Electric Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • Unlike other Pokemon, Electric Pokemon are strong against Water-type and Flying-type Pokemon.
  • However, they cannot fight against a Ground-type Pokemon.
  • As of the ninth generation, they are highly resistant against Steel, Electric, and Flying-type Pokemon.

Let’s continue our momentum of talking about Pokemon Elements. The talk of the town today are Electric Pokemon, which, like others, come with some interesting strengths and weaknesses. However, besides knowing the handy Pikachu, it might be difficult to get started with this type. Don’t worry, and keep reading as I explain it all using my dedicated guide below!

Electric Pokemon Strengths

Electric Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

Listen, I know there are chances you’ve got yourself a Pikachu on your team, and you want to make the monster as powerful as possible. However, before you fight against anyone, you’ll see a Squirtle standing.

Fortunately, electric Pokemon are lucky; their strengths include flying and water-type Pokemon. So, if you pit your Pikachu against a Pidgeot or Squirtel, you’ll be faring much better against those Pokemon. Similarly, if it is a Pokemon with both properties as its dual-type, your monster will deal double damage.

Unlike the poison-type, these Pokemon have maintained their strengths throughout the nine generations of games. So, if you’ve used an electric monster as your main in any game, they’ll still perform similarly against any of the above elements.

Electric Pokemon Weaknesses

Electric Pokemon Weaknesses

While your Pikachu will fare great against the flying-type and water-type Pokemon, they’ll have a harder time against one other type. As such, electric Pokemon are weak compared to ground Pokemon.

Hence, if your Pikachu is fighting against a Dugtrio, chances are your Pikachu will perform worse compared to others. So, avoid using an electric type against these Pokemon for good. Switch out to a Grass-type Pokemon if you are dealing a Ground-type, as you’ll have a better chance of defeating them.

Electric Pokemon Resistance

Electric Pokemon have changed their elements twice in the entire generation for resistance. A Pikachu could resist attacks from Flying and Electric-type Pokemon in the first-generation games.

However, the steel element was added from the second generation onwards. This means Electric Pokemon are resistant to electric, flying, and steel Pokemon.

That’s everything you should know about Electric-type Pokemon in Pokemon. Remember, regardless of whether you play Pokemon or Pokemon GO, all of these properties are similar. Hence, you don’t have to micromanage anything for individual games.

Do you own an electric-type Pokemon like Pikachu? Let us know in the comments below!

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