How to Get Ferroseed in Pokemon GO

In Short
  • Ferroseed was first added to Pokemon GO in 2019, allowing players to catch it normally. It will also appear frequently during this year's Incense Day event.
  • Ferroseed can be evolved to a Ferrothorn for the price of 50 Ferroseed candies.
  • Furthermore, you can encounter a Shiny Ferroseed shiny with a limited spawn rate during special events.

In 2019, Pokemon GO subsequently introduced a peculiar-looking monster named Ferroseed and its shiny variant. An egg-shaped monster with eyes and spikes, Ferroseed is an interesting Pokemon. Besides its design, this Pokemon has one of the best element combinations in-game, making it formidable. If you’re amused and also want a Ferroseed in Pokemon GO, keep reading to know how!

How To Find and Catch Ferroseed in Pokemon GO?

Ferroseed is the highlight Pokemon of the upcoming Incense Day event in GO

Ferroseed is a grass/steel-type Pokemon, making it one of the best in-game, thanks to its combination of strength and resistance. The list of resistance is staggering, ensuring the monster is safe from most attacks.

The Pokemon was first added to the game in 2019, alongside fellow fifth-generation Pokemon during the Unova Unveiling event. From then onwards, this Pokmeon has stayed in-game.

Thankfully, appointing a Ferroseed is a task that is easy enough. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • A wild encounter: You can capture a Ferroseed in Pokemon GO by walking around and capturing the Pokemon when you see it.
  • Tier 1 Raid Boss: Ferroseed sometimes appears as a tier-one Raid Boss. Hence, during the raid hours, if you see the Pokemon in a Gym, join the fight and get it as a reward.
  • Shadow Form Encounter: Ferroseed also appears in shadow form when battling Team GO Rocket Grunts, which says, “You’re no match for my iron will!” If you encounter this grunt, defeat it and get a Shadow Ferroseed as a reward, which you can later purify.
  • Daily adventure Incense: Those increase the chances of different element-type appearances for a limited period. Hence, judiciously use it when you are out on a walk.

Additionally, with the upcoming 26 May 2024 Incense Day event highlighting Ferroseed, you can participate and capture this Pokemon. Use an adventure Incense on the event day and get a higher chance of encountering a Ferroseed.

Pokemon GO Ferroseed Evolution

Ferroseed Evolution Pokemon GO

Now that you have a Ferroseed in Pokemon GO, you might wonder if it’s time to evolve it into Ferrothorn. After all, it has benefits, such as higher CP and more attack options. But how do you perform an evolution on a Ferroseed in Pokemon GO?

Thankfully, Ferroseed evolution is a simple task. Unlike a few Pokemon requiring you to perform various tasks, Ferroseed only requires 50 Ferroseed candies to evolve into Ferrothorn. So, keep capturing Ferroseed and reach 50 Ferroseed candies.

Can You Encounter a Shiny Ferroseed in Pokemon GO?

A shiny Ferroseed in Pokemon GO

Besides its evolution, you must also be wondering if you can get a Shiny Ferroseed. You are in luck, as Shiny Ferroseed was added to the game in a November 2020 special event.

However, do note that finding a shiny Ferroseed isn’t easy, as encounters are rare. My best tip is to keep walking during the upcoming Incense Day event, and you just might encounter one!

We hope you nopw know everything about Ferroseed and how to get it in Pokemon GO. Still have doubts? Let us know in the comments below!

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