WhatsApp’s New Storage Management Tool Makes it Easier to Free Up Space

whatsapp storage management tool

WhatsApp has been adding useful features to the app lately. The company recently added the ability to let you mute chats forever and now, the messaging giant is rolling out its redesigned storage management tool.

Notably, WhatsApp has been working on this feature since June. After being spotted again in August, the feature made its way to the beta channel of WhatsApp on Android in late September. You can access the redesigned Storage Usage section from WhatsApp’s Settings -> Storage and data -> Manage storage.

When you open the new storage management tool, you will notice the new bar at the top. The top bar represents the occupied storage and free space present in your device. The company has also added dedicated sections to delete files larger than 5MB and media that are forwarded many times.

It is also worth mentioning that you can sort files by newest, oldest, and largest in the Chats section of storage management. This way, you can quickly prioritize your files and delete the ones that are no longer worth keeping on your phone.

The new storage management tool will undoubtedly be useful to users with phones running low on storage. Even if you have sufficient storage, you can use the tool to declutter your gallery without much hassle.

The feature is now rolling out on both Android and iOS. You can try out the feature by updating WhatsApp to the latest version available on Play Store or App Store from the link below.

Download WhatsApp (Android | iOS)

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