WhatsApp Adds Three New Features to Improve Video and Audio Calls

WhatsApp Adds Three New Features to Improve Video and Audio Calls
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In Short
  • WhatsApp introduces screen sharing with audio for collaborative work and watching content with friends.
  • Group video calls now support up to 32 users, with active speaker identification.
  • The app also introduces MLow codec that improves voice and video call quality, especially in areas with poor network connections.

WhatsApp has become an essential part of Billions of people’s daily life, connecting them no matter where they are. The platform has made improvements for not just texts but also its voice and video call features, and it is now bringing new features that will make your WhatsApp call experience a lot better.

According to their recent blog post, we will start seeing new features like screen sharing with audio, which will let you talk with the person you are sharing your screen with on WhatsApp. We previously discussed this feature while it was in beta, but it will now be available to everyone. This will be an ideal option for learning, collaborative work for teams, and watching content with friends.

WhatsApp New Voice and Video Features
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You can also add up to 32 users in a group video call, no matter which device you are on. So if you are part of your old-school WhatsApp group hopefully you can all be in a video call simultaneously. WhatsApp will now highlight the person who is speaking in a group call, making it easier to identify the speaker and avoid confusion.

Understanding that you won’t be in an ideal environment when taking calls, the team at WhatsApp has launched MLow codec, improving voice calls even when you have poor network connections. Calls will sound more clear, eliminating outside noise and echo. Lastly, people with good connections will be able to enjoy high-quality video calls.

These new features will be rolling out in the coming weeks. So make sure you update the WhatsApp app to access them at the earliest. Given the popularity of the app in emerging regions, these features will go a long way in improving user experience. Plus, with these new options, the app can now even be used for business and enterprise purposes.

What are your thoughts about these new WhatsApp call features? Are you excited about them? Let us know in the comments.

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