PUBG Training Mode Walkthrough: Here’s Everything You Can Do

PUBG’s much-awaited and much-revamped training mode is finally here, giving players a chance to improve their skills in a safer environment. The training mode was officially released for the PUBG test servers late last week and we’ve taken many runs through the new map to see everything that players can do in the training mode. Since you have so many versions of PUBG, with similar features and gameplay elements, the training mode will get you ready for the PC version, but not for PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile Lite as controls obviously differ.

If you haven’t had the chance to get on the test servers to try the new training mode on PC (it’s coming soon to live servers), you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the new map, highlighting all the things that you can practice over a 30 minute time span.

PSA: This articles has a number of GIFs which may take a while to load and run smoothly. Remember, as in PUBG, patience is a virtue in real life. 

PUBG Training Mode: Everything You Can Do

While it is true that a training mode such as this attracts players who’re just trying to have fun and trying out stupid antics that they can’t afford to do in a match, if you’re determined enough you can really improve your gameplay by spending some quality time in the training map. Here are all the areas where you can practice different in-game skills:

Shooting Range (400m)

Starting off with perhaps the most important area of the new map, the 400 meter Shooting Range. At the beginning of the game, you’ll spawn next to an equipment table where you’ll be able to gear up and try all kinds of weapons and attachments that you can find in-game.

All the guns, ammo and gear is neatly laid out on tables and you can pick up whatever you wish to use, from SMGs to sniper rifles. You can kit up your gear with any attachment that you need and head on the shooting range nearby to practice shooting from different distances.

The 400 meter range is the most important because more often than not you’d find yourself fighting at that range and you need to be really good if you want to get that chicken dinner. In case you run out of ammo, you won’t have to run back to the equipment tables to get more as there’s plenty of ammo that you can pick up right from the shooting range. The range also has some guns and attachments laid out right up front, so you can also switch to a different gun without wasting any time.

Shooting Range (800m)

Next up is the 800 meter shooting range where you can practice shooting long-range targets. As with the 400 meter range, the 800 meter range also has a variety of targets at different distances that you can shoot at.

Once again, the 800 meter range also has a selection of weapons and ammo laid out at the front, so you don’t have to run back to the equipment tables once you get there. If you’ve practiced enough and 800 meters don’t really pose a challenge, the range also has a special 1500 meter target that you can practice on.

Shooting Range (Handguns and Shotguns)

Compared to the other two shooting ranges, the handguns and shotguns range is quite small. It also has guns and ammo laid out right at the front so that you can try out a variety of weapons while you’re at it.

Targets placed in the handgun and shotgun range are relatively close and aim to recreate what players might find early on in games, where you have to do well with whatever weapons you find as soon as you land.

Throwables Range

The training mode map also has an area where you can practice throwing grenades and Molotov cocktails. The range has a variety of structures and you can practice accurately throwing grenades over short and long distances, through windows and into tight spaces.

Practicing at the throwables range can really come in handy for beginners who’re not used to throwing grenades accurately. You should definitely try it out, and who knows you might win your next Chicken Dinner because of a well-timed flashbang.

Melee Range

The Training Mode map also has a melee combat range which allows players to practice combat using melee weapons. While practicing melee weapons might seem like a waste of time, it could really come in handy in the early game when you run out of luck and can’t find a gun.

I had an issue with the melee range though. Unlike all the other practice ranges, it doesn’t have any area nearby where you can pick up melee weapons to hone your pan wielding skills. You’ll have to head back to the equipment tables to get your melee weapons. As you can already see, I didn’t bother.

Parachute Practice Area

Another great skill that you can practice on the new training mode map is parachuting. While it may not seem so, parachuting is also a crucial part that can give you a significant advantage in the early game.

To practice parachuting, all you need to do is jump into a jump school bunker and interact with the console inside. The map has a number of targets in various locations which you can practice landing on to improve your skills.

Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Area

Probably the most underutilized area in the map is the Close Quarter Combat (CQC) area. As the name suggests, the area is designated to practicing fighting with your opponents in an urban environment in close quarters.

However, in all the games that I played, I couldn’t find a single person who was willing to practice close quarter combat and the area was pretty much deserted. So, if you wish to practice close quarter combat in PUBG, you’ll have to queue up for training mode with a bunch of your friends. I, sadly, don’t have any which is why you can see me running and shooting around aimlessly. T_T

Parkour Area

While you can practice all your vaulting and jumping skills in the close quarter combat area as well, the new training mode has a designated area for the same. The parkour area has a variety of different obstacle courses which allow you to practice vaulting and jumping, which can be crucial when you are under attack in the game.

I had a lot of fun running on the short courses and even though I wasn’t great at it, I got a fair idea of when and how to jump to complete the courses quickly. This could really help with fighting in urban areas where there are structures that you can climb onto.

Garage, Racing Track and Off-Road Area

To help you improve your driving skills in game, the training mode also has a garage, a racing track and an off-road area. The garage close to the 400 meter range houses the UAZ and the mini van, while the one next to the racing track has the buggy, the muscle car and the motorcycles.

The map is littered with scooters everywhere so that you can get from one place to another really quickly – and also practice for those Sanhok matches – and vehicle damage has been turned off so you drive without worrying about someone blowing up your vehicle.

Sweet Stunt Ramps

If at any point you get bored of training, you can pick up a vehicle and have fun on the numerous stunt ramps littered around the racing track. There are several simple jumps and a crazy loop which I couldn’t complete on a two wheeler, no matter how many times I tried.

While the ramps aren’t really training you for anything that you might encounter in-game, they definitely give you the opportunity to try making insane plays with a vehicle and a steep slope. I’m sure you’ve seen some clips on YouTube and know exactly what I’m talking about.

Open Water for Vehicles

Lastly, the training mode map also has a harbor where you can practice driving PUBG’s water transport. You can even practice steering the notoriously unstable boats through an obstacle course while you’re at it.

I usually try to avoid waterways in-game, so I didn’t spend too much time driving the boats, but I’m pretty sure learning how to shoot from a moving boat can be helpful in game.

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Well, that rounds up everything you can do in the new PUBG training mode. Are you excited to get in on the action and improve your skills to get closer to that Chicken Dinner? What do you plan to practice first when training mode is rolled out on live servers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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