Snapchat My AI Chatbot Can Now Set Reminders and Countdowns

Snapchat My AI Chatbot Can Now Set Reminders and Countdowns
In Short
  • Snapchat now offers the ability to create reminders and countdown timers directly from the app using My AI.
  • Users can visit My AI chat and ask the chatbot to set reminders and timers for them.
  • Snapchat has also added emoji reactions that let you react to Snaps and chats with emojis, besides the usual Bitmoji.

Snapchat’s My AI was supposed to be your AI buddy whom you can carry out conversations with and ask general questions. However, users didn’t find much utility in using the AI chatbot. I suppose that is why Snapchat is adding a new feature to set countdown timers and create reminders with My AI to add an element of productivity to their bot.

The company announced on Wednesday that users can now ask the chatbot to create reminders for tasks or countdowns. As you can see from the screenshot below, you just have to type in the command and your reminder or countdown will begin right away.

Snapchat My AI Reminders and Countdown

It can come in handy when you want to start working on your assignment and get off the app. Or need to be reminded to pick something up or do a chore. This feature will definitely encourage more users to use the chatbot. It is active by default and is rolling out to all Snapchat users across the globe.

Snapchat has also introduced emoji reactions. You can use emoji reactions alongside Bitmoji to react to messages and Snaps. To use this feature, long tap on a message. You should now see your usual set of Bitmoji reactions along with a plus icon now. Tap on the plus icon and choose emojis to react with.

Snapchat Emoji Reactions

Snapchat will also add the much-awaited feature to edit messages till 5 minutes after you have sent them. This could be a response to other messaging apps adapting a similar feature like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google Messages. These new improvements will surely enhance your Snapchat experience. As someone, who doesn’t use the app much, I feel reminders for Snapchat My AI are a good addition. I can see some of my friends who often use Snapchat using it. But what are your thoughts about these additions? Share with us in the comments below.

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