Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter Faced the Most Outages in the Past Year

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter Faced the Most Outages in the past Year; Discord Tops the Lis

Websites and services on the web often face outages, either due to in-house issues, cyber-attacks, or issues with cloud service providers. So, to find out which websites, apps, or services faced the most outages over the past 12 months, an analysis firm named ToolTester recently conducted a study. As part of the study, the firm analyzed the top 30 websites that experienced the most outages last year.

Top Websites That Faced Most Outages Last Year

So, according to the study report, there are various websites and platforms that faced major outages over the past 12 months. The list includes top websites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Steam, Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Slack, and many others.

Now, the platform that has experienced the most outages since last year is Discord. The Discord website, as per the study, faced 129 outages last year, with 87% of users complaining about connection issues. In the social media category, Instagram is another platform that faced the most outages last year, with over 71% of the users complaining about News Feed outages, 19% reporting login issues, and 10% for website outages.

Other apps in the social media category that faced outages include Twitter, which went out 119 times in the past year. There were 54 problems with tweets on the platform, out of which 55% affected the desktop version of the platform. Apart from Twitter, Facebook also faced 41 outages last year, with 51% of the issues being related to logins on the desktop version.

In the gaming segment, Steam users were the most unfortunate as the said platform suffered 99 outages. Out of the total issues, 39% of them were related to the Steam website, while 38% of the issues were with online gaming. Moreover, Xbox Live and PS Network are also in the top 10, with the former suffering 63 outages and the latter facing 49 outages last year.

You can check out the top 15 websites that faced outages in the image attached below.

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter Faced the Most Outages in the past Year; Discord Tops the Lis

The report also highlights that the gaming industry faced the highest average number of issues over the past months with a total of 193 reported issues. Furthermore, social media platforms also have a high average number of issues.

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