Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters (November 2023)

Valorant and its agent meta are constantly changing. With almost every patch and update, a new agent is introduced to the game, bringing a breath of fresh air in terms of abilities; the latest being Deadlock. Every small patch and detail can change how your favorite agent plays and can help you secure your next heroic victory. So, we studied all the old and new patches and compiled the ultimate Valorant agent tier list in 2023 (up to patch 7.09). Now, you can decide which character will be your main in Episode 7 Act 3 of Valorant.

Note: With the introduction of a new duelist, namely ISO, to the character pool, we’ve updated our agent tier list on November 3rd. The list also includes the buffs and nerfs rolled out with the Valorant patch 7.09 recently.

S-Tier Valorant Agents

The most popular character among any tier list is the S-Tier. These characters can be strong, fun to play with, or just overpowered. There are several reasons that can make Valorant characters to be placed in the S-Tier. Let us see why these agents belong in this overpowered category.

1. Jett

There is no doubt that Jett got nerfed heavily in the latest patch. However, despite her limitations, Jett still is the most agile agent of them all. We believe as long as the dash exists in Jett’s arsenal, she will stay on top. Well, her win rate speaks for itself.

The major reason Jett is in S-Tier is that she is the only viable operator carrier in Valorant right now. There are no agents that can carry operators as Jett does. Another special factor that Jett brings to any Valorant team is that no other agent can escape an ongoing tussle like her, which keeps her at the top of any tier list.

2. Omen

The controllers are always the underrated agents in Valorant. However, Omen always gets past that because of his versatile and swift agility while being able to play the role of a controller agent. After Jett, Omen is the only reliable agent who can move around places without hesitation. This keeps him always on the S-tier.

Not all games go so well that someone wants to play the controller and be on the backlines. That’s why Omen can be a controller who can provide the flexibility of a gunslinger while having the controller abilities. Trust me, I picked Omen and played it as a duelist.

3. Reyna

With the Nerf on Jett, Reyna got a massive boost in popularity. During the early days of the new Jett, Reyna had a surge in her pick rate. It does not mean she had any bad reputation as an agent. Reyna is suitable for all those blood-thirsty sweats in Valorant.

If you have that crisp tap-level aim, do not hesitate to go for Reyna. Before picking Reyna, check out the best Valorant crosshair codes here.

4. Cypher

For so long we have denied the defensive abilities of Cypher. This always made the Cypher mains in the comments furious. Well, Riot Games answered with the best changes he could get. From the lowest of B-tier in our last Valorant agent tier list Cypher climbs to S-tier.

If you ask how, the answer will be Cypher changed the meta. Before 7.09, game was going through the attackers patch with the weapon judge and Raze playing the key roles. But now with an infinite trap setup, Cypher can say “Noone shall Pass”. Well, for the ones affected by the new traps of Cypher, we wish you recover.

5. ISO

When Riot Games first launched the gameplay trailer for its new duelist ISO, it was evident that the developer has taken a fresh approach with this agent. Although it might seem too early to compare his pickrate or winrate with other duelists, it is fun to be the invincible agent on the field.

As an aggressive duelist, I love taking the fight to the enemies and ISO’s kit helps in that. Overall, ISO is a gunslinging duelist with a bunch of aggressive abilities that puts him in S-tier for now.

A-Tier Valorant Agents

Now that our S-Tier picks are done, let us jump to the A-Tier of our agent tier list of Valorant. A lot of these agents would jump to the S-Tier group, but because of a few minor shortcomings, we have kept them in this category. A-Tier Valorant agents are consistent and reliable for the current meta. Let us have a look at them:

1. Sova

Starting our A-tier is the ally from the north in Sova. Sova is an agent ever reliable to take the front line of support. His abilities allow you to push forward while not being in a vulnerable position. The only thing that keeps him out of the S-tier is how robotic it feels to play as a Sova. Always the same!

2. Killjoy

Taking a huge nerf on her back, Killjoy went down from being the reliable defensive agent to mostly reliable. However with the tactical genius, i.e. Killjoy. We can all agree on one thing – Killjoy’s sentry can be another agent, which makes any team a six-man army. The sentry alone is so annoying that she can make enemies feel like keyboard warriors when they are trying to enter a site.

Along with it, Killjoy can gather vital intel about the map through sentry placement and alarm bot placement. This makes her important in rank games and even at a professional level.

3. Phoenix

A rare pick from our side is the inclusion of Phoenix in the A-tier. I know, I know, Phoenix has not received much in nerfs or buffs. However, changes in other agents have made the path easier for Phoenix. With a massive 48.8% win rate, Phoenix takes place in this tier. Well do not forget he is the easiest agent of them all. Make sure you rock that collar and burn their eyes with that blind.

4. Chamber

Speaking of jumping from the bottom of our previous tier list, Chamber outshines everyone. As Valorant has become a very precision-dependent game, Chamber has a huge upper hand on his abilities. Along with his free gun abilities and a very good teleport, Chamber also possesses the trademark.

Overall, Chamber has become a great alternative to Jett again regarding carrying the operator. You can also swap him with a lot of situational sentinels and play him on every map on Valorant.

5. Sage

Once just a support agent, Sage had become a key agent for lots of maps. Well, now she is back being just a support with less heal on herself. In a game like Valorant where a lot of things are important, just being a healer does not cut it. The only good is her amazing defensive capabilities to keep enemies away from pushing. Be it walls or slow orbs, she never disappoints when it comes to the defensive half. Sage is one of the easiest agents to master, which also contributes to her being in the A-tier too.

B-Tier Valorant Agents

From the best of the best and the average, we now move into the categories of okay and decent agents. B-Tier includes agents who are pretty basic or less fun to play. Their use case scenario is rather limited, and these agents cannot outperform S-Tier or A-Tier Valorant agents on the list, even on their bad days.

1. Brimstone

Brimstone was definitely an A-Tier contender but falls slightly short of being on the very top of our agent list. Now you might see the pick rate and win rate of Brimstone constantly skyrocketing. But, he does not offer anything beyond common defensive controller duties. Sometimes Brimstone’s gameplay can feel slow because of his passive skillset. Overall, he deserves to be in a modest category for being easy to master. I mean being the number one in B-tier is not bad right? You can learn how to play Brimstone in Valorant, along with some cool tips and tricks, via the linked guide.

2. Viper

A lot of people were disappointed when Viper received one of the worst nerfs recently. That made Viper’s fuel end faster and drop from S-Tier to A-Tier on our Valorant agent tier list. Viper has been one of the most consistent agents in the agent pool since the game launched.

She can control her vision-cutting abilities while away from a fight and also focus on a lurker. A Viper-focused team can always go to plan C or even plan D because of how versatile Viper can be. If you are one of those solo queue monsters, then play Viper and start lurking like the slithering slick reptile.

3. Astra

The worst change in an agent Valorant has ever made is nerfing Astra to the ground. The once S-tier agent is now so basic that her difficulty does not make sense anymore. Although there are a lot of fake controllers like Harbor in the game, Astra could still be better. For now, her slight changes have claimed her up from the C-tier to the B-tier.

You can always go for any easy controller like Brimstone, and you will get the same results with less difficulty. So, regardless of changes in her playstyles, Astra gets B-Tier on our Valorant Agent Tier list.

4. Raze

When it comes to the word “meta” in a game like Valorant, anything can change with every update. Unfortunately, Raze got the worst impact from the huge changes in her abilities. Once dominating lobbies and the S-tier, Raze now barely stays in the B-tier. After the Valorant Champions Tournament 2023, PRX Jingg showcased a dominating Raze display. This made Raze get too much exposure and eventually a lots of nerfs for a strong duelist agent. Now with lower damaging paint shells and blast pack, Raze is our 4th agent on the B-tier.

5. Fade

When Fade made her debut, everyone was so excited about how good she was at gathering information and pushing back enemies from certain locations. But all of it changes when you realize that, daily, her abilities are not so practical. Fade has only one enemy tracking ability, and that too is so big that you cannot even know how many enemies are there before it is destroyed.

Overall, Fade is a decent agent made for specific maps. However, Fade climbs the ladder and matches the level of Skye thanks to her prowler being able to dodge Cypher traps which are overpowered by the way, effortlessly.

6. Skye

The Aussie from the East never disappoints with her scouting abilities in Valorant. You can always rely on Skye’s information-gathering skills. However, with the recent nerfs, Skye has become a bit stale.

You can always focus on being the supportive part of your team with the new Skye. This takes away her being a flex agent and takes her down to the B-tier from the A-tier. In a solid and defensive meta, being a stale initiator is not enough.

C-Tier Valorant Agents

The C-Tier is made of some nerfed agents and some agents that add nothing substantial to the game. Valorant is a constant-action tactical shooter, so any list will always prioritize the agents who add more depth to their tier compositions.

1. Neon

The C-Tier starts with a false promise by Valroant. When Neon debuted on the roster, the focus was on her speed and ability to keep things fast. That died out faster than the hype of CS GO 2 during that time. Although Neon looks fun to play, it is because you love playing Spike Rush and using her ultimate only.

The only thing that can make Neon climb the tier list is when Valroant decides to swap all her abilities for her ultimate. Some professional teams still pick Neon on a certain map, but he doesn’t perform as well as any viable duelist like Jett or Raze. So, Neon stays in our C-Tier.

2. KAY/O

When we mention Kay/o, a lot of people go mad about him being an underrated pick. Outside of shutting down enemy abilities in a gunfight, Kay/o can actually provide a lot of cover by being a dead body. If you are thinking about playing initiators, then choose an initiator with better information utilities and the capability to push forward with the duelist. Kay/o is not even situational and can be replaced by any other initiator with better value in team composition.

3. Breach

The small sites and cornered map god Breach find their spot in our B-Tier. The reason why Breach is above D-Tier is because of his useful abilities. But with those come self-sabotaging features. Most of Breach’s abilities are predictable and easy to dodge. Basically, the fact that he needs information (from Sova or Kay/o) to perform most of his abilities makes him second to other initiators.

4. Gekko

Before Gekko joined the Valorant protocol, the game was pretty biased toward defensive wins. However, Gekko and his little buddies, especially Wingman, changed how they approached an attack.

You can always send in the Wingman and sit back and relax while he does the spike planting with you. Along with it, Gekko’s passive, which allows him to constantly cast his spells every 10 seconds, can annoy enemies constantly. The reason he dropped to the C-tier despite being such a good agent is the Valorant meta shifting back to defensively stronger agents such as Cypher or Killjoy.

D-Tier Valorant Agents

D-Tier is also known as the disappointment tier in our dictionary. Valorant tried changing the abilities and powers of these agents in the past to make them part of the meta, but it did not help last time. So, they are still ranked low in Valorant agent tier lists.

1. Yoru

Don’t let PRX forsakens’ VCT performance fool you into thinking Yoru is a good and must-pick agent. With absolutely zero practical abilities, Yoru is a showboat. Yeah, if you find it fun to make a supersonic noise before going behind enemy lines, you are free to do that.

Outside of making sounds with almost every ability he has, Yoru can be a good boy scout. Scouting is a good thing to do, just not as a duelist. A duelist is supposed to be an entry fragger, not a scout. Valorant even tried saving him with a mega update but ended up making him somewhat relevant for content creators only. Yoru is our first D-Tier agent on this Valorant tier list.

2. Deadlock

Now, from the first day, Valorant’s latest agent Deadlock was not so practical in a Valorant game. However, we picked her for the numero uno in S-tier during her early days. The reason behind it was, she had little to no counter for players who could master her. However, with zero pick rate in the VCT 2023 and absolutely no practicality in higher-rank games, she slips down to the D-tier. Riot, you might want to have a look at your latest agent before adding another to the game.

3. Harbor

Speaking of representation, the Indian one did not work out well. Harbor was introduced in Valorant as the raja, and all he ended up doing was being the least-picked controller (even in the quick spike rush game mode). Harbor is boring and very reliant on team fights. His abilities are meant to protect teammates above all. It makes him quite bland and very situational on certain maps. That is the reason he is in the D-Tier.

Valorant Agents: Ranked Statistics

Following are global rank game statistics of all the agents in our Valroant agent tier list. This list will showcase the agent name, their global pick rate, win rate, and kill-death ratio.

S-Tier Agent namePick RateWin RateK/D
Jett (Duelist)41.4%51.0%1.09
Omen (Controller)45.2%87.6%0.97
Reyna (Duelist)59.9%44.5%1.14
Cypher (Sentinel)8.43%50.41%1.37
ISO (Duelist)0.1%46.3%0.99
A-Tier Agent namePick RateWin RateK/D
Sova (Initiator)22.4%47.6%0.91
Killjoy (Sentinel)25.4%49.9%0.99
Phoenix (Duelist)18.7%48.8%1.07
Chamber (Sentinel)22.6%47.3%1.08
Sage (Sentinel)43.4%20.4%0.89
B-Tier Agent namePick RateWin RateK/D
Brimstone (Controller)23.4%50.4%0.96
Viper (Controller)15.2%48.2%0.97
Astra (Controller)6.9%48.4%1.03
Raze (Duelist)38.5%50.9%1.03
Fade (Initiator)11.1%47.6%0.91
Skye (Initiator)31.1%47.4%0.92
C-Tier Agent namePick RateWin RateK/D
Kay/o (Initiator)11.1%43.4%0.89
Breach (Initiator)12.2%46.9%0.93
Gekko (Initiator)1.97%49.76%1.36
D-Tier Agent namePick RateWin RateK/D
Yoru (Duelist)11.1%44.5%0.97
Deadlock (Sentinel)1.25%50.11%1.29
Harbor (Controller)0.0%0.0%0.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest agent in Valorant?

There are no strongest agents in Valorant. But anyone from S-Tier in our Valorant agent tier list such as Jett, Omen, or Reyna is strong in the current patch.

Which agent is most used in Valorant?

According to our pick rate and win rate data, Reyna is the most picked agent with 59.9%. She is easy to play and very reliable on any map.

What agent should I unlock first in Valorant?

Unlock any of the S-Tier agents from our tier list. All of them are strong and flexible in any situation. We will recommend you unlock Omen and Reyna as first agents.

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