Fun Minecraft Easter Egg Lets You Mine Blocks in Google Search

Free interactive browser Minecraft game
In Short
  • You can now play a free interactive Minecraft browser game inside Google.
  • To do so, type "Minecraft" in the search bar and click on the grass block button at the bottom.
  • Click on any areas where the cursor becomes the crosshair to break them. Break the blocks inside the boxes, grow your score and get better pickaxes.

Even gamers who don’t play Minecraft know about its 15th-anniversary celebrations that have everyone going crazy. Besides the new Minecraft TikTok cape and the Twitch cape that you should claim, there’s more out there. It now seems that Google has decided to join the fun and add a cool Minecraft easter egg to the search engine! Want to play this interesting Minecraft x Google interactive game? Keep reading to learn how!

How to Activate Google’s Minecraft Easter Egg

The first thing you should do is open up Google and type “Minecraft” (not case-sensitive) in the search bar. Now, you’ll see this button that looks like a grass block at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to transform the browser into a Minecraft-like game.

minecraft easter egg in google

This will bring up a Steve hand on the right and will turn the cursor into a crosshair, but only while hovering over certain parts. When this happens, simply left-click, and you’ll get a nice animation of the hand literally tearing the browser into blocks!

Activating the browser game for the Minecraft's 15th anniversary

After the “block” is broken, you’ll see it turn into a random Minecraft screenshot in the background with some different blocks in the foreground. Click on the blocks to break them. If you click on a log, you’ll receive the wooden pickaxe. You can then work your way down the browser page and break as many blocks as possible.

After you have the wooden pickaxe, mining stone will yield a stone one. You may then repeat the same process for the iron ore, diamond ore, and even ancient debris further down to make more advanced pickaxes. There is even a score displayed in the bottom left corner, which shows how many blocks you broke.

Finally, you can click on the X button at the bottom once you’re done breaking Google in this Minecraft browser game. This will trigger a very cool animation of a creeper’s face rising and blowing up, ultimately returning the browser to its normal state.

I am absolutely amazed by this little game as I didn’t expect to see anything like it for the 15th-year anniversary. It’s fun, short, and sweet and captures Minecraft’s core mechanic – breaking blocks. It’s just proof of how Minecraft’s impact is so strong as the game continues to be super popular in 2024.

This is such a cool Easter egg for Minecraft’s 15th anniversary, which makes this event even more grand! If you’re not satisfied with this alone then pair it up with the Minecraft creeper cape. So, if you haven’t tried it already, don’t waste any more time and start mining or breaking Google right now!

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