10 Best Fact-checking Websites on The Internet

10 Best Fact-checking Websites on The Internet

Fake news and misinformation on social media platforms are wreaking havoc to society and democracy all around the world. While apps like WhatsApp are slowly realizing how their platform is being used for spreading misinformation, it’s now more important than ever for us to acknowledge the problem of fake news that runs deep in our society. In such a scenario, one must remain vigilant and counter misleading users with facts and proper sources. So in this article, we bring you the 10 best fact-checking websites which will help you find proper information with authentic sources. Some of the websites have debunked urban legends and myths from all over the world. However, most of the websites below cater to the US, UK, Europe and of course, India. Now with all that said, let’s go ahead and find the best website to bust fake news in your region.

Best Fact-checking Websites on The Internet in 2020

Many readers think that fact-checking websites are biased. Well, a fact by the nature of its being, is unbiased. That being said, the opinion expressed with those facts might be a little biased, as no-one can remove their biases completely. It is up to us, the readers, to take the facts and form our own opinions. All the websites mentioned below provide you with unbiased facts and fact checking tools. If you find something that doesn’t sit well with you, it might be that you have a difference of opinions. Remove the opinion from the piece and focus only on facts.

1. Snopes

Over the years, Snopes has been the go-to place for fact-checking myths and rumors and now, it has become an authoritative reference for debunking half-truths and outrageous claims. If you are unaware, Snopes is one of the oldest fact-checking websites on the internet and it was started by David and Barbara Mikkelson in 1994. Apart from its huge repository of debunked stories, Snopes still tackles fake news and misinformation in a smart way. As fake information is getting more sophisticated in its language and tone, users are easily falling for it. So to counter the misinformation, Snopes offers detailed explanations from genuine sources (like WHO, CDC) and sets the facts straight.

1. Snopes Best Fact-checking Websites

Recently, it has started giving a rating against hoaxes which ranges from False, Mostly False, Mixture to Unproven, Scam, Satire, Legend and more. Apart from this, Snopes also features in-depth explanations from experts to puncture all kinds of claims, especially now when there is so much fake news out there about Coronavirus. I would say, if you get a piece of new information, make sure to check it on Snopes to ascertain the veracity of the claim. This way, you will always be on the right side of the news.

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2. PolitiFact

While Snopes deals with almost everything including politics, history, science, and technology, PolitiFact is all about fact-checking political claims. In fact, PolitiFact is one of the largest political fact-checking newsrooms in the US and for its impressive work in 2008, the website was awarded Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. During the 2008 presidential election, PolitiFact debunked more than 750 stories about misdirected political claims and brought the truth to the citizens by separating rhetorics from facts. It’s run by the prestigious Poynter Institute (founder of International Fact-Checking Network) and reporters from the independent Tampa Bay Times.

2. PolitiFact

From speeches to Facebook posts, PolitiFact exposes all types of misinformation with great detail and nuanced reporting. PolitiFact also runs a Truth-O-Meter where it gives a rating against a claim from True, Half True to False and Pants on Fire. Again, similar to Snopes, PolitiFact uses a similar methodology for fact-checking political claims. However, it provides a long list of sources at the end of the article to verify the claim by yourself. I would say, if you are in the US, PolitiFact is easily one of the best fact-checking websites on politics and you should verify information of PolitifFact before forwarding any message.

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3. FactCheck.Org

FactCheck.org is one of the most popular fact-checking websites on the internet and it has garnered several Webby awards for its investigative body of work over the years. Similar to PolitiFact, Factcheck.org primarily deals with political claims and rhetorics. However, the website also tries to bring accountability to public officials by exposing deception and their lies. It’s an attempt to bring more factual accuracy to the public discourse which is not just limited to politics, but also extends to TV ads, speeches, interviews, and news releases.

3. FactCheck.Org Best Fact-checking Websites

Basically, the website tries to debunk every information made by public representatives so that the citizens can remain vigilant and not fall for any deceptive tactics. As for funding, FactCheck.org is run by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania and is primarily funded by the nonprofit organization, the Annenberg Foundation. Currently, the website is running a live Coronavirus debunking section where it separates the wheat from the chaff and informs netizens with correct information from the CDC and WHO. Simply put, FactCheck.org is among the best fact-checking websites on the internet and you should keep a tab on the website for authentic information.

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4. ProPublica

ProPublica is an independent online newsroom that thrives on investigative journalism. It’s not a mere fact-checking website, but a portal where you can dive deep and find the hidden truth. For its far-reaching work in the public interest, ProPublica has been awarded several Pulitzer Prizes for public service, explanatory reporting, national reporting, and investigative journalism. As for the coverage, it goes beyond politics and looks into healthcare, education, finances, criminal justice and more. The website is funded by the Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, and other few philanthropic institutes.

4. ProPublica Best Fact-checking Websites

ProPublica heavily relies on local information so it has created one of the largest local reporting networks. As a result, ProPublica is able to bust the information from all parts of the country in a timely and effective manner. Right now, ProPublica is bringing light to healthcare information amid the Coronavirus outbreak in the US. To put it straight, if you have a penchant for investigative stories that go beyond the usual trope then ProPublica is the best place to find genuine information.

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5. OpenSecrets

OpenSecrets is yet another fact-checking website that operates in the realm of politics. Not just political speeches and claims, but OpenSecrets goes neck deep and finds the effects of money lobbying into electoral politics. It tracks how a politician is being funded and who are the firms that are funneling money into politics. It was started by the Center for Responsive Politics (CSR) way back in 1983. And as a result of the long operation, OpenSecrets has now one of the largest public databases of donors and political beneficiaries.

5. OpenSecrets

Mainstream media houses regularly cite OpenSecrets as their reliable source including the New York Times, Reuters, CNN and more. And now that the Presidential Election is right around the corner, OpenSecrets is publishing reports on PACs and exposing the underbelly of dark money. If you are from the US, I would recommend you to explore OpenSecrets for understanding the effect of lobbying in US politics.

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6. Washington Post Fact Checker

Washington Post is one of the few mainstream media houses that run a fact-checking column under its diplomatic correspondent, Glenn Kessler. It does not fact-check every claim on politics and economy, instead the website offers critical analysis to what politicians have said this week. It tries to underline facts and context against a seemingly factful narrative. As I said above, currently, fake news is not just about wrong information, but also about setting the narrative on false contexts.

6. Washington Post Fact Checker Best Fact-checking Websites

In such cases, it gets harder to distill truth from an already-viral narrative. And that’s where Washington Post Fact Checker fills the shoe. The columns provide well-sourced articles to make a point and explain the issue in great detail. It cites reports from well-established newspapers and journals to make the citizens aware of the missing context. So, if you want to understand the current US discourse then you must visit the WaPo Fact Checker.

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7. Full Fact

Full Fact is an indispensable fact-checking website if you hail from the UK and Europe. It’s a one-stop online portal where you can find information on a wide variety of topics. Recently, a hoax about 5G made it to the viral club which claimed that exposure to 5G signals can increase the impact of Coronavirus. Full Fact was quick to debunk the claim with well-resourced articles and by citing research papers by academics and professionals. So, no matter if it’s a post about technology, medicine or some supernatural power, Full Fact sets the facts straight in a timely manner.

7. Full Fact

It’s a team of independent fact-checkers and campaigners who find a multitude of viral posts from social media and expose them to counter misleading people on the internet. Full Fact runs a “Viral Posts on Facebook” page where it lists out all the outrageous claims and debunks them with detailed explanation and authentic sources. Apart from that, currently, the website is busting many myths around Coronavirus. So, if you are from the UK or Europe, do verify information on Full Fact before sharing them with other users.

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8. Alt News

The problem of fake news is not just limited to the US, but it’s also affecting the whole world including India. And to fight this menace in India, Alt News is busting fake claims and political misinformation with technological help and on-ground reports. Alt News is also one of the few fact-checking websites in India which is certified by IFCN (International Fact-Checking Network). It’s run by Pravda Media Foundation and offers its fact-checking service in both English and Hindi. As for funding, Alt News primarily relies on user donations and other independent media trusts. The website is also in partnership with WhatsApp for busting fake news on its chat platform. Apart from that, Alt News regularly debunks claims made on social media platforms covering science, education, and society at large.

8. Alt News Best Fact-checking Websites

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9. BOOM FactCheck

Boom is another fact-checking website in India that is considered quite reputable when it comes to exposing fake news on digital platforms. Similar to Alt News, Boom is also a signatory of the IFCN Code of Principles and sticks to a high standard of fact-checking methodology. The website is run by Data journalist, Govindraj Ethiraj who earlier worked at Bloomberg. And like other fact-checking websites, Boom also relies on ads and user donations. Apart from this, Boom has a tie-up with WhatsApp to fight the war of misinformation. Boom offers its service in three languages i.e. English, Hindi, and Bengali. Further, it covers the current news cycle, political rhetorics, viral claims made on social media, urban legends, myths, and rumors. So if you receive any new information that sounds too good to be true then verify it on Boom FactCheck first before sharing it with other users.

9. BOOM FactCheck

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10. SM Hoax Slayer

As the name suggests, SM Hoax Slayer is all about busting fake information on social media platforms. Be it a WhatsApp forward or a Facebook post, SM Hoax Slayer is quick to debunk the claim and update the users through its social media channels. According to the founder, the project started as a place to puncture harmless lies, pranks, and rumors, but soon it developed into a full-fledged fact-checking website. Many mainstream newspapers and media houses including Aaj Tak and Navbharat Times cite SM Hoax Slayer as a reliable source for busting fake news. Coming to funding, SM Hoax Slayer is mostly run by volunteers and funded by user donations and ads. So the next time you encounter any outrageous information on social media platforms, make sure to confirm it on SM Hoax Slayer first.

10. SM Hoax Slayer Best Fact-checking Websites

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Bonus: Use Fact-Checker Bot by IFCN on WhatsApp

To fight this pandemic of fake news, many international institutions are trying to make it easier for institutions to verify fake news. The latest effort in this regard is the addition of a fact-checker bot in collaboration with Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checkers Network (IFCN). The chatbot not only lets you check facts but also lets you get connected with fact-checkers in your region so you can fact check the local news. I also love the latest fact-check messages that allow me to discard the latest fake news before I read them anywhere else. It’s also very easy to get started with this, just click here or send a “Hi” message to +1 (727) 2912606.

ifcn bot

Fight Fake News with Best Fact-checking Websites

So those are our picks for the best fact-checking websites on the internet. Since the world is increasingly moving towards a digital ecosystem, it’s now more important than ever to acknowledge misinformation in our society and the need to weed out this menace. I would strongly recommend you to counter misleading people with facts from these websites. If you liked this article, you are also going to enjoy our article on websites that can help you kill time. Click on the link to read it if you are interested. Anyway, that is all from us. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I think it’s funny that people actually think they need a fact checking website to fact-check anything of concern. You’re just asking to be lied to, as all these “fact-checkers” are funded by Zionist Illuminati Jews who hate you to the core and despise your very existence. I would challenge any one of these sites to fact-check these self-proclaimed “Jews” fairly, but that will never happen, not in a million years… their funding too important.

    1. How does this help me to help my kids or myself? Came here for objectivity not hate. Move on , far far away.
      99% of us are here to learn how to fact check. BTW, that kind of hate you have, we know you are funded.

  2. This does not tell you how to fact check or why its false information. Where is the search engine where you put name of video to be checked. Not helpful for me. Thanks

  3. “In 2013 President Barack Obama famously tweeted that ‘Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: #climate change is real, manmade and dangerous.’ Obviously an important claim. None of these websites address the claim. I wonder why? Hmm

  4. Snopes and Washington Post have punked you. They are complete garbage. The remaining ones are ok.

  5. Rush L.’s show is opinion and entertainment, not journalism. He may quote a fact or half-truth to support his topic or shtick, but he’s under know obligation to do so. If we listen without understanding that this is a “show” and not a presentation of factual news then we are are just being gullible consumers.

  6. HaHa !! What a bogus article — putting Snopes at the top of the list. Follow the money and see what agenda each of these so-called “fact checkers” are really promoting.

    1. Exactly! When viewing the site, search for who supports them, who funds them, who their key people are – and do a bio search. When ones says they are cited by the Washington Post and/or CNN – it’s a BIG RED FLAG. Both of those are liberal as hell.

  7. You were doing pretty good until you said the Washington Post was a good fact checker. Really?? I think we all realize who owns the WP and his political leanings. How can even possibly be objective?!?

    1. This is the Newspaper that took down Richard M Nixon with true facts, so yeah I trust them.

      1. Yes that was exemplary investigative reporting, but it was also over 50 years ago. WP is a very different publication today. Even Media Fontes lists them as left of center as CNN.

        1. Bias and credibility are two different animals. I don’t care what their bias is. It’s their credibility rating that counts. I do find it a bit odd, however, that I’ve only located ONE conservative fact checker, called Zebra, which is said to have high credibility. Right wing journalism doesn’t have a good track record for honest reporting. I will check them on a topic and see how they really perform.

      2. Wapo was owned by a different organization back in Richard Nixon’s fall from grace. Now we all know that it is owned by Jeff Bezos who is certainly a lefty. Snopes has been caught up in many biased reports and cannot be trusted. CFITZ is correct. Most of these fact checkers
        are owned by George Soros and other leftist people. Wikipedia – anyone can go on there and post what infnormaton they want to without any scrutiny. If you want the truth you have to do your own research and not rely on these so called fact checkers.

  8. if you think Snopes is good, I have several rattle snakes and water moccasins just for you and OUR protection!

    1. What garbage they spout. Investigate snores and you will find an employee who is responsible for all the opinions they have.

  9. Thanks for the information. I will save this. Useful listing of fact checking organisations. Thank you.

  10. You lost me at, “…explanations from genuine sources (like WHO, CDC)…” Ridiculous, given the number of times both organizations have reversed themselves in the last few months and the massive fails.

  11. The FACT that the writers include rhetoric adding to their slanted thinking, tells me not to trust it. Here’s a suggestion for these types of sites, show statistics only and leave out the rhetoric, which clearly shows apparent belittling of those not favored to these writers.

  12. I am still waiting for an opportunity to get fact-checked the bs from the big channels, like MSN, BBC, ABC-News, and so on.

  13. I have used Snopes many times but have started using Fact Checker lately. It’s good to know that there are others. Thank you for this information.

  14. Valuable info: Thanks!
    Adding to that: correct information neglects info that is left out. Mainstream news reports correct news but neglects world news and concentrates mainly on the “current” crisis of coronavirus. What, we wonder, is going on in the rest of the world? How do they cope with it and what can we learn from them?
    These are a few of the questions I want answered. In Palestine, for example, I learn from a friend that “things are coming back to normal.” Having lived there, I know that “normal” in Palestine everyday is what we experience here now. Travel restrictions, closures, no beach access, house confines, business shut downs – the list goes on. How do people cope under these permanent conditions? We could learn if we didn’t have censure of our news.

    1. Hi Doris
      We live in the UK and have access to the Al Jazeeras. We often watch this channel to put things in perspective here in relation to the rest of the world, especially the Middle East. The half hour documentaries are quite informative.

    2. EVERYONE of these in the list have their own POLITICAL AGENDA: LEFTIST/SOCIALIST/ ONE WORLD ORDER. They “debunk” anything that taints opposition to THEIR AGENDA. You people who read this biased and lying article have been fooled. So sad! The guy that wrote it, i bet is a life-long Demonrat.

      1. Kay you are so right. People are so easily fooled because they don’t do their own homework. I could tell the guy writing the article was a dem because he only brought up Trump as his examples. Big red flag!! The blind leading the blind!

  15. Snopes is #1?! Seriously? They’ve been proven to be politically biased and sometimes out right lie. If you state Snopes is #1 than all the rest of this list can’t be trusted either.

    1. You might not like what Snopes has reported, but you need to know that it has never been PROVEN to be wrong where it didn’t correct what was said. Not everyone likes what they see, but that doesn’t make it wrong!

      1. That’s funny, a few years ago it was shown to be bias and the founders. Snopes would be the last place I would go for getting the truth!

        1. can you show examples of where they published false information and didn’t redact it? Or is your source false information? BTW who is your source?

      2. Peggy, Rush Limbaugh has the same record. What is important to note is not what is reported, but what is not reported. And Snopes also adds their own commentary which they admit is very biased. The same can be said for Limbaugh. The facts may be right, but cherry picked to support the narrative. In both cases.

    2. LOL. Yeah…. Snopes is biased—- toward the truth.

      I know plenty of FOX News addicts that believe snopes is biased. They can never show any evidence of bias– but I don’t see how it matters. These days, it seems plenty of people holler ‘fake news’ at anything they disagree with.

      Judy and others could simply show links of snopes articles that are misaligned with the other fact checking sites– if there was anything more to this than conjecture.

      1. They have been taken to court over their fact checking and been debunked many times. Good grief. You believe what you want to believe.

  16. Can you give us a list of sites that are definitely crazy people or conspiracy theorists so we can immediately identify a bad source?

  17. sorry, still didnt learn anything from this, all your fact based wedsites are ran by people, and people are biased, i have seen this in checking different websites, one will fact check something one way and another does it a different way, so comes out two different answers to the fact based question, still goes back to the websites beliefs, so i will do my own investing, thank you.

    1. You’re missing the whole point. Facts can be interpreted which adds emotion or even bias. But the core facts are observable, measurable at times, and undeniable. Facts exist. And inconvenient facts get interpreted to your liking. So, if you’re so cocky as to think you’re a better investigator, put up a blog and tell me all about your sources and findings. I can’t wait.

    2. It sounds like you’re complaining that after all the work those folks did, you’re still going to have to do some thinking for yourself. Crazy times. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  18. sorry, still didnt learn anything from this, all your fact based wedsites are ran by people, and people are biased, i have seen this in checking different websites, one will fact check something one way and another does it a different way, so comes out two different answers to the fact based question, still goes back to the websites beliefs, so i will do my own investing, thank you

    1. There is a distinct difference between fact, opinion, and error. I do believe that modern media makes sifting it out a bit tougher, but it also offers more tools. In school, most of us were taught to look for the purpose of writing: Is it designed to inform (straight news) or persuade (opinion)? What about the sources of an article – are they named and explained. Are there multiple sources with credentials from more than one perspective? Is this story covered by more than one news outlet? If you doubt something about a story, can you find evidence (not opinion) from more than one credible source to support your doubts? Do you recognize the difference between the National Enquirer and the Wall Street Journal – between Fox and NBC Nightly News (or better yet, between NBC Nightly News and MSNBC)? What are your standards for credibility?

  19. Appreciative work Beebom, As I was in search of the Best Fact-Checker websites globally as well as in India , I was shown tons of monetized ads and websites and paid contents. Finally I searched it via DuckDuckGo and found this link. And as far as the source of the content is concerned unbiasedly Beebom holds a very good reputation in the digital industry if not globally but atleast for me and in India. Jai-Hind!

  20. Hey Nice Blog!!! Thank you for sharing the information. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, waiting for a more new post. Keep Blogging!!!

  21. Is it true that the gov. of Mich said that NO ONE was to teach their children? They had to go on line to do the schooling.

    1. Well Gabriel, I don’t think that it is biased, because undoubtedly Snopes & Politifact are infact the best fact-checker globally, the reason why these websites are the google’s best pick is that Simple, It is authentic, it is very famous among the positive community. We all must learn to segregate the informations we find in the search engines and must also learn to understand whether it is organic content or inorganic content.

  22. In the times of “all fair in war ” times”one should cross check.90%of the posts are suspect needs quarantine .!

    1. While I understand that many facts can definitely be found using these websites, I often I question some ‘facts’. Essentially, there can be people that actually factually make a statement. And that statement is validated. The question I often have, is that statement the real truth? The words that actually come out of a person’s mouth, are they lies? People can say ANYTHING. The real truth or a big lie. Often times, the real truth is a covered up and we may never know.

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