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India holds on to app bans of Chinese apps including tiktok, wechat, pubg mobile and more

India Permanently Bans Chinese Apps Including TikTok, WeChat, and More: Report

The Indian government, as you might know, banned several Chinese apps and games in the country in the name of national security starting from...

Baidu, Weibo Banned in India as Part of Further Crackdown on Chinese Apps

As part of its continuing crackdown on Chinese apps and services following the deadly skirmishes between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh earlier this...
pubg mobile bluehole mode tips tricks featured

Indian Government Could Ban PUBG Over National Security Concerns

Having banned 59 Chinese apps recently over alleged security concerns, New Delhi has now reportedly earmarked 275 more for possible similar treatment. According to...

India Warns 59 Banned Chinese Apps to Refrain From Operating in India

Having banned a long list of Chinese apps recently, the Indian government has now reportedly warned their publishers that their continued operations in the...
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India Asks Banned Chinese App Makers 77 Questions on Security, Censorship

The Indian government has drawn up a detailed questionnaire for the publishers of the 59 Chinese apps that were banned in the country last...
8 Best Non-Chinese VPN Apps for Android and iOS

8 Best Non-Chinese VPN Apps for Android and iOS

In an age where cybercrime is rampant, a strong virtual private network has become an indispensable shield to ward off hacking or data tracking....
ByteDance Wants to Move TikTok Team out of China - Report

[Update: All 59 Apps Removed] Indian Government Officially Bans 59 Chinese Apps Including TikTok

Over a week ago there were reports that the Indian government is considering banning 52 Chinese apps. Now, the government has reportedly taken an...
7 Best Chinese Apps Alternatives for Enhanced Privacy

23 Best Chinese Apps Alternatives for Enhanced Privacy

In an unexpected move, the Indian government recently banned 59 Chinese apps that posed a threat to the privacy of crores of Indian users....
TikTok shares top 100 report to showcase best creators, memes and trends

Government Denies Imposing Ban on TikTok, CamScanner, and Other Chinese Apps

It appears like there have been rumors floating around on the Internet suggesting that India's National Informatics Centre (NIC) has banned the use of...
8 Best Turbo VPN Alternatives for Android and iOS

8 Best Turbo VPN Alternatives for Android and iOS

With over 100 million downloads on the Play Store alone, Turbo VPN is easily among the most popular free VPN apps out there. It...
7 Best BeautyPlus Alternatives for Android and iOS

7 Best BeautyPlus Alternatives for Android and iOS

BeautyPlus is a wildly popular photo editing and camera app that people use for editing selfies through AR stickers, makeup tools, and beauty effects....
Tiktok ban feat.

US Officials Might Be Banned from Using TikTok with New Law

Well, it is no secret that the US government always eyes the Chinese products suspiciously. The trade war between the two countries has had...
China's HQ Trivia Clones

Mobile Quiz Bug Bites China as a Slew of HQ Trivia Clones Emerge

HQ Trivia has been a lot in the news lately and if somehow you have not heard about the popular trivia game, you must...