What is OnePlus Care? Everything You Need to Know

It has been five years since OnePlus launched its first smartphone, OnePlus One in 2014. Despite having relatively less experience in the smartphone world, OnePlus has managed to outgrow itself and have become a leader in the mid-range – premium segment of the market. The credit must go to its community-driven approach and focus on improving the user experience. In line with its continued effort, the company has brought a new program called OnePlus Care. It’s an umbrella of different benefit plans which allow the company to give back to its prized community. Now having said that, let’s go ahead and learn more about OnePlus Care in detail.

What Exactly is OnePlus Care?

Currently, OnePlus has a Care program, but it only deals with device insurance: offering protection plans against accidental damages for a fee. However, with the launch OnePlus 7T, the company announced that it’s bringing a new OnePlus Care program with lots of exclusive benefits for OnePlus users. With the revamped OnePlus Care, you will get a 1-year extended warranty without any charge and that is absolutely great. Other than that, there are battery replacement and trade-in plans which we will discuss below in detail. So to give a brief overview, OnePlus Care is essentially a benefit program for users who have been loyal to the brand. Now having said that, let’s talk about the bits and pieces of all the three plans thoroughly.

The Benefits of OnePlus Care

  • 1-Year Extended Warranty Plan

As I mentioned above, you will get a free 1-year additional warranty on your OnePlus smartphone. But, the important question remains, which devices are eligible for this offer? Well, the plan is applicable to OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro, 7T and any other upcoming OnePlus devices. Further, the device must be under the original warranty period offered by OnePlus. Of all the devices, if you have a OnePlus 6T, you should activate this plan as early as possible before your warranty expires.

Now, we come to the next question, how to get the 1-year extended warranty for free? The steps are simple, just download the OnePlus Care app (Free) from the Play Store and log in with your OnePlus account.

Now, you will see a banner on top “Unlock Exclusive Benefits For This Device”. Tap on it and then again tap on “Activate Now” button. Further, it might ask for the IMEI number (if you have the OnePlus 7T) and then purchase details. After verifying your details, the complimentary 1-year warranty plan will be added to your device. You can further claim the warranty through the app itself.

1-Year Extended Warranty Plan what is Oneplus care

  • Battery Replacement Plan

Under the OnePlus Care program, the company is also offering a battery replacement plan which is excellent for old OnePlus owners. OnePlus is subsidizing the battery replacement price by 50% and that is simply great. Currently, the following devices are under this plan: OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, 5T and 6. Here is the effective cost of battery replacement under the OnePlus care program.

Battery Replacement Plan
Source: OnePlus

To avail this offer, you will have to make a booking for repair against battery damage on the OnePlus Care app. After that, select a service center near your location and preferred time slot. The maintenance engineer will offer you doorstep service without any hassle. However, keep in mind, if you go to the service center directly without making a reservation on the app then you will be charged the full amount.

Battery Replacement Plan

  • Upgrade Plan

OnePlus already has a Buyback program for exchanging old devices including phones from different OEMs. However, with OnePlus Care, you get a new trade-in plan specifically for OnePlus devices. Under this plan, you can exchange your old OnePlus smartphone with the latest one and get a competitive price for the exchange. On top of it, you will also get an additional offer for older OnePlus devices. This plan is applicable to all OnePlus models starting from OnePlus One. Here is how it fares out with the exchange value.

Upgrade Plan
Source: OnePlus

You can avail this benefit from the OnePlus Care app. You will have to fully diagnose your device using the app and after a successful diagnosis, you can choose to upgrade to the latest OnePlus device.

Upgrade Plan what is Oneplus care

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Enjoy Exclusive Benefits With OnePlus Care

Frankly speaking, OnePlus Care is a great program that allows the company to give back to its community which further creates a loyal user base. All three plans are exceptional and if you are a OnePlus user, you should definitely take these benefits. It also adds a new feather in OnePlus’ cap and shows how OnePlus takes its community seriously. Anyway, that is all from us. If you still have some questions regarding the OnePlus Care program, you can comment down below and let us know. We will try to clear it up.

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