All Wolf (Dog) Variants in Minecraft and Where to Find Them

In Short
  • There are a total of nine dog variants in Minecraft, eight of which have been introduced with the new Armored Paws update.
  • The variants include the pale wolf, woods wolf, ashen wolf, black wolf, chestnut wolf, rusty wolf, spotted wolf, striped wolf, and snowy wolf.
  • You can tame a wolf with bones and breed them with meat. You can also equip a wolf armor on a dog to protect them.

Minecraft only had a single wolf variant for the longest time. However, that is no longer the case as Minecraft 1.20.5, aka the Armored Paws update, introduced eight new wolf variants. So, in this guide, we have shared with you the locations of every wolf variant (aka dog variant) in Minecraft so you can tame them and protect them with wolf armor. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Editor’s Note: last updated on May 24, 2024, to streamline the content of the article and improve readability.

Where to Find All Dog Variants in Minecraft

Before we begin, we have named all the dog variants here – pale wolf, woods wolf, ashen wolf, black wolf, chestnut wolf, rusty wolf, spotted wolf, striped wolf, and snowy wolf. We have then separated them into sub-sections including the wolf variant’s name, appearance, and their spawn location.

1. Pale Wolf

Pale wolf variant in Minecraft
  • Location: Taiga

Pale wolf or the regular wolf is the variant we’re all very familiar with. Its coat is mostly white with some darker details. However, it doesn’t spawn just anywhere. You may only find this puppy in the taiga Minecraft biomes. It’ll spawn in a default pack size of four.

2. Woods Wolf

  • Location: Regular Forest biome

Woods wolf or dog is the most common wolf variant in the game. It has a mostly dark brown coat with all legs covered with cream-colored socks. They spawn in the regular forest biomes.

3. Ashen Wolf

  • Location: Snowy Taiga

Ashen wolves kind of have a frozen looks to them. Their texture contains a purplish coat and white to bluish face and legs. These cuties spawn only in the snowy taiga biome.

4. Black Wolf

  • Location: Old Growth Pine Taiga

The black wolf is pretty much completely black. It spawns in the old growth pine taiga, where giant spruce trees have leaves only at the top. These wolves appear in smaller packs of 2-4.

5. Chestnut Wolf

  • Location: Old Growth Spruce Taiga

The chestnut dog has a cream-like colored coat with certain darker spots, as well as the face, paws, and tails being significantly darker. You will find this wolf variant in the old growth spruce taiga biome, where giant spruce trees have leaves covering much more of the trunk than in the old growth pine taiga biome. They also spawn in smaller packs of 2-4.

6. Rusty Wolf

  • Location: Sparse Jungle

The rusty wolf is a beautiful wolf variant with an orange-reddish coat and white ears, snout, and paws. You can find this wolf in the packs of 2-4 and only in the sparse jungle biomes.

7. Spotted Wolf

  • Location: Savanna Plateau

The spotted wolf is the most unique wolf variant. Its coat has a mix of blue, orange, and white colors, with the face being blue and the legs and tail being orange and white. This wolf variant is also kind of rare due to the fact it spawns only in the savanna plateau biome. However, their packs are larger and consist of 4-8 wolves.

8. Striped Wolf

  • Location: Wooded Badlands

The striped dog has a bright cream and yellowish coat with lots of darker stripes across the body. The face, paws, and tail are also darker in color. These hyena-like wolves spawn in the wooded badlands biome in the packs of 4-8 wolves.

9. Snowy Wolf

  • Location: Grove biome

Finally, we have the snowy wolf. This Minecraft wolf variant has a white coat with some purplish and blueish details. It spawns in the grove biome, and unlike other wolves, it’s far rarer since it spawns alone.

Now that you know where to find each of the dog variants, learn how to tame the wolf and breed them in Minecraft. Wolves have been improved significantly in time for the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update, and they rightfully deserved it. That said, which wolf variant is your favorite in the game now? Tell us in the comments below!

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