MIUI 12 for India Announced; Here’s When Your Xiaomi Device Will Get the Update

miui 12 global launch set for may 12

Xiaomi first introduced MIUI 12 in China in April earlier this year. The company even announced the rollout of its next-gen software skin for its global markets in May. But today, Xiaomi has decided to share the MIUI 12 features that will be available in India and when you can expect to experience them on your device.

Some of the most popular phones in the company’s portfolio, including the Redmi K20 and K20 Pro, Redmi Note 9, and even the Poco X2, have already received the update in India. So, I am baffled as to why Xiaomi took a hurried approach to announce MIUI 12 and share the update timeline for a handful of its phones in the country.

MIUI 12 Update Rollout in India

Xiaomi today announced that its Mi 10 flagship phone will be one of the first devices to receive the MIUI 12 in India in the month of August. The Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 8, and Redmi Note 9 series will also tag along this month itself. You can check this out in the rollout schedule screenshot attached below.

miui 12 update rollout india

The company has only announced the rollout schedule for the aforementioned devices and that’s disappointing for users who’ve been waiting for Xiaomi to reveal when their older-gen phone, such as the Redmi Y2 or Redmi 8A, will get the update. The company will share rollout details for all other phones on its social media in the coming months.

MIUI 12: Key New Features

If you are a Xiaomi smartphone user, you may already be familiar with the cool new UI changes, iOS-like control center, Super Wallpapers, privacy protection, and more. The Chinese giant now represents data beautifully, especially for storage and battery usage. The Mars and Earth Super Wallpapers that animate every time you unlock an MIUI 12-backed phone are stunning.

Xiaomi has also taken a page from Apple’s book to offer enhance privacy protections, a virtual ID, floating windows, dark mode 2.0 for improved readability, new camera UI, and universal casting for Indian users. You can cast with the screen off, minimize what you’re casting and continue using the phone, and hide notification during this process.

If you want to know all about MIUI 12, go ahead and check out our detailed article on the 25 best features in this update. You can also see MIUI 12 in action right here:

If your Xiaomi/ Redmi device is not in the list above, stay tuned as we will update you about the MIUI 12 update rollout for other smartphones in the coming weeks. We also expected the company to share details on the banned apps-free MIUI 12 build for India but nothing of that sort was discussed during the virtual event.

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  • I am using pocox2 pro but I didn’t got the new gestures for minimize and back option. May I know when I will get that update.


  • I am using k20 pro but I didn’t got the new gestures for minimize and back option. May I know when I will get that update.

  • Rebmi not 7s ths divace not good pafomenc please give me updates please 5 .6 months not updates please give me updates resmi not 7s

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    Omg that’s very good news…

    Beta is tum abhi bhi may me jee rhe ho..

    Tum se na ho payega ye blog wgra ka…

  • Hello , I’m a Redmi Note 5 (Indian Varient) user, and I’m curious about the MIUI 12 update for my phone will come or not. Every site i visit there i can find that the Redmi Note 5 will get update , but which Redmi Note 5 , indian Varient or Chinese/global varient, which is known as Redmi Note 5 Pro in India. Can u please let me know about this that the update will come or not…. thanks.

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