Why The New Asus ROG Phone Looks Like the Perfect Gaming Smartphone

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Asus has just announced the ROG Phone, a beast of a device when it comes to specifications and raw performance. But what makes this phone really special is the array of accessories that Asus has unveiled alongside, which address the most common issues faced by mobile gamers.

In order to further improve upon the mobile gaming experience, the company has announced a new mobile-to-desktop dock, a TwinView dock, a WiGig dock, and a third-party add-on controller developed in partnership with GameVice.

Here’s a quick look at all the new ROG Phone accessories and their features that take this phone beyond the competitors such as the Black Shark by Xiaomi or the Red Magic phone by ZTE Nubia.

Mobile Desktop Dock

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The Mobile Desktop dock, as the name suggests, will give ROG Phone users a complete desktop experience. As soon as the device is hooked into the dock, users will be able to add a 4K monitor, Gigabit Ethernet, 5.1-channel speakers, and USB peripherals to their mobile gaming experience.

TwinView Dock

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Unlike the Mobile Desktop dock, which limits the experience to a desk, the TwinView dock adds on to the handheld experience by providing a secondary display which is identical to the one on the phone. The extra real estate added by the TwinView dock will allow users to add onto their mobile gameplay by displaying maps, inventory, and other relevant information about their game onto the secondary display.

Users will also have the option to use the second display to run a different app altogether or use it to live-stream their games to Twitch or YouTube. The dock also includes physical trigger buttons, dual haptic feedback, and a massive 6,000mAh battery so that you never run out of juice while gaming.

WiGig Dock

The WiGig dock is another different approach to achieving a secondary screen which makes use of low-latency 802.11ad 60GHz WiFi to broadcast the phone’s display to a compatible screen. The dock is perfect for when you want to enjoy your content on a bigger screen, but don’t want to deal with the lag which comes as a result of broadcasting over an internet connection.

GameVice Controller

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A third-party controller, developed in partnership with GameVice, will allow ROG Phone users to convert their device into a handheld console, complete with traditional gamepad joysticks and buttons. The console-like experience can be further amplified by pairing it with the WiGig dock and displaying the content on a bigger screen, while you play the game using the controller.

AeroActive Cooler

In addition, Asus has also packed in an upgraded cooling solution which according to the company will “help sustain peak gaming performance”. If you still feel that the phone might get too hot during your long gaming sessions, the ROG Phone also comes with an AeroActive Cooler which clips onto the back and blows air over the phone to keep it cool.

So it looks like Asus has created the perfect gaming smartphone, especially as the accessories make this a gaming phone in more than just the name. So which of these accessories do you think make the most sense? And will you be buying the Asus ROG phone if and when it launches in India? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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