Minecraft Snapshot 24W19B Nerfs the Mace & Improves Performance

Mace and an enchanted book in items frames with arrows below pointing downwards in Minecraft 24w19b snapshot
In Short
  • Mace nerfs weren't documented in the previous 24W18A snapshot changelog, so they have been included in this changelog.
  • Mace gets reduced base stats, changes to the smash attack calculation, reduced density damage, and is now incompatible with all damage enchantments.
  • Minecraft snapshot 24W19B changes include new cave sounds, performance boost, fixed old and important bugs, and more.

Another week and another snapshot is here. It’s not Wednesday, but that won’t stop Mojang from giving us some juicy changes to test the features coming to Minecraft 1.21. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive deep into the changes introduced in Minecraft Snapshot 24W19B.

Minecraft: Mace Nerfs Explained

The mace was nerfed in the previous 24W18A snapshot, but it was not mentioned in the changelog. So, technically the mace nerfs aren’t news at this point, but we’re including them for you as they’re very important. The base mace stats are now 5 attack damage points instead of 7 and its attack speed is now -3.5 as opposed to -2.4 before.

The way the game calculates the mace’s smash attack boost has also been modified. The principal is next:

  • The first 3 blocks fallen give 4 damage per block;
  • The next 5 blocks fallen give 2 damage per block;
  • Any block fallen after that gives 1 damage per block.

Note: The damage points translate to half the hearts. So, if the damage points are 4, those are actually 2 hearts of damage.

Furthermore, density enchantment additional damage has been reduced per level per block to 0.5. Not only that, but the damage enchantments for the mace are now incompatible. So, out of density, breach, smite and bane of arthropods, you can only choose one enchantment to go on a mace.

However, despite all these nerfs, the mace also got buffed in one way and that’s the durability. It jumped from 250 to 500. I have to admit I didn’t like the previous OP version of the mace, as it just seemed a little too much. Though, thanks to these nerfs, it appears far more balanced, and I appreciate it a lot more.

Important Changes, Bug Fixes and Additions

Apart from the mace news in the previous snapshot, there have been other important changes, bug fixes, and minor additions. Some of those are:

  • Blocks frozen by Frost Walker now emit “Block Placed” vibrations;
  • Improved chunk loading performance;
  • Four new cave ambient sounds were added;
  • Fixed a major crash when a villager dies;
  • Fixed an old bug where mobs clip through blocks when growing up near a solid block;
  • Fixed dispenser dropping honey bottle unless empty slot is available;
  • And more.

These are the key changes in the Minecraft Snapshot 24W19B. If you would like to read through all the technical changes and bug fixes, feel free to check out the official Minecraft article here. How do you feel about the mace nerfs from the previous snapshot? Are you happy about them or feel like the mace is ruined? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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