Ghost Pokemon Strength, Weakness and Resistance

In Short
  • A Ghost Pokemon is strong against its fellow Ghost and Psychic types.
  • However, Ghost Pokemon are also weak against Dark and Ghost types, making this both a blessing and a curse.
  • A Ghost Pokemon can effortlessly resist any incoming attack from a Bug or a Psychic-type Pokemon.

Ah, yes, Ghost Pokemon. An element category that contains one of my favorites: Haunter. I mean, I love that Pokemon for how cute it is. And I am sure anyone who has grown up watching the anime also has some affection for Ghost Pokemon. While you would want to add them to your team immediately, we recommend slowing down and looking at their strengths and weaknesses first. So with that, let’s talk about them.

Ghost Pokemon Strengths

Pokemon Ghost Pokemon strengths
Pokemon Ghost Pokemon strengths

Let’s first talk about the strengths of a Ghost Pokemon. So, let’s say you have a cute little Haunter on your team. Which Pokemon should you consider sending the Haunter to fight? Ghost Pokemon has had its strengths changed in two instances over the generations.

When the generation one game was released, a ghost Pokemon would fight well against only another Ghost. However, after releasing generation two, Psychic joined the lineup for strengths besides Ghost. As of now, Ghost Pokemon’s strengths include being strong against Ghost and Psychic Pokemon.

So, your Haunter will fare well against a Gengar, and Abra will deal twice the usual damage.

Ghost Pokemon Weaknesses

Pokemon Ghost Pokemon weakness
Ghost Pokemon weakness as of the second generation

Unlike its strengths, Ghost Pokemon has had their weaknesses changed twice throughout the generations. So, if you’ve played a Gengar or Haunter in the first generation, you’d find some additional changes to their weaknesses when you played any Pokemon game after generation one.

So, when the game first introduced these monsters in generation one, they were only weak to fellow Ghost types. However, with the second generation of games, Dark Type was also added to the list of weaknesses. Hence, from then onwards, Ghost Pokemon have been weak against Dark and Ghost types.

Yes, that isn’t a typo. Ghost Pokemon are both strong and weak against fellow ghosts, making your upcoming fight all the more confusing!

Ghost Pokemon Resistance

If there is one thing that has stayed consistent throughout the generations of games, it is a Ghost-type resistance. If you put up your Haunter to fight other monsters, you should make them fight Poison or Bug types.

Ghost Pokemon completely resist any incoming attacks from both of these element types. Hence, a Scyther won’t be able to do much against a Haunter or Gengar, as their attacks will not affect them.

We hope you now know the exact strengths, weaknesses, and resistance of ghost Pokemon. Which ghost Pokemon do you currently own? Let us know in the comments below!

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