6 Best Uses of Minecraft Wither Roses

In Short
  • First and foremost, wither roses can be used to make black dye and suspicious stew in Minecraft.
  • Also, the wither roses are very useful as killing mechanics in farms due to their wither effect.
  • Wither roses are food for bees and are also used to breed them. They are also great as decorations in flower pots.

Wither rose is a special kind of flower in Minecraft and a pretty dangerous one due to its harmful effect. In our guide on how to obtain a wither rose, we covered everything you need to know about obtaining this flower. So today, we’re focusing on all the ways you can use the wither roses in your Minecraft world. With that said, let’s begin!

1. Black Dye

Wither rose is a part of two crafting recipes. The first one is the black dye.

If you place a wither rose anywhere in the crafting grid, you’ll see that it breaks down into one black dye. Another source of black dye is squid ink. Since you can create farms for both resources, it’s just up to personal preference for which item to use.

2. Suspicious Stew

The second recipe is for suspicious stew. Well, wither roses are still technically flowers despite their negative effects. So, if you combine a red mushroom, brown mushroom, wither rose, and a bowl in any shape in the crafting grid, you will get the suspicious stew.

After consuming this item, you will be granted the wither effect for 6 seconds (Bedrock edition) or 8 seconds (Java edition).

3. Useful in Minecraft Farms

When you touch the hitbox of a placed wither rose, you’ll instantly get the wither effect. This effect is similar to poison but more dangerous. It only lasts for a few seconds, but it can kill you, unlike poison. It doesn’t just apply to players but to all the mobs in the game. So, as expected, it makes for a great option for a killing system if you cannot use any other methods.

For regular Overworld mob farms, this would be a slow and impractical way of getting rid of mobs, but in the Nether, wither roses may just be essential for a good farm. Some mobs, such as the wither skeleton farm, are completely immune to the wither effect. If you’d like to make a dedicated wither skeleton farm, it would have been quite tricky before the wither rose was introduced.

This is the case because water streams cannot be placed in the Nether dimension and many mobs are not harmed by lava damage. So, you couldn’t separate the Nether fortress mobs.

However, with wither roses, you can do that, as only the wither skeletons will survive in a box where the floor is covered by wither roses. Therefore, this flower is pretty important if you’d like to farm a bunch of beacons.

4. Breeding Bees and Pollination

The use of wither roses may seem kind of cruel and strange, but it’s still a flower after all. You can right-click two adult bees with wither roses and initiate the breeding process, just like you can do with any other flower. This won’t hurt the bees as it’s just an item.

Though, bees can also pollinate wither roses and will take damage from the wither effect. And since bees are rather fragile mobs, maybe don’t place these flowers in your bee greenhouse.

5. Decorative Item

You might be wondering, “Who would want to use wither roses for decoration?” Well, did you know you can bypass the effect of this flower and still enjoy its unique dark look? This is possible with the flower pots.

Placing this flower in a pot will modify its properties, making it completely harmless, just like in the case of cactus. You can also place a wither rose in an item frame, and it won’t hurt you.

6. Used in Traps and Mini-games

If you’d like to mess around with your server mates in a unique way, maybe surprising them with wither roses is a great option. These flowers are generally not used in pranks or traps because the process of disabling them is easy – just punch them once. But, you can still use them on occasions when others cannot or must not break them.

So, making a parkour course with wither roses scattered around the floor will encourage players to not want to fail, but even if they do, it doesn’t have to be game over because death is not instant.

Moreover, due to regular mobs also not being able to break blocks, it can be beneficial to surround your base with these flowers. They won’t even try to dodge them, but just go straight through. This may also be a mechanic worth exploring for a possible mini-game.

Just like that, you now know how to use wither roses in Minecraft. It provides alternative ways to achieve certain goals, but its power essentially lies in its unique appearance and dangerous wither effect. So, how do you use wither roses? Tell us in the comments below!

Do wither roses attract wither skeletons?

No, wither skeletons are not attracted to wither roses and are not harmed when they come in contact with them.

Can wither roses be used in potions?

No, you cannot make a potion using wither roses.

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