Intel Core Ultra 9 185H 14th Gen CPU Specs Leaked

intel core ultra 9 185h cpu leaked on upcoming galaxy book 4 laptop
In Short
  • Intel's Core Ultra 9 185H has leaked on Weibo, showcasing the detailed specifications.
  • The Core i9 successor, renamed to Core Ultra 9, will feature 16-cores with 22-threads and a turbo clock of 5.1GHz.
  • A die-shot showing Meteor Lake hybrid architecture is also revealed in the leak.

Intel’s 14th Gen laptop processors are releasing soon, and the lineup’s high-end variant Core Ultra 9 185H has leaked in quite a spectacular fashion. On the Chinese social media site Weibo, photos were recently shared highlighting key specifications of the upcoming Core i9 CPU based on the 14th-Gen Meteor Lake architecture.

The leak comes from Weibo and the post has since been taken down, but images are still up on X. The internals of an upcoming Samsung-based Meteor Lake laptop, along with detailed specifications of Intel Core Ultra 9 185H via the CPU-Z app have been shown in this leak.

This was first spotted by hardware leaker @9550pro on X (formerly Twitter). Previously, the Galaxy Book 4 laptop lineup was leaked as well. This Core Ultra 9 processor was mentioned in the report.

Image Courtesy: Weibo/@LXYours

Talking about the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H, we can see in the leak that it will have a TDP of up to 45W. The P-Core speed has been mentioned at 5087.86MHz, which means this Core Ultra 9 185H will boost up to 5.10GHz. A core configuration of 6P+8E+2LP has been mentioned too.

Intel’s Meteor Lake architecture has a hybrid performance architecture, made up of P-cores, E-cores, and a new type of core called Low-Power Island (LP) as well.

The leak reveals the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H will feature 16 cores and 22 threads, along with the aforementioned configuration. CPU-Z Benchmarks, along with a die shot of this particular 14th Gen CPU were also shown in the leak. Way too much thermal paste has been used here, and the original leaker did not clean it up before the shot.

Interestingly, we can see the Meteor Lake CPU having clear indentations. These look similar to the tile structure of Meteor Lake as shown by Intel.

Image Courtesy: Weibo/@LXYOURS

Intel Core Ultra 9 185H scored 767.2 points in the Single-Core test, and 8096.9 points in the multi-core test. Do note these are preliminary numbers done on an early engineering sample of a yet-to-be-announced Samsung laptop. Intel’s AI Everywhere event is already scheduled to be held very soon. This is where the company will officially launch its new Meteor Lake CPUs.

Further details on the first few Intel 14th Gen Metero Lake laptops will also be revealed by various OEMs, following the release. Meteor Lake will have many exciting features! This includes the Arc-based Meteor Lake GPU, a dedicated NPU Chip for AI processing, and a highly improved ‘Intel 4’ manufacturing process, all of which are highlights of Intel’s 14th Gen processors.

What are your thoughts on Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors? Are you excited about Intel’s major shift towards the Core Ultra branding? Let us know in the comments below.

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