The New Asus VivoWatch BP Sacrifices Sleek Design For Its High-End Health Sensors

Asus VivoWatch BP

Asus is on a roll, unveiling one great product after another at its home turf in Computex. The company recently showcased a new version of its smart wearable VivoWatch, dubbed VivoWatch BP, which is designed for easy blood pressure monitoring on the go.

The new VivoWatch BP might not look like much at first glance, with its weird shape, thick bezels, and a lackluster display, but the device is pretty capable at what it’s been designed to do. The VivoWatch BP packs in a combination of an EKG (electrocardiogram) and a PPG (photoplethysmography) sensors which can produce an accurate reading of the wearer’s blood pressure and heart rate, in just 15 seconds.

Asus VivoWatch BP

Leveraging Asus’ HealthAI smart technology, the VivoWatch BP is also capable of providing personalized health advice and blood pressure management tips based on your habits and the vital stats. Users will also be able to share this data with family or doctors to help them diagnose any issues. The VivoWatch BP is also capable of monitoring the user’s quality of sleep and provides a de-stress index to help them improve their lifestyle.

The VivoWatch BP boasts of a 28-day battery life, owing its longevity to the efficient sensors and low-res screen. Looking at it from a smartwatch or sports watch standard, the VivoWatch BP is neither as pretty nor as versatile, however, the wearable is still a great option for those looking to monitor their vitals on the go. Another noteworthy achievement is that the VivoWatch BP is 70 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter than comparable blood pressure tracking devices, which is a significant reduction for personal health tech devices.

The Asus VivoWatch BP has been priced at $169 and is expected to be released in Taiwan by the end of July. The company plans to release the smart wearable in Europe by August but, there’s no further information regarding its release in other regions.

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