Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters (Updated)

Valorant and its agent meta are constantly changing. With almost every patch and update, a new agent is introduced to the game, bringing a breath of fresh air in terms of abilities; the latest being Clove. Every small patch and detail can change how your favorite agent plays and can help you secure your next heroic victory. So, we studied all the old and new patches and compiled the ultimate Valorant agent tier list in 2024 (up to patch 8.05). Now, you can decide which character will be your main in Episode 8 Act 2 of Valorant.

Note: With the introduction of a new duelist, namely Clove, to the character pool, we’ve updated our agent tier list on March 30th 2024. The list also includes the buffs and nerfs rolled out with the Valorant patch 8.05 recently.

Valorant Agent Tierlist Episode 8 Act 2
Image Courtesy: Riot Games/ Tiermaker

S-Tier Agents

The most popular character among any tier list is the S-Tier. These characters can be strong, fun to play with, or just overpowered. There are several reasons that can make Valorant characters to be placed in the S-Tier. Let us see why these agents belong in this overpowered category.

1. Clove

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Clove is the latest agent in Valorant, and their abilities fit into the meta just like magic. The ability to smoke after death already seems like a perfect utility for aggressive controller mains. You can also combine Clove’s utility with various cheap damage abilities for some bonus kills. And, the icing on the cake is the self-revive ultimate to reposition after you die in a bad spot. Although it is too early to say until there is a patch, Clove will remain in the S-tier for sure.

2. Gekko

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Gekko always was in the B and C-tier in this tierlist and there were multiple reasons. However, one of the key reasons was how hard it was to fit Gekko in any composition. That barrier has finally broken. Gekko not only fits in the meta but just using the Wingman alone can get Gekko in the S-tier. We have seen this in VCT Kickoff and Masters Madrid how Gekko can be a great agent in any type of team composition. Getting to use your abilities again and again is also one of the solid things that makes Gekko a desirable and strong agent.

3. Jett

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

No matter which meta, which patch, or which update you are in, Jett is S-tier. Jett is basically Riot saying this is how a duelist is made. Jett has the ability to dodge a bullet and protect herself using smoke. Of course, the usability of Blade Storm in eco rounds comes in crucial and sometimes changes the tides of the games. Jett will not leave this tier unless Riot removes some entirely from her kit.

4. Raze

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Raze went downhill when the Judge got nerfed. But after a while, it was notable that Raze could still utilize all of her tools to enter a site like no other. If you are a Blast Pack demon, then maps like Split, Lotus, and Icebox are completely yours. The bonus is Raze has great damage-dealing abilities that allow anyone with a less crisp aim to also master it.

5. Cypher

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Cypher went from being a passive sleeper agent to S-tier. If you ask how, the answer will be Cypher changed the meta. Before 7.09, the game was going through the attacker’s patch with the weapon judge and Raze playing the key roles. But now with an infinite trap setup and retake meta, Cypher can say “No one shall Pass”. Well, for the ones affected by the new traps of Cypher, we wish you recover.

A-Tier Agents

Now that our S-Tier picks are done, let us jump to the A-Tier of our agent tier list of Valorant. A lot of these agents would jump to the S-Tier group, but because of a few minor shortcomings, we have kept them in this category. A-Tier Valorant agents are consistent and reliable for the current meta. Let us have a look at them:

1. Yoru

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Yoru can be a good boy scout is all he used to hear from all the tier list makers. Scouting is a good thing to do, just not as a duelist. However, in the constantly changing meta of Valorant, scouting is also as important. So, Yoru has now become a favorite of a lot of professional and ranked team comps. Yoru can be a bit high-risk high reward but the pros overpower the cons in this meta.

2. Brimstone

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

If you are a fan of primary controllers who are just good at cutting vision and pushing enemies back, Brimstone is the first choice. Ever since the dawn of Valorant, Brimstone has been a constant threat. Despite all the controllers coming into the game after him, his smokes hold the record for the longest duration. Luckily, he does not receive huge nerfs but he cannot enter the S-tier anymore cause even if you just want to play smokes, Clove is a slightly better alternative.

3. Killjoy

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Taking a huge nerf on her back, Killjoy went down from being the reliable defensive agent to mostly reliable. However, we can all agree on one thing – Killjoy’s sentry can be another agent, which makes any team a six-man army. Despite having a vision nerf, the sentry alone is so annoying that she can make enemies feel like keyboard warriors when they are trying to enter a site. Along with it, Killjoy can gather vital intel about the map through sentry placement and alarm bot placement. On top of this, the Lockdown makes her important in rank games and even at a professional level.

4. Reyna

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Reyna cannot be an S-tier agent anymore and Clove is responsible. Despite having the Devour in her kit for ages, Reyna takes forever to heal and needs the vision of the soul. But why still A-tier? That is because even if Reyna is not as applicable in higher ranks or pro level, a cracked aim player can destroy lobbies if they are good at using Reyna, thanks to her kit.

If you have that crisp tap-level aim, do not hesitate to go for Reyna. Before picking Reyna, check out the best Valorant crosshair codes here.

5. Omen

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Another agent affected by the Clove effect is Omen. Omen was one of the most played flex agents in VCT Kickoff but one thing that keeps him down is his casting animation and audios. This pushes Omen into tough situations where players are already prepared for him to appear. On top of that, Clove has the same duration and cool-down smoke kit that they can use even when they are dead.

B-Tier Agents

From the best of the best and the average, we now move into the categories of okay and decent agents. B-Tier includes agents who are pretty basic or less fun to play. Their use case scenario is rather limited, and these agents cannot outperform S-Tier or A-Tier Valorant agents on the list, even on their bad days.

1. Harbor

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Speaking of representation, the Indian one did not work out well early. Harbor was introduced in Valorant as the raja, and all he ended up doing was being the least-picked controller (even in the quick spike rush game mode). However, with the introduction of Gekko and the retake meta in Valroant, Harbor has become a solid primary controller. You can easily combine Harbor with an Omen or Clove to take control of sites with no sweat.

2. KAY/O

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

When we mention Kay/o, a lot of people go mad about him being an underrated pick. Outside of shutting down enemy abilities in a gunfight, Kay/o can actually provide a lot of cover by being a dead body. If you are thinking about playing initiators, then choose an initiator with better information utilities and the capability to push forward with the duelist. Kay/o is not even situational and can be replaced by Gekko in most team composition.

3. Astra

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

The worst change in an agent Valorant has ever made is nerfing Astra to the ground. The once S-tier agent is now so basic that her difficulty does not make sense anymore. In most maps, even Harbor makes more sense than Astra now. The only reason to put her in B-tier is her smoke width and ability to fake the smokes. You can always go for any easy controller like Brimstone or Clove, and you will get the same results with less difficulty. So, regardless of changes in her playstyles, Astra gets B-Tier on our Valorant Agent Tier list.

4. Sova

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

The ‘always feels like the same agent’ Sova is a good agent for any comp but can be easily replaced. Yes, Sova seems fun for content creation and those nerdy lineups but overall adds no value to a team for at least every 30 seconds. Being a boring agent to play is one of the reasons Sova is in the B-tier. Otherwise, it is a good agent for most types of games. I will still prefer a Gekko in the current Valorant meta.

C-Tier Agents

The C-Tier is made of some nerfed agents and some agents that add nothing substantial to the game. Valorant is a constant-action tactical shooter, so any list will always prioritize the agents who add more depth to their tier compositions.

1. Viper

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Remember last time we talked about Viper’s nerfs? She got nerfed, again! I think Riot Games does not want the toxicity of the agent from the USA to spread. Viper is a great team-centric agent in a retake meta. But the duration of nerf on the fuel leads to a very small window of cloud and wall. This will make a lot of Viper mains mad but honestly, blame the devs.

2. Fade

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

You can always argue who is a better agent in the initiator category and no one will talk about Fade and Breach anymore. An issue with Fade is how her abilities can be dodged or denied compared to other initiators. The only thing Fade had as a speciality was the decay and Clove has a better version of it too. So, overall, I think Fade needs a slight buff and till then she stays in the C-tier.

3. Chamber

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Nothing makes sense in Chamber at all, except for him being French. While controllers like Clove are getting more aggressive and sentinels like Cypher are getting more defensive, Chamber feels lost. The only good thing about Chamber is that he is a great alternative to Jett regarding carrying the operator. If you have a good aim then, you can swap him with a lot of situational sentinels and play him on every map on Valorant.

4. Neon

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Although Neon is kind of a false promise by Valorant, she can provide value if there are bigger maps in rotation. Neon can reposition faster and the slide can make enemies guess where to aim. However, in most of the team comp, it feels better to play a flex controller or Yoru over Neon. Well, while Breeze is here Neon at least stays in C-tier.

5. Skye

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

The Aussie from the East never disappoints with her scouting abilities in Valorant. You can always rely on Skye’s information-gathering skills. However, with the recent nerfs, Skye has become a bit stale. You can always focus on being the supportive part of your team with the new Skye. This takes away her being a flex agent and takes her down to the C-tier from the B-tier. In a retake meta, being a stale initiator is not enough.

D-Tier Agents

D-Tier is also known as the disappointment tier in our dictionary. Valorant tried changing the abilities and powers of these agents in the past to make them part of the meta, but it did not help last time. So, they are still ranked low in Valorant agent tier lists.

1. ISO

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

When Riot Games first launched the gameplay trailer for its new duelist ISO, it was evident that the developer had taken a fresh approach with this agent. However it was good in normal lobbies in the early run, but it did not fit well with any team composition in Valorant. ISO is fun if you are playing solo or just casually running spike rush and swiftplay. Overall, ISO needs some buffs to be relevant in Valorant. Otherwise, some gamers will forget he exists.

2. Deadlock

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Similar to ISO, Deadlock also came with a lot of promise but faded away before trapping anyone in those wires. The issue with Deadlock is her ability not contribute defensively. Although in Bind or Ascent, she might seem useful, there are better sentinels to replace this mediocre agent with a not-so-useful kit. With zero pick rate in the VCT 2023, Kickoff 2024, and Masters Madrid, it seems giving her a D-tier spot is a mercy.

3. Breach

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

The small sites and cornered map god Breach drop down to D-tier because of his abilities being so easy to dodge. Fade gets a higher spot than Breach because of how Breach takes so much time in almost casting all of his abilities. He also comes with those self-sabotaging features that slightly make Breach notorious. Most of Breach’s abilities are predictable and easy to dodge. Basically, the fact that he needs information (from Sova or Kay/o) to perform most of his abilities makes him second to other initiators.

4. Phoenix

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

I know, I know, I picked Phoenix as the A-tier agent a few patches ago. But let me hear. It was mostly because of how the aggressive meta was running in Valorant. However, with retake meta in full force, agents like Yoru and Omen can be the better flex. Unless you want to run Phoenix as the primary duelist it is useless. He is also useless as a primary duelist too, given how bad his entry capabilities are.

5. Sage

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Sage was always on the top tiers for valid reasons. But constant nerf to her self-healing has made her fully a full support agent. In a game where the situation can come to a 1-on-1 a majority of the time, it is unfair to pick an agent that prioritizes the allies over herself. Do not forget we were also robbed when instead of Sage, Clove got a self revive ultimate. Overall, Sage is okay for those rare wall kill clips and that’s it.

That concludes our Valorant tier list for all agents in Episode 8 Act 2. Do you agree with our list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Who is the strongest agent in Valorant?

There are no strongest agents in Valorant. But anyone from S-Tier in our Valorant agent tier list such as Jett, Omen, or Reyna is strong in the current patch.

Which agent is most used in Valorant?

According to our pick rate and win rate data, Jett is the most picked agent. She is easy to play and very reliable on any map.

What agent should I unlock first in Valorant?

Unlock any of the S-Tier agents from our tier list. All of them are strong and flexible in any situation. We will recommend you unlock Omen and Reyna as first agents.

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