Xiaomi Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

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Following Poco’s split-up from Xiaomi, the former Xiaomi sub-brand unveiled its new logo and “Made for Mad” mascot earlier this year. And now, after launching the Mi Mix Fold and the Mi Band 6, Xiaomi has unveiled a brand new logo and philosophical “Alive” brand identity ahead of its 11th Anniversary. This, as per the company, is to make its brand unique in the premium segment of the market.

The China-based giant announced the new dynamic logo and the idea of “Alive” via an official blog post today. Xiaomi said that its “refreshed new corporate visual identity” will help “strengthen Xiaomi’s foothold in the premium market while raising brand awareness with its audiences through its new dynamic logo.”

The New Xiaomi Logo

Xiaomi Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Now, coming to the new logo design, the company kept the same orange color to signify “the liveliness and youthfulness of Xiaomi”. However, the company will also use black and silver color schemes for its high-end product lines.

The primary change in the logo is in its shape. So, instead of the sharp-edged corners of the previous Xiaomi logo, the new one features much more rounded corners on all four sides. It looks much like a Samsung OneUI icon.

The logo was specially designed by a world-renowned designer named Kenya HARA. He is a professor of Musashino Art University and the President of the Nippon Design Center (NDC).

HARA, as per Xiaomi, used the “superellipse” mathematical formula to come up with the new design. Although there are infinite shapes between a perfect circle and a square, the designer was able to achieve a “visually optimal dynamic balance” by tweaking the variables in the mathematical formula.

New “Alive” Brand Identity

Now, along with the new logo, HARA also came up with a brand new design concept for the company – “Alive”. This is much like OnePlus’ “Never Settle” motto and the new brand logo further embraces the philosophical idea behind the concept. And the designer ideated the concept as he believes that “Xiaomi’s innovative technology has brought convenience and offers people the ability to have optimal control of their lives, and can accommodate any changes in the environment”.

Xiaomi new brand logo announced

Further, Xiaomi states that the new logo has adopted a new “dynamic logo format for the first time” in the industry. This essentially means that as the new logo has more rounded corners now, it automatically adapts to any content without perfect alignment. As a result, it can be placed at the most suitable position on a product or any content.

So, with the new logo and brand identity, Xiaomi is now aiming to make its name in the premium segment of the market. As a result, we can expect some new high-end product lineups, as well as an electric vehicle, in the coming years.

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