What Is WhatsApp Premium – Explained!

What Is WhatsApp Premium? Everything We Know So Far

Anyone who uses WhatsApp regularly might know that the Meta-owned messaging app is available for free. WhatsApp does not support ads or paid services, but it is now preparing to launch a new subscription service called WhatsApp Premium. Yes, the messaging giant has finally decided to monetize its service and Meta has just announced WhatsApp Premium. In this article, we have explained everything we know about the WhatsApp Premium subscription plan.

WhatsApp Premium: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

What is WhatsApp Premium?

WhatsApp Premium is an upcoming subscription service from WhatsApp for businesses. With WhatsApp Premium, business accounts will have additional features such as vanity URLs and more linked devices. To clarify, WhatsApp is not going to charge regular users with a subscription for accessing the app.

WhatsApp Premium: Features

Merely days after we saw reports highlighting the existence of WhatsApp Premium, Meta officially unveiled the subscription service at its Conversations 2022 event. Here’s what to expect from WhatsApp Premium:

Up to 10 Linked Devices

Although you can now use WhatsApp on multiple devices, you are limited to your phone and four other devices. That, however, will change with WhatsApp Premium. Businesses with a subscription will be able to add up to 10 additional devices to their accounts. This should come in handy for small and medium-sized businesses that have a dedicated social media team to handle their WhatsApp accounts.

Vanity URL

Another WhatsApp Premium subscription benefit is vanity URL. WhatsApp Premium subscribers will get the option to generate a custom link for their businesses. For example, Beebom could potentially have an official WhatsApp account accessed through a unique URL like wa.me/beebomco. You can change the business link once every 90 days.

whatsapp premium vanity url official

As WABetaInfo points out, your business phone number is not hidden when you create a vanity URL. Users will still see the phone number when they contact you via WhatsApp. However, creating a short custom URL with the business name makes it more memorable and could potentially attract new users through word-of-mouth.

Other than these, WhatsApp is introducing a new cloud-based API so that businesses and developers can easily get started with WhatsApp business. It’s worth noting that the cloud API is available for free and is not part of WhatsApp Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there WhatsApp Premium?

Yes. WhatsApp has announced WhatsApp Premium as an optional subscription for businesses.

When is WhatsApp Premium coming?

There’s no info on WhatsApp Premium’s availability at the time of writing this article. However, since WhatsApp has already announced the feature, we could expect the company to roll it out over the coming weeks.

What is WhatsApp Premium’s price?

Regarding the pricing, we don’t know how much the WhatsApp Premium subscription will cost. We will have to wait for the company to reveal the pricing details of the subscription service. WhatsApp says it will have more details to share in the future.

Improve Business Reach with WhatsApp Premium

So, that’s everything we know about WhatsApp Premium at the moment. Once available, you can access and subscribe to the subscription service from your business account across Android, iOS, and desktop. We will update this article as soon as WhatsApp officially announces the pricing of the subscription, so stay tuned for updates.

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