Pokemon GO Elgyem Spotlight Hour Guide (May 2024)

In Short
  • Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours are a special time when a particular Pokemon gets a spawn rate increase.
  • Today, on 21 May, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, players can encounter the Psychic Pokemon Elgyem, including its shiny variant, more frequently.
  • To get Elgyem or its Shiny variant into your Pokedex, use fast catching, go to windy locations, and burn incense.

The Pokemon GO Spotlight hours continue as more monsters make their rare appearances. Now that we got with Abra last week, it is now time to capture an Elgyem, a Psychic Pokemon. If you’re worried about learning how to catch this beast, then don’t be, since we are here to help. So, with that, let’s begin learning how to find and catch Elgyem during today’s Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour now!

Pokemon GO Elgyem Spotlight Hour Time and Bonuses (May 2024)

Pokemon GO Elgyem in Spotlight Hours, with an increase chances of capturing a shiny and performing and evolution

Before we move on to the rewards, let’s begin with the timing. The Elgyem Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO will start on May 21, 2024, from 6 to 7 PM local time. As with other hours, the spawn rate for Elgyem will increase, giving you a better chance to encounter it.

This event will also increase the chances of encountering Shiny Elgyem. So, if you’ve been looking hard for a shiny Pokemon, this is the right moment. Participating in this event will also reward players with a 2x Stardust Special Bonus.

So, use the chances of encountering more Elgyem and find your Shiny monster today. If you want something more, remember that catching a Shiny Elgyem will also help you evolve it into a Shiny Beheeyem.

Best Tips to Catch Elgyem During Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

When you only have an hour, walking and hoping you run into an Elgyem can be daunting. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to increase your chances. Follow the best tips below for that:

1. Take Advantage of the Weather Boost effect

If you know about Elgyem, you might notice these Pokemon love windy weather. You can use the Spotlight Hour advantage to find more Elgyem in windy areas. A windy PokeStop or Gym will be the best place to find a lot of Elgyem and maybe even their shiny variant.

2. Lure Modules & Incense

You can further capitalize on the spawn effect through the Lure Module. Once you are in a PokeStop with windy conditions, activate the Adventure Incense to create a double lure effect and increase Elgyem encounters.

Use adventure incense to increase your chances to encounter Abra during today's Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO

You can purchase the incense from the store using PokeCoins to have a 60-minute bonus spawn rate. However, players also get a free incense daily that attracts Pokemon for 15 minutes.

3. Use the Pokemon GO Fast Catch Method

While having the best balls in your hand is important to catch Pokemon, bringing some Great Balls will increase your capture rate, especially on the Shiny Elgyem. But to maximize the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour, use the fast catch method and gather as many Elgyem as possible. This technique skips the capture animation, saving you a lot of time while trying to gather a lot of Elgyem.

To perform a fast catch in Pokemon GO, simply hold down your finger on the Poke Ball icon and with your other finger, throw the Poke Ball at the Pokemon. As soon as the Ball hits the Pokemon, slide your finger holding the icon (the one you held initially) toward the middle of the screen and let go.

We hope you’re now ready to catch Elgyem in today’s Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour. How excited are you for this interesting Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!

Does Elgyem have an evolution in Pokemon GO?

You can perform an evolution on Shiny Elgyem using 50 candies in Pokemon GO. Performing the evolution on Shiny Elgyem will change it to a Shiny Beheeyem.

What is Elgyem’s flee rate in Pokemon GO?

Luckily, Elgyem has a low fleeing rate of 10%, which makes it easier to capture. The Pokemon already has a 30% capture rate that can be increased using better balls.

Is Elgyem rare in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Elgyem is one of the rarer Pokemon to find and catch in the game. However, the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour is an excellent time to try finding it.

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