How to Get a Wither Rose in Minecraft

In Short
  • To get a wither rose in Minecraft, you need to summon the Wither boss and have it kill mobs.
  • To farm with roses, choose a location to spawn the Wither, either underground or in the End.
  • Prepare the mobs Wither will kill before summoning it. Also, gear up to kill the Wither afterward.

Flowers in Minecraft are just as you expect them to be, beautiful and colorful decorations that can be placed in flower pots. Now, let’s rephrase that beginning to “most flowers,” as wither rose is a special exception in Minecraft. It’s different than any other flower in-game and can only be obtained in a very specific way. So, in this guide, we’ll teach how to get the wither rose flower in Minecraft.

To get the wither rose, you need to summon the Wither boss mob and have it kill another mob. After the mob dies, it’ll also drop a single wither rose. We’ve made a list of steps you should follow to get a wither rose flower in Minecraft.

1. Gather Supplies to Spawn the Wither

The first step would be to gather 3 wither skeleton skulls and 4 soul sand blocks. These are the materials required for spawning the Wither. We have a dedicated guide on spawning the Wither in Minecraft, so you’ll find the rest of the useful information in it.

Player's inventory with three wither skeleton skulls and four soul sand

2. Choose a Location to Spawn the Wither

After that, choose a good location to spawn the Wither, as it’s very destructive. The best and kind of cheesy spot would be under the bedrock portal in the End dimension. Doing this requires you to go to the End and kill the Ender Dragon. So, as you can assume, this could be a rather time-consuming task.

Though, you don’t need to do this in the End at all, but just somewhere where the Wither’s attacks won’t destroy any of the features or buildings you constructed. So, somewhere underground in the deepslate layers would be a good location.

3. Prepare the Mobs That Wither Will Kill

However, don’t summon the Wither before first making a plan for the other part of the requirement. This boss needs to kill a mob for the wither rose to drop in Minecraft. Therefore, if you need a lot of wither roses, it’s the best idea to first gather the mobs that the Wither will kill.

Players usually choose chickens for this task. They are small passive Minecraft mobs that can be spawned when shooting and breaking an egg.

This is great because you do not need to transfer the mobs from one location to the other but just bring a lot of eggs with you. If you do decide to summon the Wither in the End, make sure to find End Cities, kill shulkers, and obtain shulker shells.

These will allow you to make shulker boxes and transfer the eggs easily. You can take advantage of any other mob in the game, not just chickens. Also, they can be both babies and adults.

Wither spawning build and a lot of baby chickens around it, which will die due to wither's explosion and drop a wither rose each in Minecraft

4. Killing the Wither Afterwards

So, after you have set up the mobs in a certain area, you can then summon the Wither. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to kill the Wither after it produces wither roses for you. So, try making diamond or even netherite armor and enhance it with the best Minecraft enchantments using the enchanting table or enchanted books.

You can even brew some useful Minecraft potions just to be sure. You’ll need a sword because when the Wither is at half health and lower, it’ll be immune to arrows and tridents. So, make a bow for the first half of the battle and try to make a netherite sword for the second half.

So, there you have it. Now you know how to get a wither rose in Minecraft. They are fairly difficult to get but can be pretty easily farmed, thanks to an Enderman farm and Wither combo. If you want to learn how to use wither roses, check out our linked guide. So, what do you think about wither roses? Tell us in the comments below!

Do wither roses spawn skeletons?

No, these flowers don’t act as a wither skeleton spawner, but only they will not be harmed by the wither roses. Therefore, they are the only mobs that can spawn at the same block where the wither rose is at.

Do fish drop wither rose?

Every mob that’s killed by the Wither drops a wither rose.

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