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In our line of work, we come across several unique websites that exist on the internet. We have featured some of the best ones like the website with “100,000 faces” or the website that gives you “million-dollar ideas” or the one that will destroy itself if no one posts there. Now, we have found the perfect website for book lovers who like to read a new book every so often.

“Good Books” is a unique website that showcases a curated collection of books recommended by some of the most popular, interesting, and influential personalities of the world. There are books on the website that the Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos recommends and there are book recommendations by popular actress, Emma Watson.

Developed by a Sydney-based UX/UI designer, Jordan Hughes, “Good Books” is a haven for someone who is a book bug and loves to add new books to his/her collection. The project started when the developer started to keep track of the books that he wanted to read. According to Hughes, the development of this website started as a side project before the developer “got (a little) obsessed with the project”.

Now, “Good Books” is a pretty cool website that follows the motto – “Life is too short to read bad books”. Hence, it aims to recommend some of the best books that famous personalities like Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and Harry Potter writer, J.K. Rowling love. It even has book recommendations of popular hosts like Joe Rogan and Jimmy Fallon.

As of now, the website contains over 8250 book recommendations from popular personalities of various industries. You can even filter the book recommendations by industry to easily find out the books recommended by a personality of your choice.

Now, the developer promises to add “100s more recommendations every month”. You can even reach out to Jordan and ask him to put up book recommendations of your favorite personality.

So, if you are someone who loves to read a new book every new week, then you should definitely check out “Good Books”. This helps you to expand your book collection and let you know what kinds of books do successful people read.

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