things to do and local attractions from google.com/travel web page. Besides that, you can also search for flights, hotels and track flight fare for specific dates. Under the Explore tab, you can find shopping places, landmarks, weather information, travel tips and a lot more.

Google Search

Google Trips’ strong suit was its ability to bring all the information in one place. Since now it’s gone, you can find your hotel and flight booking in Google Maps and Google Search. Open the Google Maps app and navigate to the menu and then switch to Your Places. Under the Reservations tab, you will find all your bookings. You can also find top attractions, restaurants, museums, etc under the Explore tab.

Google Maps

Alternatively, you can type “my trips” and “flight live status” in Google search and it will pull up all your bookings and flight details. You can also find attractions and local hotspots by searching “things to do” on Google. As we can see, almost all the features of Google Trips are still present, but those are spread across various apps. Google has promised that it’s going to bring all the Trips features to Maps in the future. Until that happens, you can use various Google apps to organize your travels.


  • Automatic itinerary management in Google Maps
  • Find flight details, airport terminal and gate information from Google Search
  • Discover places of attraction, restaurants, cafes, and more with Google Maps
  • Interactive Map
  • Works Offline with Google Maps


  • Fragmented experience

Install: Google Maps (Android / iOS), Google (Android, iOS) – Free

3. Guides by Lonely Planet

Guides by Lonely Planet is one of the best Google Trips alternatives in terms of destination information. Lonely Planet is known for its huge glossary of local information around the world so you will have well-grounded information about any destination. At the outset, it’s not a complete Google Trips alternative as it does not deal with itinerary management like flight booking, reminders, etc.

However, you can find many helpful details about the destination and its hotspots from Lonely Planet’s vast database of information. It has curated lists of places by travel editors for almost all the top cities worldwide. Besides that, you can easily find restaurants, things to do, various experiences like food walk, city tour within the app.

Lonely Planet Guides

One interesting feature that makes it distinct from Google Trips is audio phrasebook. This audio phrasebook is a collection of common local phrases which can help you talk to the locals easily. It’s available in 19 languages which include Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and more. And the best part is that the app works completely offline.

All things considered, Lonely Planet is a much older company with thousands of trivia and interesting anecdotes about various destinations. While Google went hyper-local in the past few years, it’s not as well researched as Lonely Planet’s Guide. So if you are looking for a Google Trips alternative which can provide you authentic information about your destination, coupled with an audio phrasebook, Guides by Lonely Plant can be a great help to you.


  • Discover places of attraction, restaurants, cafes, and more from Lonely Planet’s curated list
  • Audio Phrasebook
  • Currency Converter
  • Interactive Map
  • Works Offline


  • No itinerary management hence no flight details

Install: Guides by Lonely Planet (Android / iOS, Free with in-app purchases)

4. TripCase

If you are looking for a Google Trips replacement which can manage your itinerary and nothing else then TripCase is the best pick for you. Similar to Google Trips, you can share your flight, hotel, and car reservations with TripCase and it creates a timeline of all your events.

Within the app, you have access to all your flight details, airport terminal and gate information. In case, there are any changes in the last minute, the app even alerts you with new information. The best part is that unlike Google Trips, you can share your itinerary with your family, friends or colleagues.


As I said above, TripCase only handles your itinerary and does not provide any recommendation for popular tourist locations, restaurants, landmarks, etc. So, if you are a business traveler or frequent flier, TripCase can significantly help you in bringing all your travel information in one place. If the app meets your expectations, you can very well go with TripCase.


  • Automatic itinerary management like Google Trips
  • Find flight details, airport terminal, and gate information
  • Share itinerary with family and friends
  • Best for business travelers


  • Does not work offline
  • Does not provide recommendation for touristy spots

Install: TripCase (Android / iOS, Free with in-app purchases)

5. Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel is an all-new way to create travel itineraries using maps and various tools. While Google Trips was a complete app which had both itinerary organization and travel recommendations, Sygic only deals with the latter. With Sygic Travel, you can build your detailed itinerary including sights, top eateries, parks, cafes, caves, and more.

The app lets you search for places and then you can find estimated walking time, reviews, distance, etc. Further, you can add these places to your itinerary and invite your friends to collaborate as well.

sygic travel

The best part is that Sygic Travel has thousands of 360° videos for popular places from around the world. It will help you choose the top attraction that you want to visit without wasting any time. You can also book sightseeing tours, cruises, and hotels within the app.

Having said all of that, Sygic Travel works completely offline just like the Google Maps Offline feature. All you have to do is choose the destination and download the city profile beforehand. To conclude, Sygic Travel is one of the best Google Trips alternatives if you want to plan and build your travel itinerary seamlessly.


  • Build a detailed itinerary
  • Discover places of attraction, restaurants, cafes, and more using the interactive map
  • 360° videos for popular places
  • Works Offline


  • No itinerary management hence no flight details

Install: Sygic Travel (Android / iOS, Free, In-app purchases)

6. TripAdvisor

In the age of automated trip planning, TripAdvisor is still the old school choice for many travelers and rightly so. It has the largest community of travelers who help out fellow members on its dedicated forum to design their itinerary. Besides the forum, TripAdvisor now lets you plan your trip with on-app flight and hotel booking.

It does not have any fancy features like master itinerary, flight information, and reminders that you would find in Google Trips but TripAdvisor does what it does best: brings tons of local and reliable information at your fingertips. You just have to choose your destination and you will find all the best attractions, popular things to do, local cuisine and more.


TripAdvisor has also something unique to offer: you can get recommendations for obscure places from the forum. Away from the hustle-bustle of tourists, you can find off-beat places which are unique and serene. So to sum up, among the best Google Trips alternatives, TripAdvisor is unique for its huge community of travelers. If you want to find authentic information about your travel destination, you must have TripAdvisor by your side.


  • Discover places of attraction, restaurants, cafes, and more from its community-driven forum
  • Find obscure places from its forum


  • No itinerary management hence no flight details
  • Does not work offline

Install: TripAdvisor (Android / iOS, Free)

7. Kayak

Kayak is popular for its fare aggregation service, but it also provides an option to organize your trips. You can share your hotel and flight bookings with Kayak and just like Google Trips and it puts together all the information at one place. You can find hotel receipts, boarding pass and all the airport information inside the app. In case there have been any changes, it provides estimated check-in and boarding time based on past trends.


Further, it has customized maps which can help you navigate inside the airport without any issue. Kayak also lets you share your itinerary with your family and friends. Above all, it works offline too so you don’t have to worry about that. To sum up, if you want a simple Google Trips alternative which can organize your travel information, Kayak can be a good choice.


  • Automatic itinerary management like Google Trips
  • Find flight details, airport terminal, and gate information
  • Share itinerary with family and friends
  • Works offline


  • Does not provide recommendation for touristy spots

Install: Kayak (Android / iOS, Free)

8. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is not for every traveler, but if you are going on a road trip then it’s simply indispensable. Roadtrippers lets you plan your road trip in an interactive map where you can choose your destination and book hotels, restaurants, points of interest, etc along the way. It’s not necessarily a Google Trip alternative as it does not organize your itinerary, but provides great recommendations while you are on a road trip.


The best part is that everything happens on the map so you can visualize your itinerary, check reviews of places, book them and be done with the planning all at once. To conclude, if you are going on a road trip, Roadtrippers can significantly help you create a detailed itinerary.


  • Best for road travelers and bikers
  • Plan your itinerary on the interactive map
  • Discover places of attraction, restaurants, cafes, and more along the way
  • Share itinerary with family and friends
  • Works offline


  • Only for road travelers

Install: Roadtrippers (Android / iOS, Free, In-app purchases)

9. PackPoint

One of the biggest problems that I encounter when planning a trip is that I forget to pack everything. That’s where PackPoint comes in to save my day. It’s a free packing list organizer and planner for people who love to travel. With PackPoint, you will never forget to pack your things again.

9. PackPoint

The app is pretty simple. All you do is select the destination and travel date, along with the activities that you are planning to take part in on your trip. It will automatically create a packing list with the due date for you. You can go inside the packing list and delete or add items as per your requirement.

9. PackPoint 2

The automatic addition of items based on activities is a great way to get started on your packing list. If you buy the premium version, you can connect the app with your Tripit account to further streamline your plan.

While PackPoint cannot replace Google Trips, it is a great app to use with other travel planners to ensure that you don’t forget anything.


  • Free to use
  • Helps you pack all the essentials
  • Easy to use


  • Only helps you with packing list items and doesn’t offer any extra features

Install: Free (Android/iOS, Free, in-app purchases)

10. SaveTrip

The final Google Trips alternative on this list is the “SaveTrip” app. It is an excellent app for frugal travelers. The app lets you visualize your itineraries as a timeline, so you always know what’s coming next. You can also add notes (both text and images) to your list to keep track of important information.


The best part of SaveTrip is that it helps you plan your budget for the trip. It allows you to track your expenses and automatically converts them in your home currency so you know how much money you are spending. You can also export your travel expenses in CSV format that can help you during accounting.

Overall, it’s a great app to help you plan the budget for your trips, so you don’t end up spending more. If you are going on a trip, definitely use this app to plan the budget.


  • Helps you plan your budget
  • Supports all currencies and automatically converts expenses in your home currency
  • Shows a timeline view of trip
  • Export expenses in CVS format for better accounting


  • Not available on iOS
  • UI could be better

Install: SaveTrip (Android, Free, in-app purchases)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is replacing Google Trips?

Google has not announced any official replacement for Google trips, but you can consider Google Travel as the native replacement for Google Trips.

Q. Why is Google Trips going away?

Google never gives any explanation for the demise of its apps. All I can say is that Google is a big company that is testing hundreds of products at any given time and kills the ones that don’t become successful. You can click here to view all the apps killed by Google.

Q. Is Google Trips still available?

No, Google Trips is no longer available.

Q. What is the best trip planner website?

It’s hard to crown a website as the best trip planner website as everybody has different needs and preferences. But overall, I would say that Tripit will best serve most users.

Plan Your Trip With The Best Google Trips Alternative

Google Trips was an excellent tool to gather all the travel information and discover destinations without jumping from one app to another. But as it’s with Google, good products must die. Anyways, we have mentioned some great Google Trips alternatives which would surely be helpful to you. Some apps offer both itinerary management and destination discovery while some offer either of them. You can go ahead and pick whichever one that suits your need. So that is all from us. If you liked the article, do comment down below and let us know.

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