How to Get the Minecraft Creeper Cape (15th Anniversary Cape)

In Short
  • The Creeper cape is a gift to all players for the Minecraft 15th anniversary celebration.
  • To get it, visit the Minecraft website and then reach the 15th-anniversary cape section. Sign in and claim the cape.
  • To equip the cape on Minecraft Java, visit the Profile page and select the creeper cape. On Bedrock, you can select the cape in the Dressing Room.

Minecraft’s 15th anniversary celebration is in full swing, and gifts are pouring in! After getting their hands on the Minecraft TikTok cape and the Twitch cape, there’s a new item in town. From May 17th, both Java and Bedrock players can get their hands on the Minecraft creeper cape, an iconic green cape with the face of a creeper. Do you also want one? Well then, keep reading as I show you just how!

1. Reach Creeper Cape Section on the Minecraft Website

Begin by heading on over to the official Minecraft creeper cape section. Once there, click on the “Sign In to Claim” button. You can also reach the Minecraft creeper cape section by clicking the “Celebrate with Us” button and scrolling down (see second image).

  • 15th Anniversary cape section
  • Click on Celebrate with Us button

You can even play the game on the main page at the top to reach the cape section. First, click on the “Dig Deeper” button, then on the “Explode” button, and finally click on the chest next to an enderman.

  • Play the game and click on the chest next to an enderman
  • Click on the Get the Cape button to reach the creeper cape section

2. Sign in to Claim the Cape

Once you’re on the page, click on the “Claim The Cape” button. Ensure you Sign in with the right Microsoft account before you do so. And it’s as easy as that! Now, let’s begin putting it on.

Click on Claim the Cape button to obtain the creeper cape

3. Equip the Cape

And now you’ve got the Minecraft creeper cape. To wear it, you can click the Wear the Cape button. You’ll see the instructions you should follow for the Java and Bedrock editions. Keep reading to learn how:

Minecraft Java

  • Minecraft Java players can log in to their Minecraft account and visit the Profile page.
  • Click on the “Change Skin” button under the Java edition.
  • Now scroll down and click on the 15-Year Anniversary creeper cape to equip it.
  • Go to the Profile page and select Change Skin button on Java edition
  • Scroll down and select the creeper cape

Minecraft Bedrock

  • Load up Minecraft Bedrock and click on the Dressing Room button on the main menu.
  • Edit your character and select the “Capes” button on the sidebar.
  • Once there, click on the 15th Anniversary Cape and then on the “Equip” button.
  • Load up Minecraft Bedrock and click on the Dressing Room button
  • Edit your character, select the Capes section, click on the creeper cape and Equip button

That’s how you get the Minecraft creeper cape! So, which cape are you currently donning for Minecraft’s 15th anniversary? Let us know in the comments below!

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