74% Indians Prefer Work from Home After Coronavirus Pandemic: Study

74% Indians Prefer Work from Home After Coronavirus Pandemic
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The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly led most of us to work from home. While the whole remote work process has mixed opinions from the crowd, a new research from Lenovo has attempted to analyze certain patterns to understand the work preferences of Indians.

According to their findings, almost 84 percent of Indians think they could be better at their job if they had better technology skills. This signifies the skill gap prevalent in the country, which usually roots back to traditional teaching methodologies and outdated curriculum.

The researchers asked participants about the most essential gadgets for working. Almost 87 percent of respondents felt that laptops are essential for facilitating remote work. Of the laptop users, almost 43 percent of participants agreed that battery life is one of the top challenges that hinder remote work.

Meanwhile, 58 percent of participants deemed video conferencing platforms essential, which doesn’t come as a surprise due to the rapid adoption of apps like Google Meet, Zoom, and even JioMeet.

As far as the capital to facilitate remote work is concerned, the cost of Indian professionals’ personal expenditure was the lowest among other 9 countries at Rs.13,900.

On a global scale, almost 63 percent of the workforce felt more productive working from home when compared to office. Moreover, 52 percent of them are willing to continue working from home even after social distancing restrictions get lifted. The trend is even high when it comes to Indians, where 74 percent preferred work from home over traditional office work.

“We believe that this new confidence in working remotely will have several Indians increasing their expectations for flexible, high performance PCs and always-on services, and becoming more conscious about data security and privacy,” said Rahul Agarwal, CEO and MD, Lenovo India.

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    This trend is happening all over the world. In our country, telecommuting has reached its peak and most businesses have turned to telecommuting

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