This New Mod Enables AMD FSR 3 Frame Generation in Any DLSS 3 Game!

amd fsr 3 has ai frame generation to double game performance
Image Courtesy: AMD
In Short
  • FSR 3 is an AI frame generation (FG) technology, which can be enabled on any GPU brand (Nvidia/AMD/Intel).
  • But, Nvidia's DLSS 3 (which also offers FG) can only be enabled on RTX 40 Series GPUs.
  • With the latest mod, you can get FG support (with FSR 3) in any game that previously got DLSS 3 support.

AMD FSR 3 is the latest version of FidelityFX, the company’s advanced AI-based upscaling & frame generation technology. It was also announced that FSR 3 would support any modern graphics card from any brand, whether it was Nvidia, AMD, or Intel. Today, a few games do support FSR 3, such as Immortals of Aveum, Avatars: Frontiers of Pandora, and Forspoken.

But many games currently only offer NVIDIA DLSS 3 support. This includes titles like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and many more. DLSS 3 is Team Green’s own AI frame generation technology that they have limited exclusively to RTX 40 Series graphics cards.

To catch you up on frame generation (FG), it basically doubles your in-game FPS (for example, 50-60FPS gameplay becomes 100+FPS with FG turned on). Essentially. AMD’s own FSR 3 (which supports any relatively modern GPU) is not out on many of the big games, which already had DLSS 3 for quite some time.

FSR 3 benchmark by AMD
Image Credits: AMD

However, with this newest mod, you can use AMD FSR 3 in any game that supports NVIDIA DLSS 3! The mod has been developed by Nukem9, and you can download it here. Keep in mind that you need to enable hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling (HAGS) in your Windows 11 settings before attempting to use this mod in a game.

The best part is that even all the people who don’t have an RTX 40 Series GPU can still enjoy AI frame generation & its resultant performance benefits through AMD FSR 3. In the games that support it, you simply enable the option even if you have an Nvidia GPU.

But if they don’t have it, you can use this latest modification by Nukem9 to get FSR 3 frame generation working in any game with DLSS 3 support. The X (formerly Twitter) user @ShyVortex details his experience:

How well does it work? We are testing this mod out in several games. Initial reports say that it is not as good as the native functionality. I have personally tested AMD FSR 3 in Immortals of Aveum with an Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti. RTX 30 Series does not support Nvidia DLSS 3, but FSR 3 worked quite well and doubled my framerate. The experience varies in different games. With this third-party mod enabled, you may experience ghosting, weird artifacts, and other visual bugs during gameplay.

Updates on AMD FSR 3 are being pushed quite frequently. Game support is increasing – Ubisoft’s latest title (Avatar) does have it, and developers of Starfield & Cyberpunk 2077 have also confirmed official FSR 3 support is coming soon. With time, open-source frame generation technologies like this will evolve.

What are your thoughts on this latest FSR 3 mod for DLSS 3 games? Let us know in the comments below.

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