Fighting Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • A Fighting Pokemon's strengths include being effective against a Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark-type Pokemon.
  • Similarly, they are weak against Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type Pokemon.
  • As for their resistance, a Fighting Pokemon can resist any attacks from Rock, Bug, and Dark monsters.

Fighting Pokemon are yet another monster type that includes some of the best brawlers out there. However, even if your Machamp packs those fists, it also comes with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. So if you’re someone who wants to know what their fighting Pokemon is weak against, keep reading to know all about it.

Fighting Pokemon Strengths

Fighting Pokemon strengths as of Second Generation
Normal Pokemon strengths as of Second Generation

Unlike other Pokemon, Fighting Pokemon had one major overhaul of their strengths across the generations. When the first generation game rolled in, a Machamp would fare extremely well against a Normal, Rock, and Ice Pokemon. This means that an Onyx would struggle to fight against a strong Machamp and even lose the fight in the process.

However, when the second generation game came out, Steel and Dark joined the mix. So now fighting Pokemon’s strengths include Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark-type Pokemon. And from here onwards, this has become standard for every Fighting Pokemon across the games.

Fighting Pokemon Weaknesses

Fighting Pokemon weakness

Just like their strengths, Fighting Pokemon also gained some overhaul to their weaknesses across the generation. However, it isn’t extensive like their strengths or early in the game’s lifecycle.

When the first-generation game launched, a fighting type was weak towards any Flying or Psychic type. So, your Machamp would have it hard fighting against an Abra or Pidgeot.

However, when Pokemon X and Y launched, the list of weaknesses also included the Fairy-type. This meant the final list for fighting Pokemon weaknesses included psychic, fairy, and flying Pokemon.

So now, Clefairy would annihilate your Machamp while smiling and laughing through the fight. As of today, this weakness hasn’t seen any change in the previously launched Legends Arceus. However, we don’t know if the same will apply when ZA launches next year.

Fighting Pokemon Resistance

The resistance also got some needed additions after the game launched. So, when the first generation game launched, these monsters could resist any attacks from Rock and Bug-type Pokemon. This means any attacks from Scyther would be in vain against a Machamp.

However, from second-generation games onwards, the resistances now included Rock, Bug, and Dark-type. So, any attacks from these monsters wouldn’t affect your Machamp.

That’s everything you should know about Fighting-type Pokemon! Do you own a Fighting-type in your party? Let us know in the comments below!

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