How to Join a Party in Valorant

In Short
  • Valorant allows you to team up with friends, in-game teammates, or friends of friends through the built-in party invitation feature.
  • You can invite or join someone from your friend list anytime by right-clicking on their name and using the invite and request to join party options.
  • To use the Party Code route, generate code -> copy the generated code -> share with friends. They can then paste it into the Party Code section and join your party.

Valorant, while a bit difficult to grasp at first, is an amazingly fun FPS game, especially when played with friends. However, like other games, you naturally need to join or invite your friends to a party. Earlier, the game would only allow people to create a party that only in-game teammates, friends, or friends of friends could join. However, Valorant has now added a custom party feature to let anyone join or invite players to a party through a code. So, let’s quickly go through all the methods to join a party in Valorant.

Method 1: Invite Friends to Your Party

Let’s begin by inviting friends or in-game teammates to your party from the friends list. Inviting any other player this way doesn’t have any restrictions in Valorant. However, you cannot invite strangers using this method if their “Allow party request” setting is set to friends only.

That said, follow the steps below to invite friends to join your Valorant game:

  • To invite someone, hover your cursor over the friends list on the right side of your home screen in Valorant.
  • Now, right-click on the friend’s or teammates avatar you want to invite to your party.
  • Finally, click Invite in the pop-up menu, and they will receive a prompt to join your party.
Invite Friends to a Party in Valorant

Method 2: Join a Friends’ Valorant Party

Unlike inviting a friend, you can only join a party without an invitation if you are friends with them in Valorant. To join a friend’s party in Valorant:

  • First, hover your cursor over the friend list on the right side of your lobby screen.
  • Now, right-click on the friend’s avatar whose party you want to join.
  • Finally, click Request to Join, and they will receive a prompt to let you in the party.
Request to Join a friendly party in Valorant

Method 3: Join an Open Party

If you want your in-game teammates or friends in Valorant to join your party without making any invitations or join requests, you can turn your closed party into an open one. Here’s how:

  • First, find the lock button on top of your profile banner on the lobby screen.
  • Now, click on the lock icon to make the closed party open.
  • Once done, anyone can click on your profile avatar from their friend list and join your party by selecting Join Party.
Open Friendly Party in Valorant

Method 4: Invite Anyone Using Valorant Party Code

Valorant introduced a new custom party code feature to let anyone invite players to a party. This code does not require players to be friends to work. However, the code will only work if the player is playing in the same Valorant region.

Follow the steps below to learn how to invite and join a Valorant party using the party code:

  • First, click the Party Code button located on top of your player banner on the lobby screen.
  • Next, click on the Generate Code button.
  • Once done, copy the code and share it with players you want to join your party.
  • Party Code button in Valorant home
  • Generate party code
  • Copy generated code
  • Paste and Join custom party
  • To join the party, paste the code in the space below the Generate Code button.
  • Finally, click the Join Party button to get into the custom party.

You can click the Disable Code button if you want to close your party. This will make the code unavailable to others.

And it’s that easy to join a friend’s game or party in Valorant. Now that you can add anyone to your party, will you share the party code with a pro Valorant player unlike me? Tell us in the comments below! In case you are more of a player who likes to stay hidden from friends, appearing offline in Valorant is a nice trick. Also, while you are here, give these pro Valorant crosshair codes a shot and there is a chance you hit your shots like Tenz.

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