Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact Fighting Game Announced

HxH Nen x Impact announcement
In Short
  • A new Hunter x Hunter game set in the same universe created by Yoshihiro Togashi has been announced.
  • Titled Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact, this fighting game is developed by the rising game studio Eighting. 
  • Neither the release date nor the platform details for this HxH game have been revealed right now.

While Hunter x Hunter fans are on their toes for updates about the return of the anime, we’ve been getting numerous updates about the manga, and well, now a videogame too. As revealed today, the well-known game developer Eighting is all set to bring a blazingly action-packed video game based on the HxH universe. The game is titled “Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact,” and here’s all you need to know about the upcoming HxH game.

in game screenshots of Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact
Source: Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact by Eighting and Bushiroad Games (YouTube/ブシロード公式チャンネル)

At the end of 2023, it was revealed that a new Hunter x Hunter game would be announced at the start of 2024, and that day is finally here! Eighting has collaborated with the famous publisher Bushiroad Games to deliver this all-new Hunter x Hunter fighting game.

This game was unveiled to the fans today via an official announcement video shared on their official YouTube channel. However, there is no mention of a tentative release date or the platforms it will be released on. You can see the return of our favorite HxH characters in this trailer here:

This is confirmed to be a full-scale fighting game where you can play with your favorite HxH characters, like Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and many more, and battle against some of the strongest characters in this universe.

Additionally, the arena where you will duel will feature the iconic Heaven’s Arena, which we saw in the Heaven’s Arena arc (one of the best arcs in HxH).

This game will be a great addition to the Hunter x Hunter universe created by Yoshihiro Togashi sensei. Recently, he talked about his health issues and even revealed one of the endings of Hunter x Hunter. Now this news can make him happy for sure. We recently also got an update regarding the new One Punch Man game, so 2024 is turning out to be an incredible year for anime-based video games.

That said, are you looking forward to this new game? Let us know in the comments below.

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