This Website Lets You Browse Through Every LineageOS-Supported Android Device

website lets you search for lineageos devices feat.

As the Coronavirus-led pandemic has locked down most of the people of the world, many people have been using their indoor-times pretty creatively. Redditors from various communities have been sharing their creations on the platform in recent times. Similarly, one Redditor has now made a website that lists every Android smartphone that supports LineageOS.

LineageOS, if you don’t know, is a custom, open-source operating system based on Android. It is a wildly popular app amongst Android users who like to customize their devices and access nifty features.

Dubbed as “hackable phones”, this website lists every Android smartphone in the market that supports the free operating software, LineageOS. It catalogs the devices according to various categories like “Best specs” devices and “Best compact” devices.

Moreover, there is an “advanced search” tool that lets website visitors select various filters like vendor, release date, architecture, RAM, screen resolution, and more to find a particular device that supports the said OS.

The website is created by a Redditor named Michal Herko (u/her01n) recently to help smartphone-customizers browse through all the Android devices that support LineageOS. He acquired the images and the specs of the devices from “LineageOS devices wiki”.

I have made a website, where you can browse phones supported by LineageOS from Android

The website also lists smartphones that no longer support the OS officially. However, older versions of LineageOS can be installed on these devices.

So, if you would like to browse through the website to find out which smartphones support LineageOS, you can do so from here.

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