How Minecraft Speedrunners Taught Me to Conquer My Goals

In Short
  • Amazing speedrunners are super impressive and just make me want to be like them. There is also the competition aspect that's rather motivating.
  • Every improvement I make feels so good and pushes me to go even faster and achieve my goals.
  • Trying out different Minecraft speedrunning techniques is fun and inspired me to learn more.

As someone who has been playing Minecraft for years now, I have dabbled into the game in more ways than one. One of my recent experiments has been watching Minecraft speedrunners blaze their way through the game. Watching speedrunners make quick work of such an expansive game has undoubtedly left me with a mix of inspiration and admiration. After seeing Minecraft speedrunners for a fair bit, I decided to improve my own runs! Feel the hype with me? If you don’t, keep reading as I explain why Minecraft speedrunners work wonders here!

1. Incredible Speedrunners Have Inspired Me

Let’s be honest. We have all had moments when we saw someone perform a feat and couldn’t help but feel awed and inspired at once. That moment came for me when I logged in to watch Minecraft Speedrunners. Merely witnessing their extraordinary speed and abilities left me feeling so impressed.

I sometimes cannot even comprehend what the person did and how they achieved it simply because they’re so fast and skillful. Their knowledge about the game completely surpasses averageness and reaches a new level of spectacular abilities.

The perfect example is the Minecraft world record speedruns. The two Minecraft players we spoke about have pushed themselves to their absolute limits and have truly reached a historic accomplishment. This also makes me want to become great at speedrunning since I love the game so much.

2. Improvement Is Highly Rewarding

Every success feels good, and speedrunning is no different. Pushing yourself can be pretty challenging, as the road ahead is full of failures and frustrating resets. But the moment you make the impossible possible, you feel as if you’re on top of the world in the most positive way imaginable.

Reaching your new PB time is very satisfying because you’ve proven that your effort and hard work paid off. I’m still a beginner, but every little improvement makes me want to gain more experience and practice harder.

Like other areas in life, speedrunning in Minecraft is all about goals and if there’s anything consistency has taught me, it’s that your goals can be achieved if you’re willing to put in the work!

3. I Love Trying out Speedrunning Techniques

Speedrunners on both Bedrock and Java Minecraft editions have, over time, created specific and efficient techniques that they have mastered to a science. They are pretty much always the same, but players continually get even better at them. Some of these include speed bridging, speedrunner Nether portal building, F3 debug screen and Ender pearl masteries, bed blasting the Ender Dragon, and so many more.

Player making a Nether portal in the speedrunning way in Minecraft

Building my first Nether portal in this way was so much fun and exciting, even though it’s not really that difficult to pull off. That’s not the case with some other methods, which can take hours of practice to get even decent at. But if you’re passionate about Minecraft, this shouldn’t be a task but more of a wish.

4. Competition Pushes Me Even Further

If you’re competitive like me, you definitely know this feeling. Seeing all of these amazing Minecraft players has also made me want to be like them or even better. This dose of competition can be very healthy, simply motivating you to give it your best in every run.

This is also the case if you have friends who share your love of Minecraft speedrunning. My friend and I have recently started competing with each other, and it has resulted in us getting better more quickly and having lots of fun in the process. While we do understand competition can sometimes come in the way of achieving your goals and making progress, I’ve found that it actually helps us become way better.

How to Learn Speedrunning in Minecraft

Well, if you’ve been with me until now and I’ve made an impression, then you might be itching to learn how to speedrun Minecraft. So, if you now want to learn how to speedrun Minecraft, you can do so by researching and practicing. First, you need to know how to beat Minecraft, to actually know the ropes. Furthermore, watching videos will help you greatly in learning about these unique techniques and strategies.

Videos to help you learn Minecraft speedrunning from amazing speedrunners

I recommend you check out tutorials, analysis videos, and plays by great speedrunners themselves. When it comes to practice, well, the more you do of it, the better. So, the more experience you have, the better speedrunner you are. I am far from being good at speedrunning, which is why I spend hours on perfecting it.

Unlike many other games, Minecraft is full of randomness, so you cannot predict what you’ll get in a random seed. That’s why practice and research will help you be ready for whatever the seed has to offer.

Those were the reasons why I was inspired to learn Minecraft speedrunning. How do you feel about speedrunning? Did you fall in love with it, or perhaps it’s too much? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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