Apple Watch Series 10 to Get a New Design & Significant Health Features: Gurman

Apple Watch New design Mark Gurman
In Short
  • Mark Gurman has said that next year's Apple Watch could carry a new design.
  • Additionally, Apple is also preparing to add health features like sleep apnea and hypertension detection to the upcoming Apple Watch.
  • The health features on Apple Watch will alert users and will prompt them to get follow-up tests done.

Apple Watch Series 9 has received a lackluster response from the audience due to the lack of any significant features. However, it seems that Apple has learned its lesson and it will be a different case next year. According to Mark Gurman, the popular Apple analyst, the tech giant is planning an overhaul for next year’s Apple Watch Series 10.

In his words, Apple is planning to launch “at least one model” with a refreshed design. Apple Watch has carried the same design since its inception and it’s long due for an upgrade. Next year, Apple will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch, thus all the more reason for a new design.

Apple Watch Series 9

In addition to design, Gurman says, the Apple Watch Series 10 will also pack a couple of new health features. Reportedly, next year’s Apple Watch will be able to detect hypertension and sleep apnea in users.

Once detected, the Apple Watch will prompt for further testing to confirm the condition.

In the same breath, Gurman believes that the health features that Apple is planning to add to its most-selling wearable should have “real marketing power”. For the company to cement Apple Watch’s position as the best health wearable out there, it will have to come up with something that carries a real-world value such as the ability to measure blood pressure.

Previously, we have heard rumors of Apple Watch X from Gurman himself. If we are to connect the dots, it seems that Apple could launch Apple Watch X next year with a new design and health features. It might choose to continue with regular models as well, thus adding three models to its Apple Watch segment – Apple Watch Series 10, Apple Watch X, and Apple Watch Ultra 3.

As far as new design goes, the Apple Watch X previously was rumored to feature a thinner chassis and a new magnetic band attachment system.

Beebom’s Take

Apple Watch has retained its design for so long that this year Apple is estimated to sell fewer Apple Watch models even in the holiday season. Even though Apple included a new double tap gesture on the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, along with a brighter display and a powerful S9 chip, it isn’t compelling enough for users to upgrade.

For a long time, Apple has been adding subtle health features to Apple Watch models. Next year, Apple could take it a notch up by including features like sleep apnea and hypertension detection.

With a complete overhaul of the Apple Watch, 2024 can be considered the year of wearables for Apple. Early next year, Apple is also expected to launch its most anticipated wearable – Vision Pro.

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